day fourteen

Monday, August 10, 2009

wow. =] double digits and i'm still with it. how cool.

i'm somewhat disappointed in the fact that its been five days since i've posted a blog, but i've been really busy. i have been doing well with food choices - although i still find that the weekend has been the hardest to stay on track with. saturday i can usually carry my motivation from friday over and stay on track... but come sunday, i'm ready to binge. how do i stop that feeling? i tried doing other things, like going for a run and then watching a movie... etc. but it definitely didn't work. i ended up eating mashed potatoes with gravy, hasbrown casserole, and breaded okra for lunch. not to mention the grilled sourdough bread i added. UGH. i felt like a cow afterward - so i decided to do some yard work to try and burn off some of what i might have just gained.

didn't work.

at least the one thing i am proud of it that i have been sticking with the running. saturday was raining and i still went running! i just threw on a hoodie and grabbed sweatpants and went for a run. it was one of the hardest runs i had been on... the humidity was awful and made it really hard to breathe. i am getting my time down though! thats good! i'm down to an eleven minute mile! i thought that was pretty impressive for not having been in any kind of shape previously. i'm hoping to work up to being able to do two miles or more - but i have to start small i've realized.

i think one of my biggest problems is the desire for instant gratification. i want to be thin and i want to be thin NOW, not three months from now. same thing with working out. when i work out i want to see results immediately after i work out - - - not six months after working out. maybe thats why i haven't stuck with anything in the past? i can say though, just before i got married i was in amazing shape. i was going to the gym five days a week for two hours a day - - lifting, running, sculpting... omg, i looked great - i'll admit it. i had abs, and definition in my legs, arms, even my butt! but a few weeks after the wedding it all went soft relatively quickly, and i got discouraged, and then i gained about 30 lbs. ugh. thats been the story of my life - - - up and down ---- up and down ---- up and down.

i have a question. i thought that by running i would add to my weight loss. i thought it would help me lose weight and keep it off easier - but it seems like i've plateau'd and that i'm actually gaining. its not possible for me to gain muscle already would it be? my husband says i need to stop worrying about a slight increase, but i've been running every day, i thought the weight would start to fall off - - but its actually gone up a pound (and this was pre-sunday binge). any ideas what could cause me to gain instead of lose?! i mean, heck, my dog has even lost weight running with me every day - why can't i?!
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    are you fueling yourself enough. I have lots of friends that run who plateaued because of too few calories or too few carbs. I have done the same but not from running, just too much exercise in general. Make sure you have spark set up with how many calories you burn so it gives you a good calorie range.
    4064 days ago
  • POOH_BEAR_69
    Yep... Momma was talking about me... I definitely started gaining in the beginning of my running program. Eventually around week 5/6, I lost all that I had gained and started to lose about .5 a pound a week. It's been slow going though. On the other hand, my clothes look A TON better!!! My body looks better in a bathing suit, and I'm more confident... Not a bad trade off!!!
    4066 days ago
    My daughter started running about eight weeks ago and actually gained back the weight she had lost but she is toned and all her clothes are fitting better, her muscle tone is great and she can run and breathe easier all at the same time. She says she feels so much better and is definitely more fit than before she did the Couch to 5K program. So I guess some weight gain is normal especially if running regularly. Although I am sure the gain will taper off and the weight will come off faster with the more muscle gain.
    God bless you as you continue your healthier lifestyle...stick with your program and let us know how it goes.

    4067 days ago
    I don't quite understand how the exercise/ weight gain thing works myself, but one way I deal with it is I only weigh once a month. That way, the loss/gain cycle can even out, and I am not as focused on the numbers as I am on changing to a healthy lifestyle.
    4067 days ago
    oh! and btw, i am in LOVE with those whipped yogurts from yoplait! they even have 'chocolate mousse' =] YUMMMM!

    4067 days ago
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