9/28/09 Weekend Report

Monday, September 28, 2009

I feel like every time I post a weekend update its just jam packed filled with craziness. This weekend was really no different.

Friday night we met up with friends at our usual local favorite spot San Felipes for some dinner and a couple Dos Equis. I indulged in my usual grilled chicken wrap oh so good, and even had some Cold Stone Creamery after EEEEKKK I know!!! Not sure what came over me, but I hadn't had ice cream in a very long time and it sounded very good!

Saturday we got up bright and early to hike Squaw Peak. Its peak is 2608 ft, the trail is 1.2 miles to the top. The trail is difficult, lots of steep inclines, switchbacks, rocky places to climb and the last quarter mile or so is all rock formed stairs! BRUTAL! My calves are STILL killing me. We're training for our Grand Canyon hike which is only three weeks away. The Canyon trail is 11 miles, but only one of those miles is steep. Pretty much the first mile is straight down then its 10 miles of walking (with a 20lb pack-which I did not have on me Saturday). Hiking OUT of the Canyon will be the hard part, a 10 mile walk followed by the 1 mile straight up, similar to the Squaw Peak terrain. We'll be hiking Squaw Peak again a few times before we tackle the Canyon FOR SURE!!! Overall the hike took an hour and 20 minutes, that includes a few stops to rest plus some down time at the top taking in the beautiful view. I tried to run down the mountain as best I could but the trail is some what rocky. It still blows me away that I'm one of "those" people now LOL. Every attempt I ever made in the past to conquer Squaw Peak I always met with failure. But THIS time I said to myself that NO MATER WHAT I'M MAKING IT TO THE TOP! IT was hard and I wanted to quit (especially towards the summit where it gets stupid steep and HARD) but I did it!! What a great feeling too!! Even better, I burned 1304 calories!

Here are my hiking buddies My husband and two best friends Liza & Kris after our hike

Here are me and Liza at the top of the summit, beautiful views.

I was really proud of my husband and my friend Kris. They made it to mile marker .75 which is AWESOME considering they haven't hiked much. I certainly never made it that far just starting out. Way to go guys!!!!

After the hike Chris and I grabbed breakfast at Paradise Bakery. Silly me was totally unprepared and didn't check the nutritional information ahead of time (even though after it occurred to me to use my black berry). I'm usually pretty good about that. Given the selection, I THOUGHT choosing the belgian waffle with strawberries was a "safe" choice but BOY was I WRONG!! It was just about the WORST! 650 calories and over 1000 mg of sodium! Seriously? Its a waffle?? The only thing worse on the menu was the breakfast croissant sandwich. So FYI if you ever go to Paradise Bakery for breakfast, the veggie omlette is the way to go, avoid the sandwich and the waffle.

After breakfast it was back home to get a few chores done and get ready for a girls day at the theater. I met up with 5 other girls and we saw the play "Legally Blonde". Yep just like the movie. It was cute, but some what annoying to watch. I wouldn't see it again and FYI don't take kids, there's a lot of suggestive stuff and cussing in it, who knew. It was good girl time though. After the play we all went to Mill Avenue which is a popular place right by Arizona State University full of shops and restaurants. We had dinner at Ztejas Grill which is sort of a southwestern flare place. I had the grilled chicken sandwich with steamed veggies and some corn bread, oh and a few chips and salsa (I hate it when they put that in front of you on the table).

After the girls dinner a few of us went out to Fat Tuesdays, I didn't partake in any alcohol Saturday night because I was playing the DD, but we had a good time.

After Fat Tuesdays we went to reverse happy hour at a local sushi place by our house Celcius. Between 4 of use we killed an order of edamame and 6 rolls. Not too bad, sushi is by FAR my biggest weakness. We ended the night having our friends over to our house and watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall - actually half of it we all fell asleep.

Sunday we went with our friend who crashed at our house to Deer Valley Airport's Sunday Brunch. Its a really cool restaurant right along the run way of the little air port by our house. Every Saturday and Sunday they do a brunch buffett with basic items like eggs, pancakes, french toast, fruit, etc. Not healthy, but good. I only did one trip despite the goodness trying to convince me otherwise. After breakfast and taking our friend home, we headed out to my sisters for my nephews 4th b-day party. My brother in law is phillipino so she makes all kinds of phillipino goodies like chicken & spring rolls OH MY. I did partake in that oh and birthday cake. Oh well, I'm not really going to beat myself up about it, stuff like that doesn't happen often.

After the birthday party we went to a local sports bar to watch the cardinals game. Sadly they lost, and performed pretty disappointing. The highlight of the evening was getting interviewed by the news station and seeing myself on the news later that night (see other blog "my 5 seconds of fame" to watch hehe) that was pretty awesome. They interviewed me and my husband, they talked to us for several minutes but only put like 6 seconds of my interview on. Its pretty ironic b/c I just started watching football this year. Until now I really had zero interest in watching LOL. 4 large beers and a half of a white pizza later, I was pretty done with all the treats this weekend. BUT I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Even though I totally failed at my first weekend of supposed "not eating out" I'm still going to keep trying and working hard at it! I was up 3 "pounds" today but I'm sure it has everything to do with the alcohol and sodium of the weekend indulgences, which is nothing I can't undo in a few days! Before splurging though I saw 134.2 on the scale Saturday so we'll see what this week will bring.
me and my hunny at Santisi Brothers

Me on the news LOL

No autographs please JK

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow...your weekend is making me dizzy! Sounds like a blast!
    4216 days ago
    I am tired just from reading about everything you did this weekend. LOL!!!
    4216 days ago
    Wow-- the views from that hike were amazing! You always have a busy weekend but I love that you take pictures of what your doing, its so fun to see what you were up to.

    Its also great to see you try to eat well but sometimes you can help it but at least your honest and your so right -- its nothing that you can't undo in a few days. Good luck this week.

    4216 days ago
    You are one busy girl! It all sounds like fun though! Yay! :D
    4216 days ago
    Looks like you had an amazing weekend Stace! You look so much prettier than all the other girl..just playing (ok maybe not) HaHa.. I'm glad you had a good weekend. And again, happy Sparkversary beautiful!
    4216 days ago
    My goodness! You did have a jam-packed weekend. I'm tired from just reading your blog. It's great to keep busy! Keeps your body going!
    4216 days ago
    Sounds like an AWESOME weekend. Way to go on the hiking. All that stuff you ate is making me feel veeeery hungry. I had coldstone this weekend too... oops. It had been a long time and there's one ON MY FREAKIN BLOCK! so that's impressive haha. I would LOVE to try hiking like that, so jealous! If something is a tiny bit steep in Chicago it counts as a hill haha.
    4216 days ago
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