Body For Life Challenge Update: Maybe a Little TMI..But I'm Keepin' it Real.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Today is Challenge 1 Week 2 Day 10. To date since I started the challenge I have lost 4 pounds. The diet has been flawless except for two slip ups, and the exercise has been amazing. There's only been ONE hitch.

Yesterday was REALLY rough on me. My body has decided that it's not going to "Go" again...ever..

I had this problem last time I quit smoking. (made it two weeks smoke free as of yesterday) (Unfortunately it's also been almost that long since I "went"..) SEVERE constipation issues because the morning Cig and Coffee was what "stimulated" everything. Well, now that I've removed the nicotine from the equation my body has decided to stop "going"...

I've done everything...I'm drinking a gallon of water a day, eating 30 plus grams of fiber a day, exercising, you name it..i'm doing it.

So yesterday I went to the doctor...He told me that I needed to get this bottle of liquid called Magnesium Citrate from the drug store and drink the whole bottle along with two glasses of water. On the bottle it says pleasing cherry flavored saline stool softener. What it should say is Cherry Flavored Ass Remover. Well...let me just say here..I lost 5 POUNDS between last night and this morning.

The doctor said that some people have problems with high protein diets. (Which I have been on) He suspects that I'm not digesting my proteins fully and it's the culprit. So he told me to start taking Digestive enzymes with my meals. No biggie...he said this will also help with the "gassiness" issue I've been having. I figure if it does all that I'm game.

As long as I never have to go through this much discomfort again. I seriously started looking pregnant yesterday and was in so much pain I was almost doubled over. My skin had started to break out again from all of the toxins building up in my system. (It had cleared up completely due to all of the water consumption)I had taken EVERYTHING under the sun. Ex-lax, dulcolax, you name it..all of it except this devil liquid roto rooter known as Magnesium Citrate.

If you ever drink this stuff find something and hold on tight. And don't make any plans for at least 12 hours. That's all I'm saying. It's damned Effective.

And if you have issues with High Protein Diets causing Constipation issues try Digestive Enzymes. My doc said it will work like a charm and keep everything "digesting" along.

I promise my next blog won't be so TMI, but who knows who might need this information??

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    lol too funny, but good tips! I think any radical diet change can do weird stuff to your digestive system - but if you are sticking to it enough to get that kind, good for you!
    4524 days ago
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