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Thursday, April 16, 2009

My coworker is going to start the SouthBeach Diet on Monday and wants me to do it with her. She lent me her book to look over because she knows I am very careful with what I eat to avoid the whole "diet" thing AGAIN. She tells me the last phase is maintenance to continue as a lifestle change. I'm wondering if anyone out there has tried this. The food appears to be good, except the NO fruits/carbs the first two weeks, but, I'm not sure about this. I'm afraid to lose and gain AGAIN as I have done virtually all my life. So, I'm looking for any feedback I can get to help me decide to give it a whirl or not.

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    Well I am not impartial - I have eaten the South Beach way for over 2 years. Other than the 2 weeks, it is probably one of the most well balanced lifestyle ways of eating around. Phase 1 where you are restricted with all sugar and grains is purely for detox purposes and quite frankly, not everyone needs to do (but you do learn the foods and how your body reacts to them). Phase 1 acts like an elimination diet for allergies for some folks when phase 2 comes along and you start bringing back in fruits and grains. Many folks find they have wheat intolerances. The diet is one of the most recommended diets by physicians because it is well balanced and great for folks dealing with diabetes and PCOS. Eating 4 1/2 cups of veggies every day is more than many vegetarians eat. Low fat, lean proteins, TONS of veggies, whole grains and fruits - not hard to follow on a lifestyle basis.

    I have lost over 60 pounds, maintained my loss, seen my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers go down, and have never felt like I was on a "diet" - yes I am conscientious of what I eat but I also know I can eat anything I want "offplan" occasionally and easily get back into my veggie groove. emoticon
    4126 days ago
  • BLIGE8
    I have heard about it. I wouldn't do it. Simply because it's a diet program and you have to do without a food group. I don't like the word myself. I have been successful in weight loss by documenting what I eat, staying at 1500 calories, working out daily and working in 10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. (Preferably raw, if possible) I try to ALWAYS watch what I eat and regulate my portion size. I hope this information has been helpful to you. Have a great day! Of course the decision is up to you. emoticon
    4127 days ago
    I read the book and got all psyched up but didn't stay with it. Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest way. Every diet and diet book that comes along has a certain amount of sucess but after you lose the weight and go back to regular eating you usually gain it back. It may be that I don't stay on them long enough LOL. I would say it is up to you and if you think you would like it. For me, I am just going to eat vegan and quit dieting and find my healthy eating pattern. I guess it is really the most popular right now. Quite a few doctors, even mine, recommends, either cutting out or cutting down meat and eating a low fat vegan diet. Dr. Neal Barnard is another that recommends it. I decided I have tried enough diets, and have lost 75 lbs at a time when I was younger only to gain it back and more. That is how I got this way. Now, I am trying just to eat healthier and keep on doing it. I have slipped and have gotten back on track many times. I figure it took me a long time to put on the weight and get into this unhealthy lifestyle, so it will take me awhile to get into the groove of eating healthy and not slipping. Whatever you decide good luck. Pam
    4127 days ago
  • KIMBA39
    DON'T DO IT!!! DON'T DO IT!!!!

    Why deny yourself the best that fruits and vegetables has to offer? Why not just use the tools you've learned here on how to eat healthy.

    How about you eat healthy and she goes on the diet and see who can stay on their plan the longest? Diets deny you. The frame of mind "I can't have" also tends to create the "I can't have it so I REALLY want it." Which then leads to a breakdown and eventually, failure.

    Just my 2 cents...
    4127 days ago
    I'm on phase 2 of the diet. I really like it. I did phase one for the two weeks and it was extremely difficult the first 3 days, but once I got past that, I was good. At the end of the 2 weeks I was actually scared to eat carbs and fruit again, I didn't want to revert back to my old ways. The book really helped me understand my body and what good carbs are and how to eat them. I'm enjoying the diet and look forward to making this a permanent life change. I struggle now and then, but my hubby and I are doing it together and he gives me tremendous support....and there is no way I could do this w/o Sparkpeople. It's just a awesome website with great people! Good luck to you, keep in touch, I would love to hear how you are progressing. emoticon emoticon
    4127 days ago
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