Food Diary, Exercise Log & HONESTY in posting !!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

" To thine own self be true "

That one statement says it ALL to me.

If I am not honest with myself, who am I hurting? If I fib about how much cardio I got in, is it going to make me lose? I pray each night that the Lord will help me to beat my addiction to food and give me the strength to perservere in my quest to eat correctly and exercise.

I realize that there are those who exagerate what they have performed during the day, just so that their names will be be at the top of a list. I'd rather be at the bottom and lose pounds, than to simply make up numbers to look good on the boards. That is one reason I have chosen to leave some of the teams that I have belonged to. ALL talk & no action doesn't cut it for me. I want more! I can change no one other than myself.

Have you ever considered what we are NOT in control of? We cannot control our government. We cannot control our neighbors. We cannot control the weather. We cannot control our employers. The CANNOT list goes on forever, The one thing we CAN however control, is what goes in our mouths. I am taking that control. It is mine! I WILL scrutinize what goes in, to determine what my final outcome will be. Will you join me? Will you be in control?

I will! I am! I R
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    So true.

    I find that on days I eat way too much, I just won't track my food for that day. But who is that helping? No one. Just hurting myself, because when I do track (even the extra stuff), I'm more likely to get back on track THE NEXT DAY, as opposed to taking a few days off from eating well.

    Thanks for bringing this up.
    4164 days ago
    Gosh, I'm more likely to omit stuff from those food logs just because they don't contain British food brands and it's such a bugger writing it all in from scratch!
    4164 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. This is soo true!!
    4165 days ago
    Very good blog. Thanks
    4165 days ago
    I know exactly what you are talking about. When I first joined Sparks, I use to feel a little intimadated by some people who were really racking up the exercise minutes. I felt I'd never be able to do that. I don't even have the desire to do that! Then I realized that if they were really doing all that exercise, their days have more hours in them than mine. I'm retired, and I still wouldn't have THAT much time to devote to exercise!
    They're really not helping themselves in the long run. I guess they get an ego boost for being at the "head of the class", but the point is to be the best you can be, not compete with somebody else. That's the only way you'll really get ahead in the weight loss game, or anything else you are going for in life.

    4165 days ago
    You are right! It is best to just write down what you really did. Every once in a while I have to estimate a little but I try to be as accurate as I can be.

    Good luck this week! emoticon
    4165 days ago
  • RENA1965
    Well said, bravo!
    4165 days ago
    Great blog. Very true!
    4165 days ago
    Great blog! I've wondered about the numbers when I post mine, also. They seem so unreal that you'd think these folks didn't do anything except sit around preparing and eating vegetables and fruits. Man, if I can find the time to get an apple cored, I'm doing well!
    Thanks again for the blog.
    4165 days ago
    Wow - Betsy I was trying to remember if I posted I exercised but didn't, and couldn't - except I think I don't fill in the exercise thingie until after the fact ! I think it's a mind clog with the aging process, ya know ? Anyway, you put out a powerful blog and got me all charged up. You might take note however, I'm still sitting here typing instead of in with my exercise disk ! I really need you to move to NC, next door would be nice ! Sigh..

    You are right about not fooling yourself. I joke around at times about buying instruction books and then putting them on a shelf and expecting the knowledge in them to seep into my brain in a kind of magical dripping effect. The truth of the matter is if you don't put the effort into anything, you aren't going to get much out of it no matter how much you want to. I guess it depends on what you want... exaggerating to best someone on a list might make some feel better but that's the only benefit I can see. Ha - to be totally honest, I could exaggerate and best your efforts but even doing THAT much would tire me out ! You flat amaze me.

    And you keep me motivated. I WILL get up and go put in the disk. I said I would last night and so I shall, but I will be thinking of you all the while I'm sweating myself silly, you and that durn Denise !

    Ha - I feel very lucky to have both you and Ramona on my team !! You both definitely R !!

    emoticon emoticon
    4165 days ago
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