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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My introduction video.
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  • no profile photo CAMARA2014
    Cheering for you Danny! I'm struggling too, but I know we can do this!
    2887 days ago
    Its so awesome u that u want to make a change keep it up u can make it happen in god name u will urself doing it keep in touch u could me help me too

    2929 days ago
  • no profile photo AMAZINGGRACE85
    Danny, Don't give up, and stay strong and true to yourself. Have faith and believe that you can do this. I want to share a Bible verse with you that has helped me learn how to lift my head up high and defeat discouragement. Please read, pray, and believe. It helps wonders!
    "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
    (In the Holy Bible) Philippians 4:13
    God Bless You and your in my prayers!
    2966 days ago
  • JMCCAY26
    you can do it hang in there..
    2976 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9557039
    Dear Danny,

    Congratulations on your decision to take care of yourself. I wish I had started as young as you have. Still I have lost 130 pounds and have 140 to go so almost half way there.
    In the beginning i thought it would be hard. It must be otherwise everyone would be at their healthy desired weight, Right? However I later found that was just a state of mind and could be changed with my next thought. I found if I just thought about what I was choosing to eat one meal or snack at a time and decided to make it the best energy and good tasting meal possible

    It was fun and easy. For example I am going on a picnic tomorrow. My friends and I are going to the California Academy of Sciences. We will be traversing a 90 foot dome filled with 3 'rain forests" resembling those from Costa Rica to the Amazon. Live plants and animals all
    around us. When we sit down to eat the food will be well prepared delicious and our shared experience will offer plenty to talk about.

    Stay optimistic and have fun on your journey and then celebrate your life when you reach your goal(s).


    2984 days ago
    Danny, see how quickly you got support?? You would not have made that video if you weren't serious about your weight, so not get on with it! Listen to the suggestions; I don't know where you eat your meals but try to order or ask for half portions. At first it may be hard, but you WILL get used to smaller portions. That is a start. Read all the success stories here on Spark, see how they did it. I have faith in you and expect to hear good reports, yes, we do goof once in a while but don't let that make you think you can't to it.
    A new Spark friend, Betty emoticon

    3003 days ago
    Hi Danny,
    I am not new to spark people, but I have been away for a while. It is so hard to reach out for support and you should be proud of yourself. I wish I had. Hope you are doing well and hanging in there. emoticon
    3020 days ago
    Hi Danny! I have recently started Sparkpeople myself and have found it to be an excellent motivational tool. Good luck to you and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers for success! emoticon
    3032 days ago
  • no profile photo DIXIEBEV100

    Know that we are all in this together and that everyone on Spark understands what it takes to hang in there, through easy and hard times.


    Hang tough, be PROUD of yourself for STARTING and reaching out for support!!!

    Now is the beginning of a NEW life for yourself! GRAB it and start SMILING!!!!

    3035 days ago
    3040 days ago
    Go for it Danny, what have you got to lose but your weight! Hang in there buddy. emoticon
    3068 days ago
  • MAGGIE19812
    Danny, are you still active on your wieght loss jouney? I would love to motavate each other!!
    3071 days ago
    Hi Danny! I started Spark People last week and made a promise to myself that no matter what I ate, I would log my food each day - honestly. I have had good days and a few not so good, but by tracking my food I am much more conscience about everything I put in my mouth and have to make a choice to choose the food or choose my health. By choosing my health and not the food, I am choosing life - and at 29 you have a lot of life to live. Be honest with yourself and do this for yourself, but use the support of others and don't be afraid to ask for help when you're feeling weak. I actually ask my husband to take food away from me so I don't eat more than I need. Surround yourself with people who want to help you succeed...you WILL get there one day at a time!
    3092 days ago
  • no profile photo SASAKA
    Hang in there Danny. I know it's hard. We are here to motivate you as well as ourselves. If you fail at times, pick yourself up and restart. There's no shame in failure...only in quitting. You got this!
    3093 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/15/2012 2:08:52 AM
    i just started yesterday and i know it will be hard but if i can do it u can too good luck hon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take care of u
    3100 days ago
    Good Luck Danny with the very best in my heart for yout success.
    3107 days ago
  • no profile photo MARRIAHWIND
    Good Luck, Danny! Rather, than luck, though, good "perservance"! Keep on keeping-on is the key. Short term goals to reach a long term goal. We're doing that, and many already have. Glad that you are joining us! emoticon
    3108 days ago
    Hi Danny,
    Congrats for taking the 1st step and starting your weight journey. We are all here to get healthier. I just started here last week. Just keep telling yourself.."I'm not going to take this anymore and no one is going to stop me". I will be praying for you. We can do this!!!Reading the successful weight loss stories really motivate me. Try it and surround yourself around positive, encouraging people..like Sparkpeople

    Be wishes,
    Tonya emoticon
    3126 days ago
    Danny, YOU CAN DO THIS!!! We are all on this site for the same reason ... we want to get healthy and lose weight. Wishing you all the very best on your journey - from a Canadian supporter!!!
    3126 days ago
  • BERTA48
    Hi Danny
    Hang in there and take it one day at a time. I am new to Spark People too. I lost 3.2 lbs my first week.(Last week) I have 125lbs to loose. But with SparkPeople and Gods help I am going to do it,and you will too!I've tried every diet out there but only stay with it a few months.But this time I am determined! You can do it.Drink your water, log your food EVERYDAY and exercise as much as you can.They have an awesome tracker map on this site.It will bring your city map up and you can mark your route and then it tells you how far you walked and calories burned.It's amazing.Also I found the longer you walk(if even very slow I have to go slow because of my knees.)But the longer you walk the more calories you burn it doesn't matter about the speed.I was surprised at that but very happy!!

    Good luck and hand in there!!
    3126 days ago
    Hey, Georgia boy.
    (I'm from Newton County area, although I spent some time down in Sumter County last year).
    Good luck! Just subscribed to your blog and we're looking forward to your journey!
    I just started a week ago, but it does feel really good to be in this program. I think you'll instantly enjoy it, even before you see results.


    3139 days ago
    Welcome, Danny! You're in the right place at the right time for the help that you need.
    I am confident that you will find many friends who will cheer you on.
    3153 days ago
    Hi Danny! You have made the first and hardest step. Now hold on for the ride of your life. I started Spark People about three months ago, I thought I knew alot about nutrition and exercise, but I was wrong, I am learning so much every day. You seems like a charming young man on the inside and I want you to feel good about yourself. You are 29 you have your whole life ahead of you. And every day you can come closer to your goals. Just remember to take one step at a time. I have found a family of friends, support and encouragement from people all over with Sparks. Don't give up. Remember to Dance and say YES TO LIFE!
    3156 days ago
    Hi Danny, I joined 1month ago and have lost 8 pounds so far, I still have a long way to go. I just wanted to say good luck to you. Have faith in yourself. You can do it.
    3165 days ago
    Best of luck with your goals....I know its super hard but It will be worth it at the end. emoticon
    3184 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5248178
    The hardest step is making the commitment to lose weight. Good for you! You have now taken responsibility for your health.The next thing is to make sure you MOVE everyday. Find out what you can do and build on that.
    Make fruit and vegetables your friends and you can lose the weight!
    Let us know how your doing. DON'T give up!
    3211 days ago
  • no profile photo MARIRARA
    Danny, Slow and steady wins the race! Just joined my self and really believe that. Also say one nice thing to yourself everyday and slowly you will build yourself back up. Good luck dear man and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! emoticon
    3235 days ago
    Hi Danny,
    It will be tough. But, I know u can do it. I myself am trying Sparks. I started yesterday and lost 2 lbs. Although I have about 100 lbs to go. It is a start. I realize I have to stop making excuses. My knees hurt me constantly because of being fat and I can't bend down to tie my shoes.I could go on and on, but I won't because I know u have the same issues. Keep in touch and let all of us know how u r doing. emoticon
    3237 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10269222
    Welcome to Spark People Danny. Loosing weight is tough and we are all in for a journey. Get ready for ups and downs. Start small-don't expect miracles and you WILL succeed. Good Luck.
    3241 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Welcome to SparkPeople,
    Your journey will be a real learning experience. There are lots of trackers, articles, teams etc. here. Just don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Choose one or two teams; check out the exercises for folks with limited mobility; start tracking your food; set some small step goals and rewards.
    emoticon and you will find lots of help and support for your journey.
    May God Bless You
    3241 days ago
    Congratulations on taking a BIG first step!

    There is so much on SparkPeople to help us, it is AMAZING. It's been said in other comments, but I'll just repeat: when those emotional urges to eat hit, head for Spark pages. There is enough there to keep you safe until the urge passes.

    There is so much you will learn. I'm happy for you.
    3242 days ago
    Hello Danny,
    I am kinda new to this spark people too. I am glad that you have decided to lose the weight and get healthy! I would say, don't do it for anyone but yourself, your health and your life...One tip I have for you is; when you get the urge to grab a snack that is not planned or accounted for, log onto spark pages...I get so inspired by others that I forget that I wanted a snack. All the blessings of will power and dedication to you,
    3265 days ago
    Hey Dan! I'm new as well!!!! I've found a new addiction....Sparkpeople!!! When I want to munch, I just log on instead. It's become my alternative activity when I want to munch!
    3288 days ago
  • THUMBS137
    Danny! I'm super excited for you! Today is my second day on Sparkpeople, and I know how you feel! The first steps are always the hardest. I believe in you! You're going to have an amazing and life changing experience! Way to take initiative and put yourself out there! Sending you my support and prayers!
    3290 days ago
    Welcome Danny. I'm fairly new to Spark People too, and although it isn't easy changing a lifetime of bad eating habits, it's definitely worth the effort. Best of luck with your journey...and if you really want to succeed, I know you will.
    3310 days ago
    I'm just getting started but I understand where your coming from. I wish you the best & take it one moment at a time. emoticon
    3315 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9841370
    You CAN do this Danny! You have reserves of strength that you have never tapped. And everyone here in Sparkpeople will understand your journey and support you all the way. Don't think that surgery is necessary to achieve your goal. YOU CAN do it!!!! After all, you've already taken a very big step! Congrats to you! emoticon
    3322 days ago
    Hi Danny you will find great inspiration and motivation through the SparkPeople Community. I Myself have found great support. It is a journey not a sprint. If you get off track, don't worry ! ! ! just get back on track and keep looking forward. Don't look at your failures, look at your progress. Keep positive. Progress not protection. So nice to have you on board. Enjoy your journey. emoticon
    3324 days ago
    Hi Danny,

    emoticon !! It will not be an easy journey but u are worth every minute every second it takes!!! I've been on weight loss diet since I was 5 and I'm 48 now.!! I've decided to quit dieting and just ear healthier!! I was a manager in fast food so I ate fast food everyday and that is what put the weight on along with yo yo dieting. Set a small goal and go from there! Join a team on sparkpeople call the biggest loser it has really helped me to stay motivated!! If u need help or want to join my white tiger team let me know! Good Luck!! emoticon u made the first step!!
    3346 days ago
    Danny, I have a Idea of wow hard it is for you to get around. But I am not you.

    I have problems with my knees, painful to get around. I am sure you experience pain also. If you have access to a private pool take advantage of it. To heck with any one that may stare or make rude comments. You are fighting for your life. You are young. DO NOT GIVE UP.. ON YOUR SELF. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.. REMEMBER TO WORK ON ANY EMOTIONAL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. WHILE WORKING ON LOSING WEIGHT.

    3360 days ago
  • MARIEL77
    Hi Danny!! You can achieve anything you want, you just need to focus. You have taken the first step and I really admire you. We are here for you!!!! emoticon
    3366 days ago
    Zowie, Danny!
    You have a long way to go, but all is not lost. You may want to consider what I did, finally at 61.
    I live in Toronto, and had Bariatric surgery, the vertical sleeve operation. They cut out between 60-85% of my stomach, taking that out. What is interesting is I am full after only a little bit. As well, the hormone gherlin is made in the tightest curve of the stomach which they cut out. Gherlin signals the brain: "I'm HUNGRY!" So - guess what! I am never hungry.
    Bariatric surgery resolves diabetes, and in Ontario if you are morbidly obese (I am), you are eligible for the surgery. Good thing about that is my surgeon told me I will probably not get another cancer (had Ovarian Cancer), will never get diabetes, and will most likely live a lot longer. That was good enough for me. On March 4 this year, I had the surgery. It wasn't as bad as I thought. The weight has been falling off me ever since. BUT it is up to me to keep my focus on myself.
    I know my old self was bent on helping others to my own detriment. Now I am putting myself FIRST. I have to!
    What is fun is that I will be able to have the surgeries afterward to get rid of unwanted skin on arms, thighs, belly, and even a boob reduction and lift! That has to be done to prevent chafing. Ontario Health Insurance will cover this in my case. You need a great team of doctors around you to encourage you. I have a great Bariatric team and a great Family Doctor - who are all in agreement that this was the best solution for me.
    Being 29, if you decide to go this route, investigate it on the web. It used to be, a large percentage of people who did this died. Now mortality is less than 1%, due to new techniques, having surgery laproscopically, etc. I urge you to consider it. If you want to see how I have managed,
    I have a blog: http://andrea-hodges.blogspot.com/<
    BR>- it basically starts before my surgery on Feb 26. Check it out. I hate weight scales, so instead I have taken a photo of myself every day, and noted all the little changes each day made. This is to remind me, if I ever ever want to give up, I can go back there and look again, and remember how much I hated myself. Interestingly enough, as the pounds dropped off, so did the inner self hatred. I am actually starting to like myself now.
    You can do this, Danny. You too will have a smile on your face. It is amazing how your face will change! When I started liking myself, I became more buoyant, and happier. And guess what? I met a great man and we are starting to fall in love with each other. (Go figure, and me 61 years old!) Don't you wait that long!
    Start slowly, and daily make yourself your # 1 priority.
    You look like you will be a real hunk when you have lost some weight. Look for that goal. Think Tom Cruise! You aren't far away from that!
    Check out my blog, and if there is ever anything I can do to help, I am here for you. Just do today.
    And tomorrow when you get up, just say:
    Just do today.
    If you slip, this is a great site because you can see the great results you had in one week, even though you messed up.
    It is very encouraging!
    I know - KNOW you are in the RIGHT PLACE, and TODAY is YOUR day.
    All the best wishes. I will be praying for you too.


    3366 days ago
  • no profile photo LAURIE1022
    Hi Danny. Just remember you have taken your first step to a healthier you. We are here to help you through this process and I also truly believe you can do this and look forward to going through your journey with you. Good Luck & God Bless!! :)
    3373 days ago
    Hi Danny, I know you did not say alot in your video blog but what little you did say touched my heart!!! You are an amazing,caring and very capable person i just feel that in my heart even though i don't know you.I believe you can do it and we are all here to give all the support and motivation that you need..My thoughts and prayers are with you for a successful,healthy,happy life!!!YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!
    3379 days ago
    Hey Danny, good luck to you. I'll be checking in from time to time if you have a spark page, and hoping you find all the support and motivation you need to make this huge life-changing commitment to your own health.

    Something that has been a big help to me in recent days is a 'mental toughness' program being offered FREE online by Steve Siebold. The name of the web site is kinda harsh -- Fatloser.com -- but trust me when I say that this guy can help motivate you!

    All the best to you. LP
    3384 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/29/2011 10:57:26 AM
    Hey, Danny.
    You are so not alone. You are so brave. It took me two months before I would post a photo of myself - expose myself - to others. It makes me so happy to see you here on SparkPeople ready to change yourself and ready to help others. You are going to do great. We all have set backs from time to time but keep it in perspective - you are ready to change. So glad to know you are here.
    3391 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9770433
    Hey Danny,
    Good luck with your journey. It is a lot about learning to love and accept yourself, and realizing that you are worth it (because you ARE). Everyday is new and everyday can be better. It's about staying postive. I find that even if I start out having a "bad" day, all I have to do is give myself three postive thoughts/ ideas and I'm back into it. I keep myself positive and happy and it motivates me to make my life better. The community here is great and so supportive. It's a place to make friends, and you can know there are always people here for you, and accepting of you. Always remember you are the best! And you CAN do it! emoticon

    Wishing everyday is the best day for you!
    3395 days ago
    Hi Danny! I am new too. I started 3 days ago. For me the hardest thing is to get moving, but after I do, I get MORE energy. Since I started exercising more regularly, I don't get drowsy quite as early and I just feel good in general. I can't wait to hear that you are feeling that way too. Good luck!
    3404 days ago
  • no profile photo SHAWNTAE5
    hello Danny I'm Shawntae I believe in success if only you put your mind to it an believe in your GOD you can do it my self are struggling to loose weight its hard i struggled with the lost of a child i went thou deep depression I no if I can come thru you can to I'm with you all the way we can do it together

    P.S.GOD Loves everyone emoticon
    3405 days ago
  • HOGGER30
    Hey big guy, I too will add you as a friend. Remember only you can do this! It will be the biggest battle of your life but in the end it will all be worth it.

    One day at a time, one step at a time. Keep moving foward.

    One thing you half to understant... Its all in your head, mind over matter buddy. Once you can understand that, then half the battle is already done.

    Good luck!! You can do it!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3408 days ago
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