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Thursday, August 06, 2009

I hope you have read the Time Magazine article I posted earlier. The study got me thinking what I have learned and how I have exercised.
I have heard some government group and universities recommend that obese and overweight people need to exercise a minimum of 60-90 minutes to lose weight and 30-60 minutes to maintain once normal weight, a minimum of 5 days a week. That at least has been my experience in my weight loss. Researchers also found the higher the stress the higher your waistline. This is due to cortisol levels which can be combated by small, regular meals and exercise. Exercise also makes me happier, healthier, and more solid, less flabby
I can be a solid 168 pounds and others at the same weight have a totally different body type, even if they are the same height. I always did some sort of weight lifting or exercise, I just didn't have control of my eating. Now that I do, I am finally losing weight. I don't think my body will lose much more weight. That fat is melting and the muscle is taking it's place. I may find a balance before I even reach 160pounds! Sounds crazy being that I am 5'5" but it's true. So lift weights and get solid quicker! Strength training 2-3 days a week and hitting all the muscle groups is a good amount and not too tough. Find ways to squeeze cardio into everyday moments. You don't need to do it all at once. Six 10 minute walks, sprints up steps, whatever and the weight lifting can count as cardio if it is very intense. Just do your best and the food is the most important part, calories in vs calories out! On your comments below give me your ideas for quick, short workouts.
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    i love this. I have a similar body type to yours, so all I really have left to lose is about 30-40 lbs. I just wanna gain lots of muscle where I still need it and get rid of the fat. You're doing awesome!!
    4131 days ago
    I like your blog. As you can read from my other post on the TIME article, I believe exercise and eating right are both necessary for weight loss. As for some quick cardio ideas… I walk the baby in the stroller up the street and back. It is a block. Only a ¼ mile total. But I can do it twice (.5 mile) in 8 minutes and it means I am moving.
    4133 days ago
    Hey...did you delete the blog with the Time article? I did glance at the blog when you first posted it, but wanted to wait to read it until I could dedicate my full attention to it (today)...any chance you could give me a link or let me know what you'd said? Thanks!!!
    4134 days ago
    When I was in the best physical shape of my life, my BMI was almost 30 (Obese!). Yet I could run a mile in under six minutes, and my chest was 14 inches larger than my waist. BMI values are based on the average person getting the average amount of exercise. They assume a relatively low amount of muscle mass. The more important question is what is your waist to hip ration, how well are you able to function, and how do you look in that mirror. As someone who has never met you, I look at your recent pictures and see a very fit body. I really do not see how you could lose much more weight without losing muscle, which totally defeats the purpose. Excess fat is the enemy, and scales lie. You are doing great: just keep fine-tuning your fitness. :-)
    4137 days ago
    This is why I think Chalean works so well.
    Muscle burns fat ....she says if over and over and its on the screens behind her ...over and over muscle burns fat.
    She comments on how this wont bulk you up ...you will gain muscle and the fat will melt away it won't have a choice. This is where alot of people fail ...they think by changing what they eat they should lose weight. It fails ...you can eat all the fruit and vegetables you want ...and you will still not melt fat ....you will lose some but you have to gain muscle to beat fat.
    So anyone worrying about bulking up ....try doing chalene's work out ...you won't be able to bulk up you will tone and burn fat ....its amazing. It's like I suddenly see how ...thanks WW!
    4137 days ago
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