When family tries to sabotage you

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I know my family loves me, I really do. But I also know that they do not like change and fight it tooth and nail. As some of my friends here know, I have bowed out of SparkPeople for a while. There has been way too much stress in my life and I have gone on medication and therapy to deal with life going on in "my world". I have once again turned to food for the comfort and support I don't feel like I am getting anywhere else. Yes, I made the decision to do this and I have nobody to blame but myself.
Recently I had a scare from my doctor regarding my health and lab results. If I want to be alive long enough to see grandchildren I must do something. So, on 1/5 I started the Atkins Diet. I have tried low fat and low cholesterol and it has not worked for me so I figured it was time to try something else. At first I thought I would miss the carbs (after all, I am a carboholic), but I did not. Since the 5th I have lost 9.9lbs and can now bend over to tie my shoelaces without undoing my pants!
My only problem now is my family. It gets old after a while when I repeatedly tell them I am not having sugar, bread, potatoes, rice or pasta and my father still makes a point every night of putting the serving dish under my nose and asking me "are you sure you don't want any?". Or I ask my husband to cook one night and he changes the menu to make what I have chosen to remove from my diet and stops at the store to buy me ice cream. I thank them all but gently remind them of my goals and how I plan to get there (and how far along I have already come). I understand that they don't want to change but it sure seems to me like they don't want me to change either. I still cook for them and make sure they have what they want (except for last night), but I make sure there are foods I can eat as well. (And no, I didn't eat what my husband cooked - I made a large salad - but he seemed insulted that I didn't).
It just gets so frustrating when I feel that I have no consideration or support at home. I am not giving up, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I just don't know how to get past this.
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    I know how you feel as my family is the same way. Its like they don't care about what I am doing. I have tried for years to loose weight but have gotten no where from it. My husband is a skinny mini and seems to be able to eat whatever he wants and doesn't gain a pound. I wish I was like that but just looking at food I seem to gain weight. I have learned to take what my family says and does with a grain of salt. Yeah it is hard at times but I know that you can do it.
    4366 days ago
    What a pain, Ilyse! Well, people like to stay in their ruts even if it's literally killing them . . . I'm really sorry you're not getting support from the family members you serve with such kindness day by day. I think you'll just have to detach a bit & don't let them make you crazy! Hope we can give you lots of support here. So glad you've come back & are making a fresh start with a new eating plan!
    4398 days ago
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