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Monday, July 28, 2008

The past 4 weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and emotions. I must say that when I took my measurements this morning I was FLOORED. Here are my stats:

Waist: At Navel: Start: 40 Today: 37 Total Loss: 3 inches.

Upper Waist: Between Chest and navel: Start: 39 Today: 35 Total Loss: 4 Inches

Lower Waist: At the “Pooch” : Start: 41 Today: 39.5 Total Loss: 1.5 Inches

Hips: Start: 44 Today: 40 Total Loss: 4 Inches

Neck: Start: 15 Today: 14.5 Total Loss: .5 Inch

Chest: Start 43 Today: 41 Total Loss: 2 Inches


Right: Start: 13.5 Today: 12.5 Total Loss: 1 Inch

Left: Start: 12 Today: 12 Total Loss: .5 Inch


Right: Start: 9.5 Today: 10 GAINED: .5 inches

Left: Start 9.5 Today: 10: GAINED: .5 inches


Right: Start: 23 Today: 22 Lost: 1 Inch

Left: Start: 23.5 Today: 22 Lost 1.5 Inches


Right: Start: 14.5 Today: 14 Lost: .5 Inch

Left: Start: 15 Today: 14 Lost 1 inch

Total Inches Lost: 21.5

Weight: Start: 197 Today: 178 Pounds Lost: 19

Dress/Pant Size: Start: 16 Today: 10-12 (AWESOME!)

Body Fat: Start: 43.3 % Today: 36% Lost about 7% Body Fat

BMI: Start: 30.9 OBESE Today: 27.9: Still in the Overweight range but MUCH better.

I know I still have a LONG way to go but damn it feels good to see those numbers after only 4 weeks. It has NOT been easy. I have sacrificed TIME, SWEAT, and TEARS to get to where I am today. I have not missed a SINGLE workout, or meal.

I think 80% of it was Nutrition. I have eaten so CLEAN the past 4 weeks that when I eat ANYTHING that's not body immediately punishes me for it with some sort of illness. Either nausea, or some other type of stomach issue. Or I get breakouts in my skin from it. It's definitely motivated me to stay on the right path.

The workouts have been TOUGH. 9 INTENSE workouts a week, 3 weight lifting workouts, 6 Cardio workouts. I have started RUNNING!! I would have never thought in a million years I would LOVE running, but I do. As a matter of fact I see a Marathon in my future. Probably not for a couple of years, but still, it IS in my future.

I bought my FIRST pair of REAL running shoes. And I LOVE them. They are the BEST and MOST EXPENSIVE shoes I have ever owned, but worth every penny.

I made it a Month smoke free this past week, and don't EVER plan to pick up that DISGUSTING habit again. It's also been more than a month since I had A DROP of alcohol. I will probably drink again someday but NOT until I have reached my ultimate weight loss goal, and even then I only plan on drinking Occasionally and in moderation. (and making sure it fits into my nutrition plan)

So has it all been worth it?? ABSOLUTELY. I feel like a brand new person. Inside and out. Mentally and Physically. My stress levels have reduced exponentially, I have more patience with my kids, more energy to get through the day, and I LOOK better.

All of this has cemented my belief that the human body truly is like a machine. When you put good fuel into your machine, and keep it well maintained it will SHINE and RUN like a Porche. When you put CRAP into your machine and let it go to rust it all goes to hell. I don't EVER plan on letting my PORCHE rust again.

This Body For Life Journey is only a third of the way finished and even if this was ALL I got out of it it would be worth it, but I KNOW that this is just the beginning, and in the 8 weeks to come I am going to see things so awesome I am going to be stunned. (and so will everyone else.)

So- if you want to lose weight, feel better than you have in your entire life, and learn to LOVE yourself again, DO this program. I will forever be a walking billboard for this program.

P.S. If anyone needs my fat clothes I'm giving them away for free...because I don't EVER plan on fitting into them again.

PPS. You can see the actual Pictures of my progress on my Body For Life Blog on Wordpress. The Before Shots are linked in the sidebar, and the shots taken yesterday morning are on the front page. www.persistentmetamorpho
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    Wooo hooo!!! Awesome job!!! All it takes is committment and you have proven you are willing to do whatever it takes!! Keep up the great work!! Good luck on achieving your goals!!
    4505 days ago
    Congratulations! You are dong awesome!!!
    4505 days ago
    I am so happy for you. I know how you feel too. I think everyone should do the Body for lIfe prioram. I am starting on week three with my wife and it is th ebest thing we ever did. Stay with it. I willl never quit it and continue to eat likwe this from now on.
    4506 days ago
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