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6 more days, oh my!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

okay so I have 6 days left before my big, first 10 mile race. Am I ready?? physically well in the running aspect of physically I think I am. I though am fighting my first horrible, awful, painful sinus infection. I woke up Tuesday/Wednesday morning in awful pain. I called my doc, she's not in the office 2nd wednesday of the month. So I go to a walk-in clinic where I'm told its allergies/sinus infection but more on the allergies cause he said my nasal passages were really inflamed and I did have a little bit of fluid behind my eardrum causing the pain I was having. He gives me a scrip for nasal spray, tells me to take an allergy pill and oh by the way this could last a month. SOOOO I wasn't happy...tells me to take tylenol for pain. I did what he said took the allergy pill, did the nasal stuff...never mind my nasal passage was clear has been clear and I've HAD NO PROBLEMS with sneezing or tickling nose, not clogged, not runny but I have allergies...well my right eye IS totally disgusting and its more red/pink than white. I basically have OD on tylenol, advil, motrins anything and everything NOTHING was helping with the pain NOTHING! I called my doctor again on Friday and OMG she's not in the office on FRIDAYS!! what the @*(! They tell me to call the on call doctor and explain to them everything. So I did just that, thankfully the on call doc was my doctor. She called in a 5 day scrip for antibiotic, I have 2 days left on the antibiotic. My eye is still red, I have some swelling on my forehead--not sure if its even related but it's odd. My pain thankfully today is much better but I still have I guess more discomfort than pain. I had ear/jaw pain for 3+ days today its headache, my forehead and behind the eyes. I refuse and I mean REFUSE to take anymore pain stuff. I went out at 7:30 am for my last hill routine run with Rich....I seriously thought I wasn't going to make it, I mean **not going to make it*** call 9-1-1 not going to make it. If you don't know me or haven't read my homepage, I had a heart attack almost 2 yrs ago. I had some funny feelings this morning going on in my chest, not chest pains as in heart attack pains but pain that I haven't had before. It hurt to run, in my chest once I got warm I was okay but if I walk for a distance and then started to run again my chest hurt. After getting home and walking around, the chest hurt. I took my blood pressure and even though it was in normal range, it was super high for me. I always run 106/60's 110/60's today it was 133/79 which I understand is still normal, but its not MY normal...even during my heart attack in the ambulance my BP was 140/80 "that's normal, that's fine, you're not having a heart attack" is what I was told. So knowing that I'm on this antibiotic and DAYS worth of pain meds taken in just a few days my body is totally freaking out. I'm calling my primary doc in the morning see if I can get in with her and also calling my cardiologist I know my heart is fine but the way i was feeling on today's run well it was unsettling---just a bit. Frankly, it could be all the pain crap plus the humidity and hotness we have right now. Its 88 degrees and sticky...I went out at 7:30am for the run and it was already warm and muggy, not not horrible there was a small breeze--small.

But out during the hill routine my last hill which is a scary looking hill all the way up I kept will not conquer me, I will conquer you over and over and over and over I got to the top, leveled off a bit and walked pretty much back to my car 1.2 or 1.3 miles, i was done. My hubby was so far in front me I lost totally sight of him.

I have 6 days, I have 3-2 mile runs I would like to accomplish this week. After WEEKS of the blister crap my feet are happy now but now my sinuses are pissed off at me for whatever reason!! I serious, serious hope and pray it cools down a little like 65 degrees would be awesome but doubtful, I'll settle for 75 not this 88 crap.
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    Thank you everyone!! I woke up this morning feeling human again amen!! good sign!!
    4254 days ago
    You are a trooper! You're almost there, keep it up!

    I hope you have a nice treat in mind for yourself when you are done with this one!
    4254 days ago
    Good luck on your 10 miles. You'll have to let us know how you did.

    As for the sinus problems, have you looked into a Neti Pot? I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah the other day and he suggested it. This one woman who tried it said it changed her life. You're basically pouring warm salt water into your nose. Google it to see if it might be for you.
    4255 days ago
  • BEFIT021
    Holy cow! You are truly an inspiration! Blisters, sinuses, allergies, heart/chest problems and still you run!

    I hope you get to feeling better real soon!

    And good luck on the race!
    4255 days ago
    Good Luck on you race!
    4255 days ago
    sounds like you are ready for your race and your body is rebeling! haha been there myself and you will do fine - you are a runner and we run through the toughest of times to finish a race. so take a deep breathe and it will happen for you. the next blog I will read will be of your amazing tale of your fantastic race! good luck and do feel better!

    4255 days ago
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