Where were you and what were you doing 9/11/2001?

Friday, September 11, 2009

I was at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington DC and my husband at the time was at the Naval Base next door to the Pentagon. I was working in the basement and got the news. I was a manager and had to stay to help secure the facility. I couldn't get a hold of my husband for 6 hours and I was going nuts with grief that he was hurt or worse. He was in the Pentagon all the time. Everything for us turned out ok. I did lose a cousin whom was on the plane that hit the Pentagon. That was hard for my aunt and her son and the family.
For everyone who lost someone, your are in my thoughts. We will never forget!
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    I was at home, watching TV in my apt. with my daughter who had just turned one. I remeber watching it and thinking, "that can't be real" Then when I realized it was, I just sat there and cried, thinking about all of the people that must be dead or hurt. It really shook up my whole life for a while, even though I did not personally know anyone affected. It just made me realize how quickly anything can change, and how petty our everyday problems are.
    4099 days ago
  • no profile photo YOWSER
    I live in rural Virginia and had spent my teenage years in Alexandria. So I had seen the Pentagon many times in my travels.

    On 9/11, I had turned on my computer to check the online news feeds from CNN and I read that a plane had crashed into the Pentagon. I started screaming that we were under attack and ran to my car to go to the community college to see the news.

    Everyone was standing at the school tv and I got there just in time to see the second plane hit the tower. I can never forget that image and the image of the towers falling.

    I called my ex-boyfriend and he told me he was scheduled to be on the plane that hit the Pentagon but was called into a meeting. But his best friend was on that plane.

    A few days later, I drove to the Pentagon and I have never seen that building looking as small as it did. And I just cried for days afterward, knowing that everything was going to change for us in America.
    4099 days ago

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    Thank you for all of your memories. We will always keep those that were hurt or killed, and those that lost loved ones as well, deep in our hearts. All of our first responders, soldiers, and medical professionals are heroes every single day. We are lucky to have them on our side. I heard a journalist say yesterday..."Our nation needs to show that we don't need to dwell on our tragedies or walk in lockstep, to be a great nation". He is right, but I don't believe sharing our memories and honoring our heroes is dwelling. God Bless America
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    4100 days ago
    I was at home in my living room watching Good Morning America. It was my day off from the hospital and I loved to watch TV while I had my coffee. I had just finished clening up my kitchen and getting my husband off to work. I remember sitting there awestruck...my dad had always said "if we don't fight them over there, we will end up fighting them over here." I immediately thought of the movie Red Dawn with Patrick Swayze. It felt like that was happening here. GMA broke with their scheduled morning show and immediately was broadcasting live the events that were unfolding in their city. I was in Alabama, yet felt it in my heart. It was a though they had attacked me and mine. I love this country and I am ashamed of how so many people felt we had it coming. I was proud President Bush retalliated as quickly as he did. I am proud of our soldiers that fight so that I can say and do as I feel. I am afraid for our country. We have turned from our roots. GOD BLESSED AMERICA BUT HE CAN TAKE THE BLESSINGS AWAY TOO! emoticon
    4101 days ago
    I was on my way to work in Buffalo Grove, IL. I remember just wanting to get to my children, so I can only imagine the people that lived so close to where this all happened. Being close to Chicago was a little crazy that first day. I guess there were thoughts that the Sears Tower was a possible target.
    Most schools cancelled after-school activities, but my son still had football practice. My husband, daughter, and I went over to where they were practicing so we could all be close.
    It is so weird that we can remember that day so well...such a sad day.
    I am sorry for those that lost loved ones, and happy for the ones that didn't make it to their destination for one reason or another and licked fate.
    4101 days ago
  • ELIZ181
    I was home and received a call from my husband saying that he didn't get to the meeting at the towers that morning because he was running late, but he didn't know where the crew was that was suppose to be working under the towers that day were. He was trying to find them and couldn't, it took us three days to find out that they had got tangled up in traffic and were not there. We were able to see the towers fall from across the river. The rest of the day was contacting the people who we knew worked in the buildings, picking up peoples children from school who worked in the city, letting people know that our husbands were safe. No one wanted to ask a single wife if their husbands were there or not. We had to start the conversation with he wasn't there, when they were calling to cancel meetings. Several people just needed to hear my hubby's voice to know that he was truly ok. We know several firefighters that lost their lives that day, and several people who are alive because of their bosses telling them to just get out now. A friend that is alive because she never works on her birthday, so she cancelled her flight that day.

    I have told my husband that twice his time was not up because he was suppose to be in the exact spot that the bomb had gone off years before, and underneath them when the planes hit. Twice he was running late.

    Very sad day
    4101 days ago
  • MYTURN11
    I was sitting in my office with the door open and a guy sitting in the office right across the hall from said “OMG a plane just hit the World Trade Center” – it was eerie he a tall muscular guy with a deep voice and calm and the way he said it (the sound of his voice) has always stuck in my mind. I think he was on-line on MSNBC – we all gathered and watched. I have since relocated and but he remembered me too and sent an e-mail to me this morning. So very very sad..........
    4101 days ago
  • no profile photo CKHUNTER
    I was at work and I remember hearing about the first plane and thinking "wow.. really? what an idiot!" we gathered around our bosses computer just in time to watch the second plane hit and then we knew it was serious. Work had to continue, but we were all very quite. When the towers fell, we automatically turned off all the machines and stopped working for a few minutes to digest what had happened and say our quiet prayers for those that didnt make it.
    I knew my dad was at the pentagon that day and was very scared, but praise God he had gotten thru to his wife and she called all of his kids so we knew right away that he was safe.
    I just remember thinking I had to get to my kids as fast as possible, just in case.
    4101 days ago
    I had just turned on my tv and dvd player to get my workout done and saw an image of the first tower with smoke coming out of it and became glued to the tv. I remember thinking of my husband at work, wanting him to be at home with me cos I wondered if there would be attacks around the country too. It was very scary and as I watched the people jumping out of the buildings I sat there and cried and cried. I kept praying that this wasn't happening becos it seemed so surreal.

    I didn't get my work out done that day.
    4101 days ago
    We had just gotten up, and my husband shouted "Wow, a plane just hit a building in New York!". We saw the second one hit. I kept the news on as the kids got ready for school. This was their second week at a new K-8 Lutheran school, and I remember telling my son "Just be sure to take care of your sister" when I dropped them off. He was in 7th grade and she was in kindergarten. Then I picked up my parents and drove them to the hospital because my mom was having a cardiac seal done that morning. My dad and I sat in the waiting room all day watching what was happening on TV.

    My dad's gone now, and my mom is getting out of a rehab facility today after having a brain seizure three weeks ago. My son is in college and my daughter is an 8th grader at that same school. Time flew by, but it stands still when I remember that day.

    God Bless America!!

    4101 days ago
    I was working in Boston, just across the harbor from the airport (we could actually see the airport from our bathroom window.) There was this mass exodus from the city shortly thereafter as everyone made their way home.

    My best friend worked in the World Financial Center at the time. I couldn't reach him for many hours and was also going crazy, but finally I got an email from him saying that he was OK. He helped evacuate kids from the school there, and walked about 7 miles to get to his husband's office uptown because there was no way to make a phone call.

    4101 days ago
  • DOLLY_37
    So sorry you lost your cousin emoticon How scary for you to not know how your hubby was. I'm glad you are all ok.

    I will never forget where I was, I was working a nursing shift at our hospital I was walking down the hall when one of the orderly's called my name and waved me into the tv room, the first tower had just been hit. All the surgeons and nurses came from the OR to our tv room(large screen tv)Dr's,nurses,orderly's,housekeepi
    ng, janitorial,management, everybody stood together in disbelief watching the attack on NYC, we were all so sad and terrified at the same time. emoticon
    4101 days ago
    I was in my 10th grade Spanish Class when I heard about the twin towers. I was scared cause I thought we were going to get attack then after.
    4101 days ago
  • DAS92687
    Glad your family was safe. I remember I was driving to work, on I95 and listening to Howard Stern on the radio.

    He was talking about the attack as he was seeing it on TV. I got to work just as the 2nd tower was being struck and the entire office was gathered around the TVs.

    I remember thinking that it could have gone on all day ... moving to attacks on buildings throughout the country. It was very scary.
    4101 days ago
    Yes my dear I think it's one of those days you will NEVER forget. I was in college at the time..was in class when it happened and ran into one of my best friends that told me. I remember waiting in line to get gas that day and not having to work my retail job at the mall because they closed it.
    Sorry to hear you were so close to it...wish I had known you then!!! emoticon
    4101 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4653029
    I will never forget that morning! I was at home, my husband had gone into town on the tractor to get a tire fixed. When I heard the news, I called him and asked him to come home. I just needed him near me. My prayers, too, to all who lost friends or family that day.
    4101 days ago
  • TWINSMOM0429
    I was working a 2nd shift position in an ER at the time. I didn't get home until around 1 a.m. so I was still sleeping! I remember waking up, turning on the radio and wasn't quite sure what they were talking about. I turned on the TV and there it was. It was so scary!

    Glad you and DH were safe! emoticon
    4101 days ago
    Glad your family was safe, I was a work when the new came in. Couldn't wait to get home to my family that day. Prayers to everyone that was effected that day.
    4101 days ago
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