Yay I made a new meal and all low carb!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

So my dad and I are both low carbing. He has been for like 2 months and has lost 35 lbs. And I have been for a week and a half and well, I haven't lost anything. But I am chalking that up to my ever changing new momma hormones, stopping the breastfeeding, and retaining water like I am about to fill a pool lol. I have not quit and that is what counts lol.
Anyway, we have been thinking of new ways to cook things so we don't get completely bored. At this point all our dinners are low carb but we eat the same meals all the time. Just rotate the same 6 meals or so. Anyway, I had gotten some pork rinds for the crunchiness and I thought we should try to use them to "fry" stuff. So tonight, I experimented and made fried zucchini and chicken parmesan. It was so good and super filling. The crushed pork rinds worked great! And it tasted really close to the real thing. I was very happy about that. Last night I had made cabbage lasagna but I didn't follow a recipe (I am just doing them by common sense way of thinking). Anyway, I later read that you should boil the cabbage first, which I didn't do. It turned out ok. My mom liked it. Athen said he liked it, although as my husband I think he is more likely to say it is good even if it isn't the best lol. My dad was not a huge fan. I was ok with it. I wanted the cabbage to have less flavor and be less crunchy. That is where boiling it first would have been good. But overall, it was ok.

Well, this is my food update. As I am doing the low carb thing, I am not tracking my food so much. So I figure I can at least do it a little this way.
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    Fried Zucchini

    Crushed pork rinds
    An egg
    Parmesan Cheese

    Crush the pork rinds. Beat one egg in a bowl. Dip each piece of sliced zucchini in the egg and then place in the crushed rinds. You will need to press them together to force it to stick. Then place each piece in a frying pan with heated oil. Allow the zucchini to start to soften before you flip it. This allows the bottom part to stick together. Once they are cooked all the way, place them on a plate and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Serve with a low carb tomato sauce or plain. YUM!!

    4207 days ago
    Awesome! I use almond flour to coat things to fry, too.
    I've made "chicken fried steak" by just coating the cube steak with garlic salt. There's lots of variety you can do. (>
    Hang in there another few days and your body will start releasing the water and the fat.

    (and for Maroses - usually a low carb food plan is around 50 grams a day or less, with vegetables and a few dense, whole grains)
    4207 days ago
    Post your recipe for the pork rind zucchini. I'm intrigued and would like to try it.

    Keep up the good work. Lo-carb diets are always so hard! They turn me into a lo-crab instead. Kuddos!

    4208 days ago
    I liked the pork rind idea. ( but I like pork rinds!!) How low are you suppose to have your carbs when you are low carbing? I have been wondering how low is to low. is it okay to go under 120 they warn about? I have been to worried to go under 120 because I don't know how low is to low.
    4209 days ago
    Good job. Keep it up and you'll eventually see results. :)
    4209 days ago
    The pork rind zucchini and Chicken Parmesan sounded great. Keep experimenting. You are doing great and learning a lot.
    4209 days ago
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