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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank you all so very, very much. I can't even begin to express the deep gratitude I feel for your remembering me and my beloved husband in your prayers and awesome support and kindness. I know that all your prayers have been the backbone of my strength from God to get through this past month.

Andrew's hand is healing, he gets his stitches out today and it will take another month or two for the hole in his hand to fully heal with new skin. He didn't lose his job thank the Lord. But he did get a written warning and it has become mandatory at his job for no one to wear gloves while running the lathe and if caught it's cause for immediate termination. He was also called in to see his doctor today over his blood work as his potassium was critically low, and that's very dangerous, they called in to our pharmacy some medication for him to start taking today even before the appointment. In the middle of all this are my trips to UAMS Hospital in Little Rock to see my oncologist and have myriad tests done to see if it's safe to put me to sleep before she will consider doing a hysterectomy. They found anomalies in my work up from the endometrial hyperplasia and said it was impossible to tell if I already had cancer without the biopsy from a hysterectomy and so I wait. I have another meeting with her on the 29th and am waiting for the hospital to call me in for another test.

During all this mess we had problems with maintenance in getting out commode fixed and so we put down a deposit and half months rent on a nice little duplex about 4 miles from where we are now in the city and have begun moving in. I have been packing for three days and it has made my polymyalgia flare up so bad I can barely move and I'm exhausted, but happy to finally be getting out of our tiny 4 room apartment. We should be moved in completely by next Tuesday and then the only thing we should have to worry with is my surgery and the length of healing involved. We're hoping that his insurance and my medicare will pay for hospice because I know I will be helplessly dependant on personal care for at least 4-6 weeks so I'm asking you darlings for more prayer that I will have that. Without it...well, I don't even want to think.

A lot of different emotions and stresses to deal with as you can see, but I'm still trying my best to do what I can to at least keep the weight I've lost already off. I can't exercise, and after the move I'll probably have to discontinue my membership at the gym as our new rent is $105 more a month and we won't be able to afford it. I pray that I can keep it as I need the use of the pool, but we'll have to depend on the Lord's grace for that. In all that's happened I still have suffered no depression or anxiety. The Lord has truly healed me of a lifetime disease that has paralyzed me so often in the past and I'm unutterably grateful for His miraculous gift of stability. What a blessing to go through the trials and tests without the debilitating effects of languishing and paralytic dysfunction.

We have had to give up our plans to visit Andrew's folks and I am sad over that as I want so much to meet them, but there will be no money for any extras for some time to come, but it's worth it to get a bigger place to live and get out of this complex where there is so much noise and unlawfulness that goes on after dark. It will still be a while before I can come back, as we settle in to our new place and get my surgery out of the way and get our rhythm back. Please keep us in thought and prayer and know that I love and miss you and can't wait until I can come back to once again join in and restart my programs!

Love and God bless always, Pami
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    Pami! I just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you! My dad had something similar happen to his hand.. except he had an industrial drill go down into his and chip some bone and what not. Accidents happen and sometimes safety issues take accidents in order to be found and handled! Thank God he's okay and still has his job though!

    I'll send some words up to the Big Guy Upstairs about your doctors' appointments, and hope that everything goes effortlessly and you recover quickly. The BGU provides even when it seems like you can't depend on anything or anyone.

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    4335 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1248739
    Love and prayers are with you and Andrew as you work though this difficult time. I hope you are not approved for hospice. I'm not sure you actually meant hospice. My social worker self kicking in here... Hospice is a federal program designed to work with Medicare for persons who are determined, by their doctors, to have 6 months or less to live if the disease is to run its natural course. I hope and pray that you are not eligible for hospice for many, many, many, many years!!!!

    4339 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3208080
    Hang in there! You're a very strong determined lady and I know you're going to get thru these trials and come back stronger than ever!
    4341 days ago
    continued love and hugs....remember to let us know about the surgery and everythning else....God is with you.

    4342 days ago
    Praying for both you and Andrew still. I'm glad you are getting into a bigger and safer place. I truly hope you are ok and can get your surgery soon. Please keep us posted (which you are doing a great job of anyway). Hugs and Kisses....
    4343 days ago
    Love you Pami and always praying for you and Andrew!!! Congrats on the new place and I am sure God will make a way for the bill's to be paid. Remember that the blessing of God maketh rich and will add no sorrow behind it, so hang in there!!! Things have been crazy with me, but I hope to chat with you soon girly!!

    Love, Hugs and Blessings

    4344 days ago

    Looks like things are looking up for you though, new home, hubby still has his job.. God is good. I will pray that all goes well with your Dr's appointment. In my prayers always,
    4344 days ago
    In the Midst of the Storm God is blessing. I'm so glad to hear of your new home and the healing of your Husband's hand and no loss of Job. kEEP THE fAITH, SISTER.
    4344 days ago
    I just said a prayer for you folks! I am glad he didn't lose his job...hope all goes well!

    4344 days ago
    Hi Pami,

    I am glad God blessed you and Andrew with a new place and that he's able to keep his job and his insurance! Despite the trials, God is still blessing and you are in His will in searching them out. As you face your medical treatments, I'll pray for swift healing so you can resume your normal routine. It's tough on the weight loss to be thrown so many extremes at once.

    But, stay tough girl. Let this time be different, even in in the face of difficulties.

    God bless.

    Your friend,

    4344 days ago
    I am so glad your husband still has his job and that his hand is healing. Now I will concentrate my prayers on you and your health . Iwillpray all will be fine with your tests and surgery. I care! emoticon
    4344 days ago
    ( ( ( ( Hugs ) ) ) )

    Much love to you both...

    and prayers

    4344 days ago
  • NOMI_822
    Bless your heart Pami, I am glad the accident didn't cause your husband to lose his job and that you are in a bigger place. Right now we are living in an efficiency apt. and I am beginning to hate it. You know the old joke about having to go outside to change your mind? That is about right for this place. I keep you both in my prayers and hope that the insurance covers the hospice care. I know you will need the help. Keep your spirit positive and know that we love you and pray for a successful surgery. Big old Florida hug from Nomi! emoticon emoticon
    4344 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    I'm glad your husband didn't lose his job!! Those accidents can happen so fast. Years ago my husband worked at a large printing company in the press room, and he was putting on this huge paper roll and "threading" it and it "sucked his arm in", well, with all the noise no one heard him scream, and he couldn't reach the STOP button, so it wasn't until his arm was PEELED DOWN and tore the paper that the press stopped. He still has a horrible scar on his arm, but he was off work for five months and got WC and that thrilled him, since he never liked working. The doctor told him it was a miracle that it hadn't tore his arm off or at least, BROKE his arm. emoticon
    4344 days ago
    I am glad to hear that your husband didnĀ“t lose his job! God be praised!

    I keep you both in my prayers!
    Take care!
    4344 days ago
    4345 days ago
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