its been a lonnnnnnnng, a long time coming, but I knowwwwwwwwwwww a change gon comeee!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey sparkpeople!

Cannot believe its been a whole month since my last post!!! Ya'll I need help! I need help badly! I gained weight I am back to 220...I've been eating late late late nights, horrible things, I am comstipated, bloated, havent worked out in like.....dont even know..I just stopped everything..I feel uncomfortable, just disgusting, dont wanna have sex(poor hubby) I am just feeling low, real low, I am just down and out, out of breath, shortness of breath, just feeling ickky! I stopeed eating breakfast, I am just pigging out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP a sister get it together!! dammit, I still have time to lose 20 pounds before the year is out right?!! oh lawdy lawdy!!

But today I woke up like, what are you doing? lete do a detox, lets flush out the system, so I am attempting to do the fat smash diet, 1st phase, the induction, where I eat just fruits, veggies, limited brown rice, oatmeal, egg whites, and milk, for 9 days, I need a flush out...okay!!!! and plus a jumpstart of weightloss to get me motivated, it will not be easy so I know I gotta stay focus on the big picture...

I turned 29 on monday, yeah I looked cute, but i did not wanna be in the 200s on that day, my goal was to be out by then, and I went up..so I really wont to lose weight for this 29th year, so 30th bday, God willing I will be where I need to be, or close to it..I have some events to go to next year up north and I wanna shock the hell out of erbody...lol and come 30th be looking so fierce and sexy and slimmer!!!

okay let me get out of here, just wated to touch bease wit you fellow sparkers....
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  • no profile photo CD5326885
    Ok, so you been gone a month eating! Big Deal!

    OK, here comes the REALLY BIG DEAL! Now, it's time to put that fork down and start exercising - but you hafta stay in a small routine. You can't lose it all at once - that's called an operation! We're not gonna do that! We just wanta git you started working consistently, working towards being more healthy! Losing it one pound at a time, if needbe!

    And, you are awesome to set yourself a goal - next year you want to be out of the 200's!!

    Ok, Netta, set yourself one small goal: No pigging out for one week! That's only seven days. I'll just bet you can do that!! I'm rooting for you and cheering you on.

    GO, NETTA, GO!!

    TODAY - it's your opportunity to change what didn't work yesterday!!

    Make TODAY memorable!

    ~~Jocelyn Newton~~
    4069 days ago
    You can do it!!!!! What a great goal for your 30th! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!
    4076 days ago
    I feel so bad for you. I know the feeling.

    Heavenly Father, I pray that you heal Netta, like you healed me. Give her a plan she can stick with. Give her hope and faith that she can make it. Take away the panic and desparation in her heart and replace it with confidence and faith. Put a picture in her mind of her success and not her failure.

    In the name of Jesus. Amen.

    Netta, try the exercise of picturing yourself at the weight you want to be. This will help you. I will keep up.

    4079 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2095157
    Netta, hope you're finding your way back to where you want to be. I know you can do it. Glad you enjoyed a work out last week and hope you've enjoyed more.

    Take care. I'm here if you need me!
    4081 days ago
    You will do it!!! I seem to be in a slump lately too. Can not seem to get my butt to the gym!!
    4083 days ago
    Hey Netta!!!!

    I am so happy you are back and ready to get back on the wagon. You shouldn't beat yourself up about the relapse. It happens to the best of us. It is what you do after the relapse that is important. BTW, I have done the Smash the Fat diet. It really works and I liked it. The detox is the most difficult part but it is well worth it. And, when I did the whole 9 days without any mess ups I lost 9 pounds and I exercised 4 times for an hour during those 9 days. I am so proud of you for stopping the cycle! emoticon
    4088 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/21/2009 1:32:45 PM
    come join us on our walk on one day at a time. we are having fun and all you have to do is log your miles.
    4088 days ago
  • WALNUT5612
    Even if you gain weight and feel 'yucky' keep reading the motivations on Spark and blog anyway. Mostly all of us have gain some weight back...the key is not to AVOID sparking, because it keep a healthy lifestyle on you mind and you will feel better sooner!!!!
    4089 days ago
  • no profile photo CD107475
    sounds like you've encouraged yourself and gotten back on track. detoxing is always a great place to start, and exercising makes you feel like your accomplishing something....

    ps... don't forget making out with the hubby is exercise too! LOL

    4089 days ago
    first off you are too hard on yourself. We all do this hate it when we regain what we lost. Loosing is so hard. Take a small goal. Just say I will loose 5 pounds then go on to another small goal. 20 pounds is too big? Get a pedometor to see how many steps you can do. Not costly and a great motivator. I try to increase my steps daily it works and it is fun. It is just walking so you can do this. Watch the biggest looser it is inspirational
    4089 days ago
    It's a little late for my thoughts, but as you can see from others, beating yourself up doesn't accomplish a thing...now does it. Wish you'd get on the site and join us with the virtual walk, talk in the spa, and let us help you keep on track. . . Sorry I missed your birthday...do hope you enjoyed it.

    Keep in touch lady, and let us know how you're doing! Maybe we can keep giving you the nudge....when you need it.

    4089 days ago
  • JEAN524
    No point in beating yourself up over what's done. Just get up and carry on and you'll get there in the end. Take a day at a time and make sure you give yourself a reward each day you stay on track. Good luck and stick with it! emoticon emoticon Jean
    4089 days ago
    k, now, I made extra lean ground beef with pasta sauce with whole wheat linguine for hubby, and it looks and smells great!! I am trying to stick to the fat smash thing..but oh lawdy!!
    4089 days ago
    emoticon for your comment and encouragement....

    Okay, so I went to the gym.!!! yes! finally! I did the treadmill for 50minutes, burned 332 cals, 2.72 miles...woo hoo! I felt good, proud, that I did it...I am making black bean soup now...so I am not eating, any bread, meat, dairy, sugar, for nine days..thats the time frame, I will take each day as it comes..so just fruit, veggies, 2 cups brown rice per day, 1 cup oatmeal per day, 4 egg whites per day, 2 light 6oz yogurt per day, legumes and water...wish me luck!!!
    4090 days ago
    Here's something I wrote over a year ago when I felt just about the same as you do now:

    Well, it happened! And sooner than I thought it would. Maybe I shouldn't have thought it in the first place and then it might not have manifested itself but, yes, I fell off the wagon. Some where between Thanksgiving and New Year I was so busy and stressed at work that I didn't even give thought to what I ate, I stopped walking, and doing cardio. Always at the back of mind I kept saying I've got to get back on that wagon. I've got to get up, run and jump back on before it gets to far where I can't jump back on it.

    So after the feasting of the last few weeks - the parties, the family gatherings, the chocolates sent by business associates, etc., I am here ready to sit snuggly on the wagon and do it for me. No, I don't feel guilty nor have I beaten myself up about it even though I regained what I lost. I'm just going to take one day at a time - starting today!
    Don't beat yourself up my Fellow Sparker. Good luck!

    4090 days ago
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