1200 calories?! You must be on crack.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That was pretty much my reaction when SP recommended caloric intake for me read 1200 calories. I really want to lose the weight so I took a look at the "suggested" menu SP provides.

C'mon people, are you telling me that I can only eat 1/2 a chicken breast with 12 pieces of string beans for dinner? Or 2 slices of bread with 2 T of PB & celery slices for lunch? Half a pear as a snack? Who eats half a pear?! LOL

I try to get as much veggies/fruits in my diet as possible. I never ever waste calories eating things like baked potatoes, corn bread, dininer rolls, chocolate, Oreos, etc like in the suggested menu. So why does it seem so hard?! I almost always fall in between 1600-1775 calorie range yet I feel like I'm eating all healthy food...lots of veggies, fruits, dairy, whole grains, etc. I workout at LEAST 4 times per week (and not just walking on the treadmill, I jog the entire time!)...and attend a fitness bootcamp once a week.

But alas, I'm not losing the weight as fast as I think I should (Yes, I know we all have unrealistic expectations).

I've tried taking a peek at fellow SP member's menus. I really can't imagine eating 2 scrambled eggs & tomato slices and a chocolate cookie for dinner. Or half a pita & a slice of cheese for lunch. But this type of menu seems to pop up more often than not.

My work schedule is stable but I still feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. I can't imagine sticking to 1200 calories, I already feel like I snack too much but I'm still hungry! Here's my usual M-F grind. I wish I could eat dinner by 7pm like most people, then just have a small snack around 9 then go to bed!

6:45am Wake up & get ready for work
7:50 Leave the house, head to work
8:30 Arrive at work. Warm up & eat the breakfast I pre-made the night before
10:30 Have a small snack if hungry
1:00 Lunch time
3:30 Have another small snack if hungry
6:00 Leave work, head to the gym. Have a protein/energy bar
7:45 Leave the gym, head home to cook dinner
8:15 Cook dinner & Make snacks/breakfast for tomorrow
9:30 Finish cooking. Pooped. Take a shower. Try to sneak a biteful of dinner. (Very hungry by now)
10:15 Pick up husband from work.
10:30 Have dinner with husband & clean up the kitchen.
11:45 Finally have time to get into bed to wind down.

Anyway, what's my whole point in this rant? Hmmmm....Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I COULD slash my caloric intake down to 1200 and I know I would lose the weight faster than I am now. But how long would I be willing to do that? Is it a lifestyle change really? Or is it just a temporary fix....a band-aid per se. I'm a bit confused as to how this is healthy & it seems that eating that way would make me more susceptible to falling off the bandwagon.

I may look back in a year's time (as I snack on half a pear) & laugh at this blog entry because I was so naive. OR, I may look back in a year's time, while I'm enjoying a Super Sized Extra Value meal from McDonald's, wishing that I had stuck to the 1700 calories/day. emoticon I guess only time will tell!
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    I switched 'em. I think they're too low, so I modified them. When I'm on 1200 cals, I lose wt the first week then it stops and I'm starving. When I stick between 1500 and 1800, I'm good, and I actually lose wt. faster.
    4316 days ago
    Isn't 1200 your MINIMUM calories per day? That is, you shouldn't be eating less than that. I find the range that SP gives much easier to follow than a "1250 calorie diet". Some days I'm to the low end of the range, some days to the high end. Also, make sure that your fitness plan is entered accurately...if you are working out as much as you say, the recommended calorie range might well be higher. I do think that the minute you start feeling starved or deprived you're setting yourself up for failure. Better to lose slowly than to give up all together!
    4316 days ago
    I was in the same mind set the first two weeks. I thought this sucks and well, this sucks. I look for food that is filling and low calorie and low fat. Cutting out the mayo, the dressings, the cheese and things like that, I found I could eat so much other stuff.

    When I make sandwiches, I load i with sprouts, tomatoes, onions, lettuce. It seems to be twice the sandwich and gives me my vitamins. I love fruit, but limit that to snacks and breakfast as it is high in calories.

    Try to eat a pickle when you have cravings to eat. I read an article that said it takes the craving away, and it actually works.

    I am going into my fourth week. lost 11lbs. I just about never go over my low end calorie intake of 1200. And now, actually enjoy it. If I had to be satisfied with half a pear, I would be pissed. So just find ways to use your calories wisely and be creative with your cooking. Instead of two eggs and a tomato, make a yummy omlet and add some salsa, onions, green peppers and seasoning. Low cal doesnt have to be cardboard tasting. Go find yummy spices at the grocery store.

    OH, and keep the 8 glasses of H2O going. that is a must

    Have fun and play wth your food.
    4316 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/26/2009 11:28:54 AM
    You make a very good point about not being able to stick to 1200 calories for the long term and being able to maintain a weight loss is absolutely as important as obtaining the loss in the first place. As I learn where I can add healthy foods easily into my diet, I am trying to learn where I can cut back on the unhealthy calories. I believe a body that is healthy will look healthy and will naturally lean out if I am very consistant with challenging workouts as well as consistantly making sure to eat as healthy as I could each given day under various situations. Maybe that's all we can ask of ourselves.
    4317 days ago
    I don't know what to say. My suggested calorie intake is 1200-1550/day. Right now, it's 9:14p; I've had three meals and a snack. I'm sitting at 1050 and I'm FULL to bursting. I'm supposed to consume another 150 before bed, but I don't know how I could possibly do it.

    My first suggestion would be to add a salad to your meals - at least lunch and dinner - and top them with salsa instead of dressing. Snack on boiled eggs or cheese and fruit. And drink all of your water. I've noticed the water making a huge difference in my appetite.

    Hope that helps...

    4317 days ago
    i am a stay at home mom and feel your pain w/the 1200/cals/day. my kids eat all the time (you wouldnt know by looking at them). and my husband, even on a diet is able to eat over 2000/cals/day.
    but i have been really good the last 2 weeks and i am down 5 pounds.
    what i end up doing is reading the back of whatever i want to eat, count out the chips/candy/junk food and eat it so i only eat 1 serving. i find that if i put it in a bowl and sit and eat it, by the end of my 12 chips, i am usually ok w/not having more.
    i do want to say it wasnt until this week that i havent been a total B to my family about being hungry. i dont think i was hungry as much as i just wanted to eat.
    wish you tons of luck and get somemore sleep in your life! you are wearing me out with your day!
    4317 days ago
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