I will run myself sane!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

That's right. My new new shall be running. I will do what I have to do. I will train myself to go further each day. And I will become a runner. I barely had it in me to do anything today and besides it had been raining like crazy. My legs were still sore from yesterdays run/walk and my ankle was a little sore still as well. But you know me...if I stop, I dont start back. So I decided that even though it was dark and wet out (rain had stopped) I would figure out my plan on the distance tracker on here (I love that thing) and I would go to the stop sign and back. I wont go the whole block cause it is TOO dark in this neighborhood and well you never know what or who is out there. Anyway. I figured out that if I went to the stop sign and back 2 times it would be a half mile. I also decided I would do it in 8 minutes, which would have been a 16 min mile. So I went out and ran to the stop sign and then walked back and then walked half way to the stop sign, ran the other half to the stop sign, walked halfway back and then ran the final half back home. And I did it in 7 min, which would be a 14 min mile. My time yesterday was 13 minutes for .81 mile. So that means I actually did better. The tracker put me at 4.3mph and yesterday I was only at 3.7mph. I am happy. I will do this every day. Soon I wont even be walking. I will run the whole damn thing and I will have the biggest smile on my face doing it. And in the process I will run out all the stress and negativity and things will all be ok.
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