From 120 to 210 back to 135 - 10 year Journey in Pictures

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I created a slide show that shows my 10 year journey from 120lbs to 210lbs and back to 135lbs. Its really hard for me to look at them all at once like this, especially seeing the progression as time goes on. A very sad part of me wishes I had not let it go that far and had done something about it long ago -- but we all have our own journey, and this was mine. Achieving what I have at this point in my life has taught me a lot about myself as a person and I think I can appreciate it alot more than I would have in the past. More so, seeing the changes in pictures during my weight loss journey is really eye opening and does make me very proud for how far I've come. One thing I find funny about the slide show is how often my hair changes LOL I think it fluctuates more than my weight does.Thanks to my friend Amanada (ANEWAMANDA) for the awesome idea :)

The first blog I posted the link was wrong, and I *THINK* I fixed it.

For some reason the may not work for some people so if your savvy go to and find me staceyjane22 and you can view it that way, or keyword search for "from phat to fit" it might come up that way to.

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