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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wednesday, March 18th, we had to attend Uncle Terry's funeral. He passed suddenly last week. Uncle Terry was a great inspiration to me. When I married into the family I was immediately family! He always made sure that everyone was included in things. One of my favorite memories is the camping trip at Big Rock Candy Mountain and Uncle Terry cooking for family parties.

The funeral was beautiful. I was really struck by a comment the bishop made to those who have estranged themselves from the Lord and that true happiness comes from remembering what they know and coming back to Him.

While we were at the cemetary, I received the first of many text messages from my oldest daughter, Taisha. Taisha & her boyfriend/fiance had attempted to get a marriage license the day before but didn't have the proper ID. So they were going to get ID, then wanted Ryan to meet them to get the marriage license (he has to sign for her because she's still under 18). They had mentioned it a day or two before, but this isn't the first time they've talked about getting married, so we weren't really sure it would happen.

So I made arrangements for Ryan to meet Taisha later in the afternoon to get the license. She then asked me when they could do a ceremony. We talked about doing it in a couple of days, but her work schedule didn't really work for that and she asked if it was possible to do it that afternoon.

I like the idea of them getting married. They have a 3 month old daughter who deserves mom & dad to be together. Kyler is a nice boy and although they have had their ups & downs, I truely think they can make a go of it!

So I told her that I would call court houses and find out what needed to be done and try to get a judge scheduled. It was about 2:30 by now. I called my friend Becky, who is a paralegal and the source of all legal information I need! She gave me the phone numbers for courts in Provo, Springville, and Santaquin. We decided that Provo would be best because they needed to get the license in Provo. So I called the court, waited on hold for 15 minutes and was directed to the judge's clerk. Yes - I got VOICEMAIL! So I left a message and waited for a call back. By 3:30 I still had no call back so I tried again. I got through and talked to the judge's clerk this time. She said the judge was in court but she'd have him call when he was done. So I waited some more. I didn't really want to make any further plans at this point because I didn't know if we'd be able to pull it off tonight or not.

Still texting back & forth with Taisha, she indicated she didn't want a big deal made of this and just parents there, with the exception of her little sis, Kaitlyn who needed to be the ring bearer. I tried to talk her into going and buying a nice dress or something, but she said they did buy Nevaeh a cute dress but she didn't want one. I told her she needed to invite the other parents so they'd at least be ready if we were able to pull it off. She texted me back that her mom (bio-mom) wouldn't come. [I don't care if you approve or not, how could you miss your daughter's wedding?] I told her that if she just told her when and that she'd like her to be there then she wouldn't have to feel bad later and at least she'd been invited.

By 3:45, I'm getting a little nervous. I know the courts close at 5:00. So I called my mother in law and asked if she thought her bishop would be available to perform the marriage ceremony that evening. Taisha really wanted to get married TODAY! We decided we'd wait another 15 minutes or so before trying to call the bishop.

I got a return call from the judge around 4:00. He said if we could get there between 4:30 and 4:45, they could do it. He has never married someone under 18 so says he needs to find out what he has to do! But it's scheduled! I call Taisha back and let her know. She said that her mom WILL come and we discussed that Kyler's mom was also coming and going to bring Kyler a clean shirt to wear. HAHAHA! I told her that Grandma Kaye would really like to be there, so we decided to invite her. It's a good thing she lives close! Now the fun begins! I'm still dressed in black from the funeral! I can't go to my daughter's wedding dressed in BLACK!

So I ran to JC Penny, deciding that the bride is going to be in jeans, so I need to dress down some, but I want something I'll wear again. So I picked a nice white blouse and black slacks that I will be able to wear to work. I ran into the dressing room, put them on, pulled off the tags and hurried to the checkout counter. An old grandma and her granddaughter are ahead of me, still trying to decide for sure what they're getting! Finally..... they're done. I hand the tags to the clerk and then ask her to remove the ink tag on the slacks. So I had to go behind the counter and throw my leg up to the counter so she can remove the ink tag! It's a good thing I'm flexible! The girl was laughing. This is the first time she's done this!

Ryan is at the county building with Taisha & Kyler at this point getting the marriage license. We're really cutting it close. I told them I'd get to the courthouse and let them know we're all coming. So I drive to the court house (going to the WRONG place first).

It's about 4:40 now as I walk into the courthouse. I wait in line and when I get to the front, the girl tells me that the judge just left for a minute, but he had told her we were coming and to just have us wait in a conference room until he got back. Good! We need as much time as we can get!

Taisha and Kyler arrive around 4:45. Kyler is wearing a black band t-shirt with spit up on his shoulder, Taisha is wearing slippers, jeans with a hole and a cute pink zip up hoodie.

Taisha takes Nevaeh into the bathroom to change her. Poor Nevaeh has been in the car all day long and she's tired and hungry.

Grandma Kaye, Grandpa Don, and two of Ryan's brothers arrive shortly after them. Grandma still has a camera in her purse from the funeral earlier today, so we can get some pictures!

Tina (Kyler's mom) arrives at about 4:55 with Kyler's younger brother. She feeds Nevaeh, who falls asleep after eating.

The judge meets with Taisha & Kyler, makes sure that they have all the paperwork they need and says he's ready to do it. Taisha asks if they can have a little more time because her mom is on her way. He said he'd wait until 5:05, but we'd have to do it then.

At 5:10, the judge comes into the courtroom and says we're ready. Taisha calls her mom quickly and says she's just a couple of blocks away. OK - the judge will wait.

The judge asks who will be the witnesses. Blank looks all around..... so I take charge. The two dads will be..... Scott you sit there, Ryan you sit there.....

At 5:15, Vanese & Scott arrive, the ceremony is performed and Taisha is a married woman!

I have to admit to getting a little bit of pleasure from the fact that Vanese and Scott didn't have any idea where to stand when we took a picture. Vanese is Taisha's mother, and she is married to Scott who is Kyler's father. They didn't know which side to stand on! HAHAHA I am just so very happy that I was standing next to my daughter in the picture on this very important day in her life!

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    Wow, what a story. I'm glad you got it worked out and they were able to get married. They both look really happy in the pictures. Can we have a shower or something for them? If they don't do a reception we should do something especially before or after they move out of your house. (I imagine they aren't planning on staying there forever.) I'd just like Taisha and Kyler to know that I/we support them and would be willing to help with whatever.
    4269 days ago
    I love the picture of Taisha & Kyler. The others don't really look like WEDDING pictures, but oh well! I'm glad they're married. I still would love to see them go to a Marriage Encounter weekend, but that can always come later. Please let Taisha know how happy I was for them on their special day. I wish I could have come to their celebration dinner, but it was really a very important prior committment that kept us from coming.

    4271 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/22/2009 1:35:47 AM
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