Sharing A Personal Love Poem I Wrote For My Hubby-Please Review for me?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Greetings in the Light of Friendship and common Goals!

I'm still a sicky today and am only working on my new group and interacting with my other groups and friends. Then I'll do my meal planner and my sad little fitness tracking emoticon

I told ya'll in yesterday's blog that my hubby texted me with sweet love and prayers for me to get well from his work, well this morning this is what he sent me, mind you after working hard moving long pipe all night, and it was 3a.m.

"I love you baby, just thought I would email you since I don't do it much and I hope we get to see my Grandma this summer, but if not that's okay. Work's going okay and I hope you're having a good night and feeling better. When I wake up, you're the first thought on my mind and the last thought as I drift off to sleep. I must be the luckiest man alive because God answered all my prayers when He gave me you. You're all I asked for and more in a wife."

Ah! How much love the human heart can hold! Mine swelled to the bursting point upon reading this. He never emails I'm the romantic in the family, so this meant just that much more. So all that, inspired this. Give me your honest opinion. I kind of like my similes and metaphor...but it might could use some polishing.

All the Light I Need
For my Andrew
By Pamela Jane Tennant

You are the fire on my wick
and my candle's all aglow.
You've burned into my soul
I just thought you should know.

You are the screen on my window
protecting me from all invaders,
that would like to bite or sting me;
even the bass happy neighbors!

You are the colors of my rainbow
streaming in the darkest of nights--
A secret song of hidden knowledge,
I sing as my heart soars new heights!

You are the honey in my tea,
sweetest taste that ever lingers.
I stroke your skin as you sleep
Just to feel you 'neath my fingers.

You carry the scent of sunshine
into the depths of my gloom --
It's for you alone, my heart beats
as my love grows into its bloom.

From candle to blazing bright sun
And the everything's in between,
You are all the light my life needs
My love, my King, and I, your Queen.

Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to read something so special to me.

Love you guys!!!

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