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Friday, March 07, 2008

Okay now I have to do some organizing. Every day I've been losing the war of the Yesterday I started out with 308 and after being on and going through them yesterday evening I still had 308, the 309, 310...and up and up. It's 2:05 a.m. and I've been online for 15 and 1/2 hours. I have 257 emails. I love emails, want emails, especially from friends, but I need rest to.

So. My goal for today is this.

Do my meal planner
Report to my teams
Comment on team member pages and blogs
Eat my daily 5-6 fruits and veggies
Drink my normal 12-15 glasses of water or about 192 ounces (I drink out of a 32 oz glass.)
Do all my daily exercises like my crunches and cardio and report them.
Find 5 minutes to myself (that's all I found to myself yesterday

I love, adore and am having the time of my life with SPARKPEOPLE...but I have to sleep sometime...don't I? :-)

This evening starts the holy 7 day Sabbath, and I will be able to rest then for 24 straight wonderful hours. I need it. I feel like I have run a marathon, leapt a tall building in a single bound, went faster than a speeding bullet...and I'm not even related to Superdude.

I just want to say that meeting so many wonderful, warm hearted and genuinely NICE people has made what I'm doing in my life a million times easier and I thank each one of you that has reached out to me, with all my heart.

As lighthearted, comical and silly as I may appear sometimes, I have a very serious and rather lazy side to me. You guys have helped and are helping me to change all that. This past week I've have felt akin to what the worm in a Mexican Jumping Bean must feel like. Do you remember those? I had them one time when I was really young, like 5 or 6...did they fascinate you like they did me, and weren't you so sad when they stopped jumping? I didn't learn until many years later that it was a worm inside and when it stopped it meant it was dead. Well I don't want to stop. I want to get to the place where I can jump outside of the pool, not just in it.

I will probably go to bed at 5 a.m and check back in as I wake up but then I have to prepare for the Sabbath and won't be on again until Saturday night. To all my friends and team members who grace my blog with your visits I want to wish each of you a blessed, restful and fun weekend. Take more than just 5 minutes for've earned and you deserve it.

Love and God bless, Pami
Go Team Kissables!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!! Rah Rah Rah!!!!!
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    Mexican jumping beans - hmmm - that means you are feeling a little tequila right now. JUST KIDDING!

    You need to take time for yourself. There are days when I realize I have spent way too much time on the computer. I have to MAKE myself close the laptop and go do something else. I am addicted! But you have to give yourself some simple you time by yourself!

    Hope all goes well for you this weekend. Sounds like you need the rest. God's speed to you.

    4578 days ago
    good that you are realising that you NEED to have balance... i, too, do not have email alerts to all new members... i am with this program.... firstly for my health which doesnt mean to sit for so long... hope you have a great rest! jen
    4578 days ago
  • NOMI_822
    Pamijane, I too had a problem with my yahoo email after starting SP because I was getting all the info emails and an email for each new member of each of my teams. While I tried to keep up it was way too much. I had to opt out of new member alerts and just welcome new members via their pictures under team page. I was at one point getting 800-1000 a week of SP emails in addition to everything else junk included. I have got it pretty much under control now. It was preventing me from doing anything else on my days off. You have to do what you can but not to the point where it prevents you from working out or other important tasks. Another thing I do is work on blog and log out and workout. Answer email for set time an hr. and do dishes. Whatever, needs doing. Don't let well wishes slow your progress after all you started SP for lifestyle change and not to spend all day answering emails, right? You have to sleep too. The point is Balance. It does take some organization but you will find what works for you!! Keep up the workouts and make sure to log in everything. Let me know if I can help. Hugs!!
    4578 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/7/2008 5:50:50 PM
    Wow - we just keep matching up the same here!! I rec'd somewheres around 300++ emails yesterday, too! I keep trying to cancel e-zine's to minimize the number, but I enjoy and get so much out of all of them!! And of course there's the personals and the SP connected one's (regarding stories, and posts, etc etc).

    SO - your plan sounds good. As much as I enjoy all this computer connection - it is sedentary, and I often skip the more active physical part of my life - for sitting here connecting to people. I know that BALANCE is the key!! And action is more than just talkin' about it!! :) That's my goal today. To get into action away from my computer even tho that 308 will go up, up, up.

    Blessed sabbath . . . talk/type with ya soon, I hope!!

    4578 days ago
  • DRAKE83
    Sounds like a solid paln...sleep is one of the most important things. This can be come addicting and I often have to challenge myself to do exercises before I read the next email or something to make sure I am getting all of my moments in.

    The article section has many great articles...find those that speak to you and journal/blog about them.

    You are the most important person to you and yes....please take the time for role models it for us as well.

    Take care and hugs
    4578 days ago
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