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Thursday, July 31, 2008

For many reasons, I'm leaving my groups for a time. I hope it won't be long, but I may not be back except once in a while to say hello, or for holiday wishes. I hate to do it, but I've been struggling for a while now with both weakness and pain, as well as things in my life that need my attention.

I have procrastinated so much in paying attention to these details, because I spend all my time either exercising, sparking or meal planning. That leaves little time for budgeting, finances, clutter to the yes I've done some deep cleaning lately, but I clean under the clutter. I have to get this apartment organized and that will take me some time. I have to get to work on my book, and I've lost so much time on that. It should have been published now, and isn't even edited. Plus I need to budget a savings plan for a 2 week trip to Oklahoma to meet and visit with Andrew's family. Little things that add up to a mountain sized list of things to do and get done.

I will still be committed to doing the challenges I've accepted along with my own daily challenges. I will still blog once in a while to keep those who are interested in the know, and I won't forget any of you. I'm not going to leave my groups physically, that way I don't have to hunt for them when I come back...I just won't be active for a while.

I will continue to track my meals and my fitness here, and check in as I can. But for now and as long as necessary, I have to commit my attentions on other areas of my life.

Today I spent all day going through three months of mail that had piled up, and scouting for different insurance. While I'm away I will definitely be working on my organizational skills.

For anyone who wants to stay in touch with me off site, sparkmail me and I will send you my private email and phone number. Otherwise I'll see you when I return. Keep tough, stay committed and motivated!!! I want to see results of all your hard work when I come back.

Wish me luck with my GYN visit and that I can soon plan on having a hysterectomy to get rid of my biggest cancer concern. I will also be going to a chiropractor to see if he can help with my fibromyalgia and getting my bones back in the right place. I will still be doing everything I've begun here and I look forward to showing a big loss when I come back.

I care for each and every person I have met here, and will miss you dreadfully much, but I must do this. I'll be back as soon as I can!

Love and God bless, Pami
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  • JIBBIE49
    I have signed in every single day for the past 293 days and I couldn't take a break from SPARKS, or I'd gain back the 35# I've lost and probably 20# for good measure! Taint goin' a happen!!

    Nothing is more important to me than getting to my goal and being healthy! emoticon
    4385 days ago
    You will be back with us beofre you know it. My Prayers are with you.
    4385 days ago
    ( ( ( ( Hugs ) ) ) )

    Missing you already.

    Take care of you ... do what you need to do... you will stay in my prayers....


    4386 days ago
    Good luck with all of your endeavors! emoticon emoticon
    4386 days ago
  • 46A39P
    You have to do what's best for you. God bless you PamiJane. I will miss you. Love, Jean

    4387 days ago
    You will be back with us beofre you know it. Hang in there!

    4387 days ago
    Hey Hon,

    I understand completely. I've been MIA for a while for the same reason. Go take care of your other commitments because we all know you have to balance it all or stress will come and we know what stress does!

    Stay safe, Love ya-Kat
    4387 days ago
    I will miss you Pami- God speed
    4387 days ago
    Since you are taking off, I don't have to! Want to be our Sparks cleaning lady? We can keep you updated all day while we sit here entranced, as usual, & you clean for us, so our hubby's won't complain about the house being a mess when we've been home all day!!!Lol

    Good luck, keep us posted, & we will see you when you get back! We can add you to Team AWOL, & as soon as you get through that mail, you let me know, & we will add you to a team!!
    A Book? I would love to sit & write a book! Congrats!!!
    4387 days ago

    Relax and handle one day at a time. You have a great deal on your agenda, so be gentle as you attack your list of things to do. This from someone with fms.

    If you have the surgery, be sure to discuss your fibromyalgia and pain-control options with the involved doctors (OB/GYN?) because this type of surgery is hard of fms for many of us. Make sure the doctor and anaesthesiologist understand that you have a low threshhold for pain!!

    Preparation for surgery should include practicing deep-breathing types of stress relief exercises, as well as a gentle stretch routine to keep the muscles in shape. If you're out of shape, recuperation will be tougher.

    You are being very wise to back off from overdoing your time on the computer and with projects that distract you from essential Life needs!

    Wishing you well,

    4387 days ago
    Some days you must choose what is best. I am happy you have made the decision to take a break. Your spark lessons will stay with you and you will do well! God bless you on your journey.

    Come say hi whenever you can! emoticon
    4387 days ago
    4387 days ago
    You know you have my prayers and best wishes, hun - take care of yourself and your needs first, then get back to us as soon as you can. We'll miss you, sweetie! Paula
    4387 days ago
    Will miss having you around Pami. But, you MUST take care of yourself. My thoughts & prayers are with and for you. emoticon
    4387 days ago
    You have to do what is best for YOU!

    So if that means sparking less that means sparking less.

    You will be missed but not forgotten.

    I wish you much success!

    4387 days ago
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