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Saturday, August 22, 2009

OH my gosh!! I did it, I so did it!! Got up this morning at 5:30 took my shower to wake my tired butt up, ate 1/2 banana and sipped on some water for 1 1/2 hrs. Got downtown found a pretty close parking spot to the starting line. Rich stayed with me until 10 minutes before gun time. My dearest friend came along with brought her son and even one of his friends came out, she took my kids and hung out and waited and watched for me. The first mile went so stinkin fast, but it was such a slow pace--actually the first 2 miles was like that easy, but slow but that was okay.

My avg pace was
Mile 1 10:38
Mile 2 10:10
Mile 3 10:59
Mile 4 10"49
Mile 5 10:53
Miles 6 11:37
Mile 7 11:20
Mile 8 12:07
Mile 9 11:37
Mile 10 11:52

slowed and grabbed water at water stations 1-3 at mile 4 I thought I was going to throw up so I skipped the water station. Right before mile 5 was a gatorade station grabbed one of those cause that was right before the Bradley hill. Ran up the first hill, ran down (free speed) and walked hill 2 and ran up the steepest incline for hill 3. Ran 1.5 miles out of there, stopped at the water and ice stations along the way. Got to mile 8---hilly subdivision and my runners knee that has been so good, acted up. Miles 8 I was in pain and I started to pray and just chant to myself 2 more little miles, 2 more miles at times that made me mad and other times it gave me the push. Mile 9 I walked nearly most of it other than the last 1/4 probably ran more than that, can't remember cause it was so close and the crowds were just so awesome. Those crowds were awesome. I passed 3 different bands, like bar type bands. One fairly large high school band, another smaller high school band and just the people handing out the water, the ice and even some ice cold beers! LOL

My unofficial time is 1 hr 53 minutes and 26 seconds. Took me 6 minutes to even get to the starting line. The news said this was a record breaking year for the Crim. 9,400 runners ran just the 10 mile run. The total number of people signed up for the entire thing was over 15,000. The winner won OMG in 46 minutes and 49 seconds!!! 46 (#&(@& minutes!! i was literally between mile 3 and 4 when he crossed the (#&)@(* finish line! My husband said he wasn't sweating nor was he even breathing heavy! He's a runner for Kenya and this was his first Crim race.

It was a lot of bob and weaving all the way through. I was waiting for the crowd to thin out and couldn't understand why it wasn't thinning and then I'm told 9,000+ ran the 10 mile..well guess that explains it! LOL

NOw I have 6 weeks until my first 1/2 marathon. I need to do some serious strength training for my knee othewise I won't make the 13 miles. have some work to do now!! But for now I'm glad this is done, so glad!! emoticon
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