Another one of those reality checks . . . .

Monday, December 29, 2008

So I had a big reality check this weekend my father that is in his early 50’s was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thankfully it is in its early stages so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Also for the first time on Saturday I saw my MIL have a really bad low blood sugar level. I’ve seen her be out of it and my husband make her drink something to get out of it. But this time she almost stabbed herself with a fork (plastic thank goodness) start shaking and convulsing, could barely talk and took a long time to come out of it. It was quite a contrast after getting that news from my father on Friday.

Mind you my father is not obese, clinically overweight with a gut like most men his age, but not obese. We never ate junk food all that much as kids, fast food was a treat and we had to pay for a can of pop (50 cents, and when your allowance is 4 or 5 dollars you don’t buy it too often) I never even had cavities until I was an adult.

I say all this to let you know that my dad doesn’t have the best healthy lifestyle but I would say on the range he is better than average yet he has cancer.

Then I thought about how my MIL is in her 60’s and had a piece of pizza after her episode. For any of you that have been around me you know that she had quadruple bypass surgery 8 days before our wedding, she is a brittle diabetic, and on the scale of healthy eating she is on the low side and then some. She also drinks diet pop all the time but she doesn’t have cancer.

This probably isn’t making much of any sense right now but all of this was a reality check for me to let me know I must get better and I am nowhere close to being finished. Now I may reach my current goal weight of 129 this week or at the very least by 1/15/09 but that will be a mile marker on a very long journey I must continue.

When you find out something like you have a parent that has cancer which can be a terminal the first thing you think is why. And I know why. I have tons of allergies. My dad has tons of allergies. My brother has tons of allergies and he has a child with tons of allergies. My grandmother, my father’s mother had tons of allergies. She also contracted meningitis and died right before her 65th birthday. When I was in 11th grade I got a cold every month for 5 months straight. I went home because I was vomiting once a month. I asked the Dr. to figure out what was wrong with me and fix it. He told me nothing’s wrong with you, you just have a weak immune system you keep catching colds. I had ulcers when I was 23. I have a weak immune system. My dad has a weak immune system.

Thankfully my dad is doing everything he can to boost his chances. He’s daily drinking and herbal tea that has had case studies on terminal cases that were cured and 4 of the main ingredients (according to what I researched on Wikipedia) starve cancers or help cancer patients in some way. Both him and my step-mom are dieting and changing more of their eating habits and they are taking organic vitamins, more antioxidants etc. etc.

And when I was over there my step-mom said to me, “Well if you start doing all this now hopefully you won’t have to do this later.” I went out and bought the super detoxifying tea on Saturday. If I use it once every three months to detox, maybe I won’t have to use it every day for a year sometime in the future to help with cancer.

And thus I will be here at sparkpeople for a long time after I weigh 129 because I have so much more to learn and do with this healthy lifestyle. I need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. I need to take more vitamins. I need to take more antioxidants. I need to plan healthier meals. I need to eat more organically grown food. I need to make Whole Foods my shopping center of choice rather than what is cheapest. I need to drink more tea. I need to do more ST. I need to make a lot more changes and I need to create a lot more habits.

So when I get to 129 I may have a small short-lived celebration but the journey continues.
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  • no profile photo CD1315172
    Thanks for the wake up. All our parents and grandparents had huge health problems. I don't know if this will help, but have you consider you could possibly allergic to your water. We were doing all the healthy things, yet my daughter would routinely start throwing up every 3-6 weeks. I was beyond myself. We had already been researching water filters and saw a Dateline NBC program "Is Your Water Making You Sick?" We had just purchased one about 6 weeks before and realized that she had not been sick at all since then. They only time she would get sick was when she drank the water at church or a friends house. To this day she has carried a water filter with her all over the US and not had a problem. Blessings on you this New Year and I look forward to hearing you reached your goal. emoticon
    4435 days ago
  • GINGER01604
    Yes these things are HUGE eye opener for people. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and I hope the best. Just know that God wouldn't give you a cross you couldn't bare. If you need anything let me know.
    4441 days ago
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