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Plan! I need a Plan!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Trying to think of what could work for me. Trying to figure out how much time do i have that I can devote to working out. What do I have to give up in order to be able to put in the time for working out.

I already struggle to get out of bed at 5:30-5:50am for work. Getting up any earlier is just not going to work for me, please with all due respect, don't suggest it. I've tried once before and I accomplished was falling back to sleep on the couch LOL

I do have from 9:10 (ish) to 10:30 (ish) in between job #1 and job #2. I have in the past come home and change and head out the door for a quick run, I've done it in the past and I know it worked for me. That time frame is when I usally eat my breakfast. I eat my first breakfast at 6:30...banana and usually a ceral bar from Trader Joes. I have also started stopping at Tim Horton's for hot chocolate--bad-bad. I was doing that 3 days out of 5. Then I get home from the first job and sit and chill and then cook my eggs/oatmeal for breakfast #2.

Thought #1~ Maybe if I was to just eat my breakfast at the 6:30 time (eggs/oatmeal) instead of breaking it up into 2 breakfast meals.

If I was to do that, that would allow a little extra time for a short workout and time to allow to get cleaned up before heading back to the school for job #2.

Thought #2~ Breaking workouts up into 2 or more segments, is okay. Did it before when the kids were tots and it worked out perfectly.

Okay so I get home and by 9:20 I could be outside for a quick run or on the treadmill for a quick run, or a quick workout with the SHRED dvd.

Head back to work at 10:30-10:35 at the latest. I'm home by 12:40 most days. This is where my day can easily slip away from me. Errands can run my life (I sometimes let them). Working outside at school in the winter drains me. Sometimes it's all I can do to not come home and lay down and sleep until my kids get home from school.

This is where I will have to stand my ground and stick with a plan...a plan that I need to figure out and work on. I know what i want, I know what I want to accomplish but I NEED A PLAN, I NEED STRUCTURE I have always needed structure. I need list(s) so I know what I have to do for the week....reason why I have so many planner books, dry erase boards, dry erase calendars etc... I need STUCTURE. Figuring out meal and snack times is another thing I need to take a look at. One thing at a time for now.

Okay so I'm home by 12:40. I use that time until 1:30 to chill, eat, pick-up whatever around the house etc... Lets say by 1:45 I'm doing my exercise whatever it may be...probably running (as long as my runners knee and/or the IB doesn't give me anymore issues) that gives me a solid 45 to 60 minutes before the girls get home from school. I'm sure the time will have to be adjusted once we are back into school. There's so much going on next week.

I have dentist appointment on the 6th and I have my annual stress test on the 8th. For days with things to do, I will have to adjust exercise times.

Lets just pretend on a perfect day with nothing on the calendar, my workouts could look like this:

5:30-5:50 up for the day
6:45 leave for work
9:20--quick 2 mile run (should only take around 20 minutes) I say should loosely

Eat snack #1

10:30--back to work
12:40-1:30 Home, eat lunch, chill
1:30-1:45 get ready and start 2nd session with exercise--whatever I decide to do for the 2nd session
3:00 ish Snack #2
5-7pm is usually dinner

to get snack #3 is really hard for me I'm usually full and I'm done.

Thought #3~ 2nd session workouts...could go for another run, I could easily get a 4 mile run in, this would also increase my mileage, something I've been wanting to do for the last few weeks. Or I could just do a quick warm up on the treadmill and then do one of the MANY dvd workouts that I have. I have my weights that I want to get more involved with. I have all those Jari Love dvd's that I could be putting to use....sub-thought Jari love dvd's burn TONS of calories!

For now I can also use the evening to workout. Once spring gets here then another adjustment would be needed as the kids all play sports and all have different pick-up times and locations.

I'll get my plan figured out
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    Hi, Tracy. I've been catching up on your blogs. I'm tired of telling you "sorry" all the time for not being in touch better. Can we just agree that I am ALWAYS sorry when I've been out of touch for awhile! LOL! :)

    Anyway, I have been busy with work. God has been so good to bless me with a good court reporter to work for. It took me about 5 weeks to get through with my training and within one week I was working for a court reporter already. I made a REALLY good income in my first month of work! It has been hard finding time for normal stuff, like grocery shopping, between homeschooling, working, cleaning house, making meals, etc. But that's a good problem to have when you're self-employed, right? My in-laws were here for Christmas and my mother is getting here tomorrow and will be visitng for the next two weeks. So, it's been a nice time.

    I'm sorry to hear about Dominic's seizures. I know that must be scary. You're family has been through so much. I pray that God will give you all the strength you need to survive the sadness. I'm sorry to hear about your bother's depression. I hope he will see a doctor and consider getting on an anti-depressant to help him through this. His children need him now more than ever. It is hard to admit that you need help, so hopefully he will be willing to get the help for his kids' sake.

    Just know that I think of you almost every day (even though I'm too busy to stop by very much lately). You are in my prayers. Don't forget to take care of yourself.
    4482 days ago
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