oh no I major lost focus on me & you:(

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well, I have been in the UNamusement park riding that twister car that spins while orbiting nothing.
I have been spinning is so many directions as the end of the school year demands paperwork deadlines.
And a move back to Texas by June 11.
And I have forgotten my commitment to a healthier ME so that I can be available to those who need me.
I have allowed the panic to emerge and distract me from the healthy habits that I was beginning to use.
While, I have followed my nutrient plan, I have NOT exercised, I have NOT relaxed,
I have NOT documented my daily events in my journal or here on SparkPeople which is a major priority.

SO this morning, while facing a zillion reports to complete and a zillion boxes to pack for the move.... I had an epiphany.... To neglect myself and my family and YOU-sparkfriends serves no good for the Universe...

I have identified the DRAGON that distracted me from my habits and my course for the Universe's ultimate good.

I completed all of my sparkpoints today. I have taken time BEFORE starting my work to check in with myself and the Universe... I am breathing..... the DRAGON is retreating.... I am able to be ME and achieve the goals of the Universe rather than riding the spinning twisting car at the UNamusement park....

I am going to use my time, my health and my wisdom to be .... simply be!!!

blessings ya'll emoticon

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    Good morning Terri. I went on a mini vacation last week and as a result I also lost my focus and have not been able to motivate myself to wholly commit to my goals and lifestyle changes. I started eating wheat and drinking regular milk (both of which contribute to my fibromyalgia flare-ups). Traveling always messes with my physical and emotional. You sound like you've got a hold of the obstacle that was in your way and are back on track. Congratulations. You're doing awsome. Trish
    4337 days ago
  • NOMI_822
    My life used to resemble what you are describing but I made a conscience effort to focus on positive things and making some time (even if it is only 10 minutes) just for me. My favorite thing is something I have to do anyway everyday. I go into the bathroom and fill my tub with hot bubbling water and light my candles. I crawl into the tub and tell everyone I am to be left alone. The only reason for them to disturb me is if the house was on fire. emoticon I mean the bath is a nightly event and is something that I have to do anyway so I make it a positive time. I lay back in the tub and with my candles flickering light as my only light I reflect on all the positive things about the day. I recall all the events of the day and if I didn't handle it in a positive manner then I consider how I could have done better. I give myself credit for all that I do each day. We women don't give ourselves enough credit for all the tasks and chores we do without even thinking. When you take time to praise yourself for all your accomplishments you will begin to feel stronger, With strength comes an empowerment that we are so much stronger than people give us credit for. Maybe with school almost over you can take a little extra time for yourself. My nightly bubble bath rejuvenates me and makes me feel better about my life. It is so easy to get down but not when you regularly reward yourself or do spend time on what you want, You deserve to be healthy and happy. So the only person stopping you is you. Be your own best friend if you stumble you wouldn't tell your friend they are bad or wrong, you would try and boost her up to believe she could achieve, why not do the same thing for yourself that you would do for your friend. Spark any of your team mates on those days when you just need to hear someone else tell you "You are worth it and You do deserve it. Keep your chin up there will be good days and bad days and like the old song says "THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR". emoticon
    4337 days ago
    You are getting off the ride and you are going to be okay. Just make sure you don't make the mistake on getting back on that ride. You have to take time for yourself because it is so easy to lose yourself and your focus. Hope that soon your life will not be so hectic. You are doing great.
    4337 days ago
    Cyndy is right sugar. You are no good to anyone if you don't take care of yourself first and foremost, then your family, then us. Life is hard enough without spinning our wheels and going nowhere. Discipline in our priorities is key. Don't worry so much about us my darling friend and sis, we all have each other. Let us be here for you and you just concentrate on the dynamics in your life. Do what you can and let God sort the rest. It so hard to do this at times when we are under stress and our emotions have kidnapped out logic! My advice is for you to get up early and have a nice hot cup of either: Lemon water to restore your ph balance, or a soothing blend of green and herbal tea with honey, or a cup of decaf coffee and then spend a few minutes in peaceful breathing. Either using your spark journal or your private one, begin to write out your feelings, and ways to cope with them, set yourself daily goals and then do them. Take a five minute relaxing break every hour just to breathe and soak in all the love surrounding you from Heaven and we here on your teams. You are well loved and we all want to be a part of your success! Let me know if you try out my advice and if it helps you as it does me. Before you go to bed, repeat the breathing, tea, and journaling with your devotions. I think you will be amazed at how peaceful it will make you.

    Love you sweet Terri! emoticon
    4337 days ago
    Glad you got out of that twister car, Terri! Our journey has twists and turns and the occassional detour. Keep your chin up and move forward, Hun. YOU are your #1 priority - take care. Cyndy
    4338 days ago
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