I'm upset

Thursday, October 08, 2009

That I haven't lost any weight or inches in almost a month. I'm running late for work this morning but I don't even care, I'm so down and discouraged right now. Please no one ask me what I'm eating or how I'm exercising because for once in my life I really took this thing serious and tracked my food and I've been killing it at the gym, burn no less than 500 cals each session but the avg has been 650-700. So can anyone tell me what could it be, this has me not even wanting to work out the rest of the week, may as well just lay on my ass (since Im not losing weight anyway) and try to start fresh Monday morning.

And I know I shouldn't have done this but I am going out of town this weekend so I wanted to lose some quick weight so I've been doing the 3 day diet, today is the last day and you are supposed to lose up to 10 lbs, well my ass gained 2 lbs, so explain that one too. The only thing I can think of is that because I know better (that fad dieting is the worse) that's definitely why I'm not seeing any results this week. And to be truthful since I did start that crap I'm gonna finish it today and I'm gonna write the author of that stupid diet and tell them that this is a hoax and that this crap doesn't work. I may as well have eaten big macs and fries the last 2 days the way I look at it.

Well that's all, let me finish getting ready, please guys take it easy on me lol (I'm really crying inside though!) emoticon emoticon emoticon
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  • FIT_BY40
    Thanks on commenting on my blog. I am stil bitter about my little weight gain this week but always willing to give what I think might help a friend in the same/similar situation.Our bodies get used to whatever it is we are doing and sometimes you have to give it a swift kick in the you know what to get it going. Perhaps if you eat a bit more for at least a few days or even work out less, it may do the trick. If you aren't getting enough calories your body will think you are starving and hold on to the weight for dear life. You have been going through this for awhile so I guarantee, you are going to bust through this and when you do, lookout, you are going to have some amazing weightloss. And one more thing, there is a quote I came across recently that I think would benefit you. DO NOT GIVE UP WHAT U WANT MOST FOR WHAT U WANT AT THE MOMENT. So leave those Big Macs alone. Hang in there! emoticon
    4169 days ago
  • MSMYRA02
    Ok so I went in and changed the number of calories I've been burning I don't know where Spark came up with 1640 per week but I've actually been averaging 2500. So with that increase my caloric intake went from 1250-1600 cals to 1380-1730 cals a day. Now mind you I normally ate at the smaller range so I really could allow myself 200-300 calories more a day. I'm going to be stuffed eating all that food. Well let me get to planning my menu for next week. Fingers crossed that the scale moves next Friday for me...or should I wait 2 weeks to weigh...decisions decision...

    thanks everyone for all of your encouraging words and suggestions emoticon
    4169 days ago
    You've received some great advice. I'll just agree and say eat more and see what happens. I'm struggling with getting in enough calories myself and I've been the same weight for a few days. Keep at it, you'll lose inches and that scale will move.

    Have you notice a change in how your clothes fit? Is your body reshaping due to your workouts?
    4169 days ago
    Just wanted to give you a squeeze emoticon I agree with the thought that you might not be consuming enough calories to handle those intense workouts! Please don't be discouraged! You are doing SO good, just figure out what works for your body and keep pushing!!!!
    4169 days ago
    Hi there my dear, okay first off you gotta get yo mind right. Attitude is everything and second you may need to reflect on your calorie intake. Remember if you aren't eating enough your body will hold on to everything. I'm new with spark and I'm still trying to get that down and yeah those 3 day diets and stuff probably don't work. Are you getting your water in? Hang in there, clear your head...your sunshine is coming! emoticon
    4169 days ago
  • CWYNN01
    Hey Diva,

    Don't beat yourself up b/c if gaining 2 pounds is all the damage you did in a month of than don't be hard on yourself. I agree with others that it's probably a plateau. Are you using weights b/c this could be putting on muscle.

    Your body does adapt to the same routine if you do it for 6 weeks, so it sounds like it is time to switch up your routine & try something fun & challenging! Keep on tracking those calories also & be sure you are watching your sodium intake b/c it does allow water retention.

    You are going to be okay Diva, you have lost 20 pounds & on your way to losing the rest but just stay focused!! It's great to vent & get it off your chest.

    emoticon emoticon
    4169 days ago
  • BEEBOP11
    I really think you need to eat more. I looked back a couple of days on your diet and you aren't even at 1000 calories. I know just with myself when I workout hard I need at least 1500 to lose anything. I've been working out extra hard that last several weeks and didn't lose and I was getting frustrated and then I increased my calories more and now I'm losing. Not sure if I was at a plateau or what, I think if you exercise hard your body needs food. This has been what I've had to do since January and I've lost a good amount of weight. Good luck and don't give up. The weight will come off if you keep trying.

    4169 days ago
  • no profile photo CD704044
    Good for you! writing about it is the best thing you can do Never give up! you will see results just hang in there!
    Hugs Debbie
    4169 days ago
  • MSMYRA02
    Thanks ladies, and HOWDOIHEARTTHEE, I am actually going off my cycle now, maybe that has something to do with it. Yeah I needed to vent, I will be at the gym today at 4, getting it in!
    4169 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4550505
    I was in the same boat as you are now. I used to be on weight watchers, now I count calories. I started seriously in July. It took until September before I started losing. DON'T give up!!! Stick with it, it will come off! Now I'm losing weight every week!! Just stick with it!! Lyn emoticon
    4169 days ago
    My longest plateau was 18 days. I currently am on a 4 day plateau. If you are exercising alot muscle weighs more than fat. I tend to notice no weight loss about a week before my period. I wouldn't do any fad diets, they don't work. I find it helps to follow the calories and the Nutrition tracker menu, good luck to you, and try not to get discouraged! emoticon
    4169 days ago
    Awww, that SUCKS!

    Just wanted to reach out & say that plateau's happen to everyone! Hopefully you are at least feeling healthy!! If you ate Big Macs & fries, I am pretty sure on the inside you would feel pretty crappy!

    Don't get discouraged!! You have come this far, hopefully just venting about it can help you get through this hurdle!

    Have a beautiful day, life is too short!!!

    4169 days ago
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