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Monday, September 28, 2009

Since I'm such an advocate of before, after, and progress photos; I'm posting my "before" strength training photos. Even though I'm not just starting strength training, I recently decided as of 9/17/09 my focus needed to shift to more strength training. Though I know I've come a long way, looking at these pictures really shows me how that I need to keep working just as hard. Our journey never ends, it just evolves as we go. So here's my "before" pics. I'm going to take them periodically as I ST too compare.

Current Stats:
Weight 135
BMI 22.5

last measurements 8/26/09 - I need to update
BF% 27
Waist 28.5"
Hips 37"
Neck 11.5"
Calves 14.5"
Bicep 10.25"
Chest 32.5"
Forearm 8.5"

Strength Training Start Date: 9/17/09 (program -4x week full body ST session + 4x week cardio sessions)

9/26/09 - One week into new ST regimen:

My full body ST Program:
48 reps of each:
squats on bosu 30lbs (legs)
Lunges on bosu 8lb dumb bells (legs)
Bent Over Upright Rows on bosu 25lb barbell (upper back)
Dead Lifts on bosu 25lb barbell (lower back & legs)
Overhead Press on bosu 5lb dumb bells (shoulders)
Bicep Curls on bosu 25lb Barbell (biceps)
Tricep kick Backs & Rear leg Lifts on floor 8lb dumb bells (triceps & gluts)
Lying Chest Press on bench 30lb Barbell (chest)
Reverse Flyson bosu 8lb dumb bells (upper back)
Side Lunges on bosu 8lb dumb bells (legs)
Push Ups on floor or bench (chest)
Abs - variety of floor & bosu exercises
Zipper Arm Raises on bosu 25lb barbell (Deltoids)

progress pics to follow

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