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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Earth is truly amazing... and nothing says it better than these phenomenal fruits and all their healing capabilities they provide for us. I wonder if some of our cravings foretell deeper, more hidden issues (disease/complications/poor health) that could develop later on in life? Why are doctors so quick to write a prescription, which leads to more complications and more prescriptions, when we have these delicious gifts from Mother Earth, willing to give us what we need to be healthy & whole, once again?


Cranberry ~ can fight infections in your mouth & stomach, in addition to urinary & kidneys.

Kiwi ~ can assist in better breathing, reduces asthma attacks, reduces coughing. *Can cause allergies if given to very young children*

Raspberry ~ protects you from yeast infections & IBS, protects eyesight.

Orange ~ effective against respiratory ailments, asthma, reduces risk of stomach ulcers.

Lemon ~ amazing cleansing & antioxidant powers, aids in digestion,
soothing effect on digestive system, antibacterial to reduce risk of intestine discomfort.

Prune ~ regulates digestive system... speeding up or slowing down, lowers cholesterol by excreting fats, feeds good bacteria in intestines, prevents harmful bacteria from breeding.

Apple ~ aids in digestion, rich in fiber that collects cholesterol, good for arteries, detoxifier... helps prevent hemorrhoids to colon cancer, apple peel reduces risk of sun damage to our skin.

Grape ~ refreshing, energizing, replaces essential minerals lost during workout (added with bite size pieces of cheese) makes a great post-workout reviver, nibble while working out, keeps heart strong by lowering harmful cholesterol.

Pineapple ~ heals aches, pains, bruises, healing time quickens, anti-inflammatory, great when muscles and joints have been overworked or suffer minor damage, can relieve symptoms of sore throat and arthritis. Fresh pineapple is best.

Watermelon ~ juiciest fruit to rehydrate, wards off ill effects of workout, energizing Vitamin B keeps you going, soothe over worked body tissues, prevents cell damage, keep refrigerated after cutting to preserve nutritional value.

Grapefruit ~ eating 1/2 grapefruit at start of meal can stop weight gain, can steady insulin levels, repairs cell damage, combats cancer, protects the heart

Pear ~ rich in fiber, helps the body shed excess weight, great for breaking sugar addictions, will speed up a sluggish digestive system,

Galia Melon (Rock or Musk) ~ tops up your antioxidant levels, provides more vitamin C and beta carotene than the body can use in one day.

Strawberry ~ contains fat-fighting nutrients, keeps energy levels high, great replacement for candy when seeking treats, due to insoluble fiber will feel fuller longer.

Apricot ~ helps you feel good, rich in amino acid tryptophan which converts to feel-good Serotonin, lifts your mood to feel more optimistic, improves self-esteem, even controls impulsive behavior, helps you sleep well. Tryptophan converts to niacin and Vitamin B3, & a shortage of these can cause lethargy.

Banana ~ comfort food that cheers you up, lift your mood, reduces fatigue and premenstrual symptoms, contains potassium to relieve irritability & trypthophan to ease depression, promotes healthy sleep.

Fig ~ high in calcium to keep bones strong, helps improve sluggish digestive system, high in potassium which balances high sodium intake, counteracts sodium's harmful effects on blood pressure.

Blueberry ~ powerful weapon against age-related damage, combats cell damage, fights cancer and heart disease, protects against dementia, preserves memory & learning ability in old age, can prevent urinary tract infection, keeps vision clear, may help reverse neurodegenerative symptoms such as loss of balance & co-ordination.

Cherry ~ bones & joints feel better, staying young, anti-inflammatory, combating pain in muscles, keeps one active, same heart protective effects as red wine, supplies the mineral boron which helps prevent the steady loss of bone density with advancing age, aids in improved sleep with it's melatonin, combats jet lag, protects heart, reduces risk of cancer.

Pomegranate ~ protects against old age... heart disease... cancer... osteoarthritis, for men with prostrate cancer it can slow it down, reduces risk of various cancers, antioxidant, slows deterioration of cartilage in the joints preventing inflammation.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    A Dr told us that Grape juice is also a natural pain killer. My daughter had an infection in her throat one time and couldn't even swallow. He said that if she could get a few eye droppers of grape juice down, it would ease the pain enough so she could swallow her pills.
    3926 days ago
    There's another really good fruit that I LOVE. Dates!

    "The nicotinic content in dates is an excellent remedy for intestinal disturbances. Liberal use of dates keeps in check the growth of pathological organisms and helps to establish a colony of friendly bacteria in the intestines.

    The date is a laxative food. It is highly beneficial in the treatment of constipation as the roughage provided by it stimulates sluggish bowels. They should be immersed in water at night and taken after making them into a fine syrup the next morning to secure laxative effect." -

    I keep the dried dates in my freezer so they aren't so sticky and don't attracted any dust in the air.

    Love your list. I absolutely love dates, fresh figs and pomegranates. So yummy!!!
    3927 days ago
    Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for stopping by my site. Your info is wonderful. Very kind of you to take time to share with us. Don't ya just love Florida in the spring!?!
    3927 days ago

    Hi Debbie
    Very nice information, thanks for sharing and also thanks for commenting my blog. I am subscribing in your blogs. I liked it.
    always :)
    3927 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    3928 days ago
    You hit that on the head of the nails. I thank God that I have a doctor that is helping me to be medicine free. I am too young to be on all these meds that I am. I do not even take them all because they are too expensive. I tell my doctor to prescribe me the cheapist ones for my budget. I am glad I am on this new healthy life plan. That's how I like to get better. Eating lots of healthy fruits and veggies. Bought me some black berries tonight for some great antioxicant help!!!
    Blessings to you Debbie.
    3928 days ago
    wow awesome info that could explain why i feel so good since i've been eating a banana a day. your right i try to go the healthy route before i get a prescription. we eat to feel good,and for our health loosing weight is just an added bonus. off to get some watermelon. really nice blog again my friend. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3928 days ago
  • KV711LAW
    Great Information Debbie!

    Will print it out. Keep them coming!

    hugs, kelli
    3928 days ago
    Wow very interesting!
    I didnt know about some of these!
    Thank you for sharing

    Hugs debbie
    3928 days ago
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