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See this image largerPhoto taken by me (self-portrait) on a canal boat in Migenne, France.See this image largerTaken by my kidney sister at "Lincoln Rock" on Lake Kezar, Lovell, MaineSee this image largerAfter winning high point women's scorer in the 2007 New England Championships with son Michael(1 comments)See this image largerSitting around waiting to swim--crazy lady in hat.See this image largerSee this image largerOne of my favorite backyard photosSee this image largerMy main motivator--feel as happy and fit as I did in Dec. 2001 when I carried the Olympic Torch!(1 comments)See this image largerThe sycamore tree is losing its bark!See this image largerNo troubled waters under the bridge.See this image largerMy path in the woods.See this image largerView of the Merrimack River from the Prep School's sculling boat ramp.See this image largerWonders over head too. I think I see a bird's nest in the branches.See this image largerMysteries to solve. The remains of an old boat ramp.See this image largerAnd a derelict metal building decorated as only teenagers can.See this image largerNothing man-made in sightSee this image largerWoods all around me.See this image largerSmall typical New England pond--too bad it was windy today...See this image largerSame pond, along the road to the first industrial park and backed up to a parking lot.(1 comments)See this image largerCloser look at that pile of sticks--beavers, you say??See this image largerTurn around and there is another, slightly larger pond on the other side of the road.See this image largerCloser look at the far side of the second pond. Do you see the cat tails in the center?See this image largerCali the fire dog!See this image largerMy beauty!(1 comments)See this image largerHowling HalloweenSee this image largerMy DH as my pirate man!See this image largerPurple fairy and pirateSee this image largerAll cleaned up!!!See this image largerAfter the race-looking at my times!See this image largerDining Room before repainted--white, white, whiteSee this image largerCutting in on the ladder of bruises (all up and down my shins) LOLSee this image largerAll set for Thanksgiving dinner with granddaughter, Caitlyn's helpSee this image largerHalf the cookies that were decorated at the partySee this image largerThe other half of the cookies (my doves are on the first plate)See this image largerThe Christmas dinner tableSee this image largerDrawing Exercise #1See this image largerDrawing from wire form--Caitlyn shaped this one--I drew and decoratedSee this image largerDrawing exercise #1a -- repeated the first exercise and decoratedSee this image largerDrawing exercise #2a - wire form I shaped, drew, and decorated

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