Yesterdays Walking Adventure

Friday, July 28, 2006

Wow what an eventfull walk I had last night. I decided to take the girls with my on my walk. I was a little apprehensive about it because they havent walked that far with me before. They are outside and run around the yard all the time but havent really been on a walk like this before. I hope to get them built up and used to it so I can start taking them on hikes that are longer than my walk is.

Anyways, so I go out and put their harnesses on which is always an adventure in itself cause they know what it means when I bring those out. They are squigling around and bouncing and not holding still. I finally get them on and then we are off. We started heading up the road to the stop sign, take a left and avoid 2 or 3 cars (unusual as there isnt usually this much traffic) hang a right onto Pea Ridge Dr.. We hit the first house and of course there are lose dogs. All they did was bark but they stayed where they were so WHEW first obstacle a breeze. Here I am being pulled by two huskies down the road. I have them on two different leashes but on the same arm and they are walking nicely side by side like a good team.

We round the next curve and I stop to give them a break and get some water. All the ditches are dried up due to the lack of rain this month and I would be scared to let them drink out of it anyway because of the runoff pesticides from the fields. I brought them a bottle of water and two small bowls. They both come over for their drinks and then I pack everything back up in my little pack and we are off again. We rounded our next house and dodged a cart, 4-wheeler, and a truck. Now we are coming along to the next house that has little dogs that are lose. This one was good too because that was scared and stayed away from my girls.

A little further up we come across some braver dogs that decided to be meanies, they came a little closer but I gave them a mean look and they stayed back. On up ahead passed another house and this time we have a hitchhiker. A little gray and black dog (not sure of the breed but has a docked tail and smaller than my girls) decided to come up and be friendly. Nanook can be snippy sometimes and all I could think of was lawsuit if it got bitt. Lucky Nanook was too tired to care about it so we kept going with this little thing following our everystep. I thought it was going to follow us home. This would have been bad considering we were about a mile away from home.

Finally, homestretch. We start going down the big hills and by this time my poor babies are about to give out, we still have the little hitchhiker with us and we are about 3 quarters of a mile from the house. As we are heading down the hill we come across the people that used to live in my house. The mother is scared of dogs and at first didnt recognize me. She saw the dogs and got worried. After we got closer the figured out it was me and they decided to turn around with me and walk back. the way we were headed. The little dog is STILL with us. At the bottom of the hill we ran into 2 horse and riders and their two little dogs out for a ride. I knew these people too so we stopped for a chat and my girls did well, they didnt bark or anything but then again they are used to horses because of mine. They didnt even fool with the other two dogs.

We finished our conversation and moved on and thankfully the hitchhiker decided to follow the horses and other 2 dogs back up the hill so it was just us 4 humans and my two, tuckered out, dogs again. We reached the house and said by to our fellow travelers and went straight to the back yard. Now the girls are pulling me again cause they are anxcious to get to their baby pools. Poor Nanook she went in the pool and kept switching sides to lay on the make she she got her whole body. I filled it up with cold fresh water and filled up the extra water dishes and then said goodbye to them. I checked back on them to make sure they werent over heated as I was a little concerned that it might have been too much, but they seemed ok, they didnt have glassed over eyes but they were panting real hard. They were fine when the DH went to feed them and this morning they seemed fine as well.

I hope that after this they will still want to go walking with me again, but I have got to figure out what to do about that little hitchhiker and the other lose dogs. I am afraid if we walk it enough the other dogs will get braver and braver and with my hands full there isnt a lot I could do if a fight were to break out.
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