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Monday, September 14, 2009

Last Saturday, a friend of mine (she's actually a former boss - best boss I ever had!) and I went to get kind of mini-makeovers. We just wanted a girly day, e. g. No Boys Allowed! With my birthday just passed and hers in a few days, the time was right to treat ourselves. But, we didn't have a huge budget, so we went for impact.

The first thing we did was go to her salon. I had not been to a salon since, I kid you not, the day before my wedding.

I've been married for nearly 17 1/2 years.

Ever since then, I have cut the bangs and my husband has cut the back. I knew it did not look that good, but it was money thing, plus I didn't care much and, well, you know what it's like. For so many of us, for so long, spending money on ourselves for anything that did not appear to be 100% necessary has felt frivolous and selfish.

Well, it's not. It's just a haircut, fer crissakes.

The guy parted it on the side and clipped off maybe two or three inches. He thinned out the bangs and swept some to the side (I'll be growing those out). Then he dried it straighter than I think it's ever been.

I looked really good, if I may say so myself. :)

I love the cut, it's pretty easy to maintain and I feel like things are getting healthier in that area, too. I figure I will see him again in maybe 10 weeks (budget -- the dude is NOT cheap). And, yes, I'll still need to clip my own bangs until then. But I'll follow his lead and keep them wispier, and keep the side part.

My friend got her hair colored. It's nearly black, so any grey shows. She, too, looked great.

We then went out for sushi, and then hit the mall. The first stop: Nordstrom.

Now, Nordstrom isn't exactly budget. The idea, though, was to get me a bra fitting. Because, lemme tell ya, things are not what they used to be.

I must've tried on a good 17 bras before settling on two everyday ones and a sports bra. I'll need more, but won't bother again until after surgery, as things are going to definitely change again. My new size? The same as the title to today's blog song.

The bras were costly but I'll wear them a lot. I even left the store wearing one. Er, under my clothes.

Then it was time to hit the freebies. We went to Aveda and Sephora, as my pal had some coupons, mostly birthday stuff. I bought a lipstick at Sephora and they signed me up for their birthday club. Even though my birthday was over a week before, they still gave me the gift, a set of three free lip glosses. At Aveda, we both picked up skincare samples, plus I got a hair straightener sample.

Then it was time for Talbot's. I've had some stuff from there, and loved it, but I know Talbot's is also incredibly costly if you don't watch things closely. I ended up getting a lovely off-white sweater, which will probably fit me even after surgery. It was very comfortable and professional-looking, but I can also dress it up with a necklace and wear it to go out.

Next we got some coffee and gabbed and took pics (there are two photos of my new haircut in my gallery). Then it was time for one last trip, to Lord & Taylor. After that, we figured, it would be enough.

I ended up getting a heavy pair of dark green slacks for work. Hence now I have a completely new outfit and can use all of that at least until surgery. The pants probably won't fit after surgery, but that's all right. They'll serve a purpose.

All told, when you count the haircut, the clothes, lunch and coffee, I spent just under $350. I figure, yeah, it was costly, but I don't normally spend a lot on myself.

Plus it plays into something I have been wanting to do but have been unable -- until now -- to put into practice. This is the desire to own fewer articles of clothing, but make them better ones. So far, so good.

In the meantime, I also want to say, I suddenly had a measurements turnover. I hit new personal bests in a lot of areas, including my band. Funny, when you look here:
, they say my size should be one cup size smaller. I suspect, for real, I'm somewhere in between. But the band size is right, which I think can be the greater part of the battle.

I'm also, suddenly, smaller in my waist, belly, hips and keister. But that's not due to shopping, that's due to the informal 5K Mr. J and I ran yesterday. Hey, ya gotta keep in shape for the competitions.

Hence it was a really full weekend. If my hairdo is a tad flattened, it's because I've been sleeping on the bus.

This week will be a short one; we will go to Cape Cod on Thursday, and will stay until Sunday. Waves and sun, here I come.

But first, a mirror check. ;)
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