The Pain I carry with me

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I still carry emotional pain with me but I believe the physical pain really overpowers it. The physical pain causes me to become very aggitated and aggrivated and I just not a nice person at all when I am in THAT much pain!!!! I TRY not to let it get that far but sometimes I cannot help it, it just creeps up on me. And what pain killers I do have left, really don't work even though I am taking 1300mg of them. I need some really REALLY STRONG painkillers because of how my system is, its all messed up and anything 500mg and less is going to be like eating candy, and with some painkillers like darvocet, the 650mg was like eating candy, so i had to take 2 of those to get a tiny bit of relief. I don' t have any lubrication in my spinal cord, my discs are drying out and deteriorating and that's part of the problem. I think i am going to go to the Emergency Room in the morning to get my back checked out b/c I have been getting a burning sensation in my spinal cord once in awhile and then it also makes my whole back burn too. That is NOT a pleasant feeling. So we'll go get it checked out tomorrow and find out what is really going on since my pain specialist won't be back until the 16th.
OK sorry for babbling, I do that when I am in pain, but thank you for listening and for your support!
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  • no profile photo ILEFTSP
    I feel really bad for everything you've been going through. I sure hope some sunnier days are headed your way, really, really soon!
    4239 days ago
    My heart goes out to you Nicole for having to deal with such horrendous pain. It is hard to do even the simple things in life with pain such as yours. I know something about that because I got a vertebrae that slipped out of place in child birth 46 years ago. Then a car hit my car in door where I was a passenger in 2006. Although I have had back pain for years, it was nothing compared to the pain I had after the wreck. I practically was bedridden. I went through all kinds of procedures, name it, I did it. I finally had surgery and it has helped but I still have pain but Praise God it is mild in comparison. Nicole, I will pray for you tonight. Keep us posted. I don't know how that you tolerate all that medicine. It will further damage your body.
    4240 days ago
  • NICOLE197698
    I have had Degenerative Disc Disease for several years now, plus I have rheumatoid and osteoarthritis in every joint in my body. My list of health problems is endless, half the time I can't even remember everything. I can't take aspirin, or advil, or NSAIDS because I have an ulcer. I have deteriorating discs in my back and there is no lubrication and no fluid in my spinal cord. I have a herniated disc in my lower lumbar and one in my neck. I walk with a cane already but even walking with that hurts but walking with anything is going to hurt . We'll see what they say at the hospital in the morning.
    4240 days ago
  • ORIAN1
    I know that your pain is very real as I use to be on darvacet also. Between the fibrymalga and my back problems it can really get me down at times. I'm now on vicodin and I'm suppose to take them 1 to 2 tablets every eight hours, but I try to keep it to two a day. I also have to take flexeril if I'm having a really bad night so I can at least get some sleep if I really need to. But I've found that emotional worries just seem to make the pain worse so I try to spend the first hour in the morning with god and write all my problems in a journal to get all my fustrations out and to help my body to relax. This time of year I also try to do this just setting outside and listening to the sounds of nature.
    4240 days ago
  • MOMMA48
    Hi, Nicole! I'm so thankful you're getting that checked out tomorrow --- life is not to be lived with pain -- I hope they are able to find out what's going on and find the right meds to bring you relief! You're in my prayers, hun -- hope you feel better soon!
    Cheryl! emoticon
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    4240 days ago
    I do understand. It is hard to be pleasant when you hurt so bad. emoticon
    4241 days ago
  • no profile photo ROCKEM1949
    Hello Nicole, I have just joined Spark people a few days ago and today saw your message. I can truly sympathize with you as I have degenerative joint disease and arthritis. As you know there is no cure and i try to take as little pain Med's as possible and stick with excedrin some people can take aleve I cannot. I go to a gym and walk in for directions and exercise in the water and than get in the jacuzzi. I also walk (with a walker or cane). If you do not have a walker please talk to your doctor about it. I also go to a chiropractor now and that has helped a lot. Pain med's tend to cause people to get sad or depressed because they are meant to relax and numb the person and makes you even more tired. The more med's you take the less effective they become. So please look for other alternatives and always make yourself get up and get dressed and think of something positive or happy. Oh I forgot I also do ice and heat (and you have to space them out) I was recently put on celebrex but i do not take it everyday. Inflammation causes a lot of the pain so ice and aleve, celebrex help reduce it. I will look for your blog to keep in touch I still have to set up a blog but take care, stay safe and think happy positive thoughts because the other alternative is not I have had DJD for 25 years so you know how long i have been living with pain good emoticon
    4241 days ago
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