Reflecting on September 2009

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

It's hard to believe that October is already here!! Just around the corner is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and OH MY 2010!!! HOLY COW where did this year go??? This got me to thinking about the last month - how its just flown by and how I did with my goals?

September Run Down:
Pounds Lost = 4..... I'm pretty stoked about this. Everyone keeps telling me how the last 10-15 are going to be really hard to lose and probably take the longest so I'll take it!

Calories Burned = 9,767...... My goal was to burn 15,000 so I fell short, but considering I took a 10 day hiatus from the gym due to a nasty cold I feel pretty good about that #. My goal was to work out 22 days out of 30, I only did 14 days so that at least gives me a pretty good average of 700 calories burned per work out.

Calories Consumed = 45,739..... I'm actually pretty surprised I stayed with in my goal of 36,000-46,500 (barely) with the weekend splurges, but still happy I was able to stay with in the goal over all.

September Highlights:
I purchased my first ever pair of size 4 jeans

I climbed to the top of Squaw Peak for the first time since I was 10 years old.

I committed to strength training 4 days a week - Starting Photo

I received a call from the local news station about doing a feature story on my weight loss story.
We have a new addition to the family - we adopted another guinea pig named onyx.

Both of our boys are doing fantastic in school, despite their rocky start they are knocking it out of the park right now!

October Goals & Events:
Get back on H2O wagon-I'm majorly slacking on my water consumption
Continue ST 4x week - increasing weight as needed
Stay with in calorie ranges 1200-1550 daily - or maintain a weekly average with in range
See the #130-132 on the scale
October 10th is my 10 year HS Reunion (one of my motivating factors that got me going)

October 23rd hiking the grand canyon Havasu Falls - 22 miles

Happy October Everyone - Make it fantastic!!

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