Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why does it seem like whenever I have my TOM that I go into self-sabotage mode? For 3 weeks of the month I seem to do well with having a treat. Like if it's someone's birthday. I'll be good for the whole day enjoy a piece of cake no harm, no foul. But one week of the month it seems like I just can't control myself. I had a couple of Girl Scout cookies okay that's a serving good and then like 30 minutes later I"m reaching for more cookies and then I have cake and then I come home and eat a brownie and it seems like I just can't get enough. Then I feel terrible that I went and ate all that junk when I've been working so hard at trying to eat healthier and exercising more.
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    Yup, definitely hormones, and you're not alone here! I go through the same thing every month. Most of the time I can curb it by making wiser choices, but other times????
    I'm really glad my pregnant daughter doesn't live too close to me, lol. Seems my eating has been somewhat determnied by what the "baby wants", lol. We go to the bakery and the baby screams, buy that chocolate peanut butter cake!!! and of course, I can't let my daughter eat it all by herself
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    Thankfully it'll pass, don't beat yourself up too badly. I think we've all been there!
    4225 days ago
    It's the hormones - I suspect we women need extra nutrition during our TOM's. Whenever my TOM comes around, I turn into a ravenous beast. I ususally down as much as I can, and my choices tend to be high-fat, high-sugar, high-protein. The week before is the worst for me - historically, it's when I've totally derailed the past diets I've gone on and then just given them up as lost causes. This month is the first time I've been able to rein it in. It just hit me on one day - I just suddenly developed an uncontrollable desire to deplete my stash of dark chocolate (I keep a supply of those little individual packages that run about 45 calories and have one each evening). Instead of grabbing the chocolate right away, I ate a couple slices of whole grain bread first... then I ate about three (too many!!) ounces of cashews... and finally, I took one one piece of the chocolate, ate it, and then drank two glasses of water. All the fiber from the bread stuffed me enough that I didn't want to keep eating anymore! Then I made sure to behave myself the rest of the day, and hopped back on that metaphorical horse the next day.

    Maybe you can keep some whole grain crackers or a nutrition bar or a small serving of nuts around for when the Cookie Monster hits - if you eat those first BEFORE you give in to temptation, it might make you satisfied with a smaller amount of the "naughty" food. But don't waste time feeling terrible - that's another major diet derailer for me: if I start feeling guilty, it makes me reach for the goodies so I'll feel better! Not logical, but it's the way it goes for me. My new philosophy is, I made a mistake, oh well - I can start over again tomorrow. Taking the guilt out of a back-slide seems to make all the difference for me...

    Good luck to you!
    4225 days ago
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