Is this for real?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ok seriously, I have said it before...every time I try to lose weight something happens!! Every single time. I am an angry woman today who needs to vent. So just hang in there if you are reading this.

First of all, I was all nice and content (but still in some pain) in my lovely little brace. Go to the dr today and I cant even explain what the hell he said is wrong except to say it will take 6 weeks or so to heal. And so I was told I needed a cast, but I cant drive with a cast. No driving means no work. No work means, well it isnt an option so it doesnt matter what it means. So I told him there was no way. So they put me in this freaking moon boot or a cast. It is huge and all the way to my knee. He says if in 2 weeks I still hurt then I have to have a cast for at least 2 weeks to let my ankle heal. Grrrrr. I will be damned if I have a cast on my leg. If it isnt actually broken then lets just forget the cast, right? No, not in my case cause that would be too easy.

Second, I started low carbing. Was so excited. Felt great. I am not losing a single pound. And I have picked up some sort of nastiness from one of the kids in school and I feel like sh*t. My luck. Back 3 weeks and already sick. I stopped breastfeeding which is ok, and Avery is loving his formula. I think he loves how much he gets. I know I wasnt making enough milk for the poor boy. But now that I am not feeding him, I know my body has slowed down, I am no longer burning those extra calories, and the menopausal state I was in (according to the dr) is now returning to normal. My body has been trying for a month to have a period. But it starts for a day, and then dissappears for like 4 or 5. So I am in hormonal chaos. I am hating things right now. I am depressed. I am angry. I am mad cause I never see my husband cause of his job. I am pissed off that I never get nearly enough sleep and still have to get up early each day to go to work. I want a break. I need a break. I am borderline on being a straight b*tch this week. I need a break before I really blow.

Ok, now I have to go deal with life again. Erica is being extremely noisy in her little Barbie world and it has woken up Avery.

I need a drink...
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  • PATTYS74
    Sounds like all these great people have said it all. Just remember we are all here for you. So vent away. What ever helps. This too shall pass everything always does it is just so hard waiting for things to get better. But they will. emoticon
    4215 days ago
    Awww man!
    Hang in there, Cheryl. Give your body that time to heal. Things will get better if you take care of you. You can still try to eat good. Tell your husband you need more time with him --even if it's for just 5 mins. Spend that time showering him with love and praise. Tell him you need it too --just 5 mins.
    Drink alot of water and tea for that cold. Take care.

    4216 days ago
    Feel free to vent away all you want. It sounds like you have plenty of reason to be upset. I would be ready to scream.

    I'm hoping for a speedy recovery for your ankle, that your hormones stabilize, and that you get some much needed rest. emoticon
    4216 days ago
    You do need a break. Find something you really enjoy and make it a priority. You know you can still lose weight without exercise, you just have to change the information in the spark nutrition area. Find out your BMR and eat 250-500 less. Mine is 1563 (that is just staying alive) if I don't do anything more than sit on the couch all day I am usually at 2000 give or take 200. So that may give you an idea, I am 31 and weigh 169 with good muscle tone. Relax life is always going to throw you a challenge over and over, until the day when you win despite that challenge. Trust me with my fibromyalgia, I know it is true. Also if you can't use your leg, you can still do cardio by doing lots of punches over and over and e very kind. I do them when on a long car ride and it really gets my heart rate up. Don't let these speed bumps get in the way of your long term goal! You will be successful! I know it, you just haven't realized it yet!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4216 days ago
    You stopped breast feeding - a small rum and diet coke is low carb ....

    seriously - there's a lot going on with your body - just imagine what your hormones would be doing if you weren't low-carbing! Take a minute to re-read your post and imagine it was someone else. You would tell them to give themselves credit for trying, take 5 minutes to breathe and re-focus.

    You need a break, for sure, but not by binging on cake or pasta ...

    Maybe getting some kind of workout would help with the stress. Do you have an exercise ball you can you do crunches on? or upper body exercises with weights? I love working with weights when I'm angry - it makes me feel even stronger. emoticon What do you like to do that you can adapt to this brace (I've been in the boot)

    4216 days ago
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