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Boot Camp last night - was really hard since I was really sore

Friday, July 24, 2009

I have never had this happen before. I went to boot camp but was still sore from Tuesday's heavy lifting on the lower body. In the past I would always attempt to to everything (as hard as some of it is). Last night however. I did do most of everything (although I am sure they could tell I was sore by the looks on my face and how poorly I did). There was one exercise though that my legs said no way so I just stood there while they did it. I felt a little stupid just standing there but things move quickly so I was not just standing there for very long.

So what did I do on Tuesday??? Tuesday was heavy on the leg strength. I worked with my trainer and he said we were going to change things up and go really heavy and low reps. He said since I was strong enough he was going to give me the guy's workout. I did the whole workout and felt pretty good after until that day or two after burn started. However I squatted my own weight (165 lbs) which was the heaviest I have ever done. I actually think I could have gone a little heavier - but only a little. He also did not let me cheat which he sometimes lets me do. Not on Tues. I had to go down into the full squat with the 165 lb bar on my shoulders/back. Then we went right into deadlifts. I forget what we did there but I think we started with 65 lbs. From there we went to the leg sled machine (I think that is what it is called). On that one we started out with 3-45 lb weights on each side and I think the machine with no weights is 45 lbs but not sure. My trainer said I was doing 315 lbs so that would make sense. By the end we had added another 45 lbs onto each side so I was doing 405 lbs. Wow - can that really be correct? He did say when it comes to legs I am one of the top strongest girls he has trained. We did some more after that but those machines were the worst. Also this time he did not help me at all. Sometimes he will help me and sometimes I do need it but sometimes he helps too much and I just let him - but that is usually with the arms which I know I am a lot weaker on.

Tonight is upper body and I think we are going to do the same with the upper body and go heavy with little reps. Last time I did that I felt pretty weak since I did a half hour of heavy cardio before and depleated my energy. Lesson learned and I will only do the 10 min warm up tonight.
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