Day 2 and Burning Tread! :o)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So I had my alarm set for 6 a.m. because I wanted to get Andrew's dinner done after I got back from the spa. I turned it off in my sleep. Now I went to bed at 10 p.m. last night, I was good, so you think I would be able to get up, but I guess my bod had other ideas! I got up at 11:30 instead and then had to get ready to go to my therapist. I was dismayed and felt badly that I let my baby down. He's eating peanut butter sandwiches today, but I'll make him a meal fit for a king tonight! I myself have only had two bananas and it's 5:05 p.m. But I got a great workout in the pool today! Yippee! This is what I did:

Walked one mile in the pool - Calories burned: 106.4 (I think it's more due to the water resistence, but they don't have water walking worked in with walking, only water jogging)

Treading water for 35 minutes - Calories burned: 560

Water jogging 10 minutes - Calories burned: 120

Total calories burned - 786.4

Goal for the week -2780

Total for the week -1552

I'm over halfway to my goal and it's just Tuesday! emoticon


2 12-15

Low Mount Reverse Crunches with Band
2 12-15

Hip Flexor & Extension
2 12-15

Alternating Dumbbell Biceps Curls
2 12-15

Biceps Curls with Band
2 12-15

2 12-15

Dumbbell Lateral Raises
2 12-15

Wall Pushups
2 12-15

Calf Raises with Wall
2 12-15

Lying Abduction
2 12-15

Lying Leg Curls
2 12-15

1 100

I wish they had the calorie burning calculations to the strength training, but I'm happy enough I know I did really good today, the only problem is now I have no time to really Spark. I have to go and eat and fix meals which will take some time since I'm having to prepare both mine and my husbands. Then I plan on relaxing with my kitties and watching a program on it looks like on the days I go to the pool I'll have less time to visit with my groups. Of course if I can get my butt out of

I know I'll be stiff and sore tomorrow, heck I am a little right now. The gym was cleaning the hot tub so I couldn't soak in it like I usually do, but I'm still going to try to go tomorrow and then again Friday, and do my weigh in before I jump in the pool. I'm going to try and do a whole hour of just treading water after I walk. I love seeing high burn numbers!

The aches, pains, sweat and grunts are SO worth it! Maybe I'll lose more than 3 pounds this week...maybe I'll lose 5! Wouldn't that be just the coolest???

emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JIBBIE49
    With all you are doing, I am sure you can lose FIVE POUNDS in a week. Way to go, Hon. emoticon
    4453 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3208080
    Great job on exercise, but you've got to eat or you'll get sick. We want you healthy!

    4454 days ago
    Please eat more than a banana. Follow guideline for intake.
    Great goal set.

    4454 days ago
  • 46A39P
    Hey Pami,

    Please eat more then a banana. You know you need fuel to work out and burn. I care. Love, Jean
    4454 days ago
    You are an awesome possum!
    4454 days ago
    You are an exercising machine! woot woot! MOve it Pami!
    4454 days ago
    WTG on your super duper HUSTLE today! Look what the body can do when it gets the sleep it craves... :-)

    Glad to hear of the therapist, hope that is going well for you. There is nothing like partnering with someone who can offer support, guidance and shed light when there is I well know from MY therapist!

    4454 days ago
    Pami.....Way to go on the exercise.I am proud of you.I just want to reiterate what the others have said make sure you eat enough,especially with all that exercise.If you don't eat your minimum calorie intake your body will hold onto the fat you are trying to get rid of.I don't want you to get set up for disappointment.Keep up the great work on the exercise Pami.
    You can do it.
    Be Blessed,
    4454 days ago
    You don't burn that many calories doing weight training (strength training). So why do it at all? Because muscle burns more calories than fat when at rest. (Plus, it's good for women for bone strength.) So when you weight train, you are not burning that many calories, but you are setting up your body to burn more calories throughout the day with the "extra" muscle tissue that is built up.

    How can something that requires so much work not burn more calories? is what I'd like to know ;-)
    4455 days ago
    Dang girl!!! What a great workout. CD's right though...don't go without eating all day it will set you up for poor choices later. Hope you enjoy your dinner tonight...your hubby, too!
    4455 days ago
    Oh, Pami - I'm appalled that you would do so much on so little sustenance! The calories are supposed to be spread more-or-less evenly throughout the day, not confined to one meal... but you know that. I really just don't want to hear of you being sick again, because I care about you. The suggestion for the turkey or ham slices is a good one, and add some whole grains, too. Best wishes, hun - and I do hope you get some more SP time in later, or definitely tomorrow.
    BTW - just what 'meal fit for a king' are you fixing for Andrew?
    4455 days ago
    Keep it up Pami...but remember to eat! Especially if you are working out. Right after work out I would eat a slice of ham or turkey the protein is really good for your muscles!

    Living on 2 bananas all day is not good for you or anybody for that matter!
    4455 days ago
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