Kopi Luwak - Indonesian Monkey Butt Coffee

Monday, November 03, 2008

Kopi Luwak - Monkey Butt Coffee...

I promised a review... here it is...

Ummmm... Now that's some good $hit...

For those who have not heard of Kopi Luwak - this coffee made from coffee beans that have passed through the digestive tract of the Asian Palm Civet... Yes... you read that right... passed through the digestive tract.

While in the stomach of the Luwak, digestive juices leech out many of the proteins responsible for the bitterness in the coffee resulting in a smoother, sweeter cup of coffee...

or so the drinkers claim...

Back in the office today an my buddy Astr0wiz and I sat down to enjoy our first cups of that fine Robusta Monkey Butt Coffee.

The beans ground well. The aroma of the grid is good. It has a very robust smell, like a fine French roast with a trailing hint of... something "earthy" in the finish.

The first pot I mixed exactly as I would mix any blend that I buy. 2 scoops, 4 cups... The smell of the brew was again, strong, but pleasant.

Time to cup it... great dark black pour... I usually have sugar and cream, but I wanted to try this black first to get the full head from it. Small Sip... Bold... Very Robust... Hint sweet... A little earthy... but the striking thing... no bitterness what so ever.

Usually with a coffee this Robust, it will all but pucker your face with bitterness in the finish... but not this. This was as strong and bold as a cup of Turkish coffee, but with the smooth finish of a light roast... I've never had a combination like that in one cup... both Bold and Smooth in the same sip...

For the final finish... I only need 1/2 as much sugar and 1/2 as much cream to saver this cup of fine Indonesian Monkey Butt...

I have to add that after the finish of the cup, this $hit has one HE11 of a kick... It got me all but buzzing... WOW...

If your into coffee... and you're crazy enough to drop $100 for 1/2 a pound... and your brave enough to drink coffee out of a Cat/Monkey's a$$...

Kopi Luwak really is some outstanding coffee...

Check this one off the Life List - Drank coffee out of a monkeys A$$...

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    ha ha--Thanx for enlightening us...
    3902 days ago
    Great review. I've wondered just how good this coffee was since the first time I heard about it.
    4241 days ago
    I heard about this on TV. My response was YUCKKK!
    You go ahead and enjoy! I'll pass.
    4267 days ago
    After reading your Blog on Monkey Butt Brew it almost makes me want to re-write my Bucket List, since I am a poor gal and cannot afford this luxury. I will say one of the best cups of coffee I had was on board the Californian--the official tall ship of California as we sailed that day with the Star of India, the Lynx from Los Angeles and the HMS Surprise last November. They offered coffee with canned whipped cream (like Redi-Whip) and a sprinkle of cinnamon... oh YUM emoticon
    4338 days ago
    Having sampled some of this amazing coffee today (thanks Frank) I can testify that is one really great cup of.... well you know!!!
    4340 days ago
    OMG - you are hilarious. Thank you for the best laugh today. I'm glad it was worth the 100 bucks because YOU certainly are.
    4340 days ago
  • SANDYS2100
    4341 days ago
    Our neighbors who use to be our roommates was talking about this coffee. I thought it was a bit pricey. From your reveiw though it sounds like it might be worth it..

    4341 days ago
    Great review, smelled the aroma of this "Monkey Butt Coffee" I will have to sample some of this, thanks for sharing.

    4341 days ago
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