I have cabbage in my bra LOL

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

This is a literal statement too. I was told today that it could take a year to dry up my breast milk and I am not having it lol. So I looked online and found all kinds of stuff about cabbage leaves and how it has natural properties that dry you up. How funny that today I went to the Farmers Market and bought cabbage. Was that God pointing me in the right direction or what? I love when stuff like that happens. So here I am, with cabbage in my bra.

I was super frustrated earlier today. I weighed and well, of course I am up 2lbs. I swear that ever since I hurt my leg I have been completely unable to lose weight. I go back and forth with the same weight over and over. I am not even losing it by low carbing. As a matter of fact, I was looking forward to the initial water loss, not for the number, but so that I felt less bloated. And you know what? The water weight didnt even budge! I am almost tempted to take water pills. I swear I feel like I have been about to start my period for like a month now. I am that bloated and gross feeling. And I asked the nurse at the obgyn's office about it today and she said since I had a tubal and just stopped breastfeeding a couple weeks ago it could still be up to 6 months before I really have a period. So I guess that means what? Just stay bloated and crampy and gross in the meantime? Oh no no no. It cant happen. Something has to give.

Today I didnt track my food. Actually I have sucked at food tracking for like 3 weeks. But I ate so good today. I seriously had more veggies today than I have had in a while. And I felt so good. I felt good enough to exercise for a long time. GRRR! Too bad my leg was in a ton of pain today LOL. It would hurt the most on a day I feel energized. Oh well. Tomorrow I think I will take the boot cast off and put the smaller brace on and take a walk with the baby. I need to move. Doing nothing is driving me insane.

Ok, well that is it for today. Talk to you tomorrow. And hey, if anyone has any ideas on the whole water weight issue PLEASE let me know. I am ready to try just about anything lol.
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    I eat a lot of cabbage but never thought about wearing it. LOL.

    Hang in there. Your leg will heal and you can regroup.

    sometimes I can't find time to track my food either.

    Just stay on plan and eventually you will lose.
    4216 days ago
    Well, here's my two cents worth. Fresh parsley is a natural diuretic so is watermelon. don't have any information for drying up milk.
    4216 days ago
  • PATTYS74
    Hey Cheryl,
    I heard the same thing Jenalex said about cabbage being a natural diuretic. I eat lost of it anyway. I don't like it raw too much. I make veggie soup that has more cabbage than anything and I simmer it with garlic and onions too. good luck where ever you decide to put it. Jenn is so right about the water pills. Be very careful they depleat your potassium and that can cause you all kinds of problems and if your potassium is low your energy level can be low also. Talk with your doctor before you take them. Drink more water. My doctor told me when I am bloated to drink more water. She said it was like filling a cup...if you keep filling it, it will start to run over. So I guess that is flushing you out. It works for me. good luck emoticon
    4217 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/8/2009 12:49:39 AM
    Actually IT DOES WORK!!!
    But you have to freeze the cabbage leaves!

    I had to do it - and it works pretty quickly.
    Took all but 2 days!

    One of natures greatest mysteries! What I want to know is who was the woman who did it in the first place - she must have been frustrated with Ice packs and just had some cabbage laying around and said - "hey - that'll work - they are round and will fit in my bra".

    Weird - yes, but I can say that it DOES work :)

    4217 days ago
    Girl! Don't put the cabbage just in your bra! Put it down your throat!

    Cabbage is a natural diuretic and will shed that water weight. I make sure to eat it when I'm feeling bloated. As much as I don't like it, I just find ways to incorporate it in my meals for a while. It works like a charm! Then when I feel "normal" again, I stop eating it. Hope that helps!
    4217 days ago
  • BARB7983
    CABBAGE to dry up your boobs? That sounds sooo weird! My mom just bound up my boobies with an ace bandage really tight for a whole weekend (oh GOD did it hurt!) but I dried up in a few months -- alth0ugh I could still get a drop or two of milk out of my left boob for YEARS afterward. I thought that was weird, but it didn't really bother me that much.
    Ditto to what Jenn said about the water pills. Be careful.
    Go easy on the bum leg until your muscles regain their strength.
    Good luck!
    4217 days ago
  • JLBART74
    Be careful with the water pills. I take them but not every day. When I feel my hands or my face feeling all puffy I know I need one. Just becareful also as to what time you take them. You dont want to be up all night peeing. LOL.

    As for the Cabbage. I have never heard that. I didnt breastfeed either child. they didnt like what I wanted to eat after I had kids. So I dried up pretty fast with the 2nd but the first took about a month.

    Hang in there. You have a cast. You may have to wait till it comes off to even try to lose weight. Just lower your calorie intake to 1200 to 1300 daily and you should be able to lose a little. no junk food.

    4217 days ago
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