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Friday, October 09, 2009

Dear Scale,
We need to talk about this little problem your having today. I am curious why you feel the need to lie? Your lies and inconsistent behavior are very hurtful to me. All this week, as usual, I stepped on you first thing in the morning, and all week you showed me the number 132.8. However today, for no good reason you lied? What gives? First you said 133, then 133.8, then 134.4, then 133.8 again, and again, and again? Now, I have done my part. I did very well this week. My eating was stellar, I burned over 2700 calories in exercise, its not my TOM, or water weight! So what gives? I see no reason for this kind of dishonest behavior from you. In fact, this kind of disappointment from you is very frustrating. I'm going to disregard this little "problem" today, and pretend it didn't happen -- as clearly you have made some sort of mistake. But from now on, I encourage you to PLEASE be honest with me, or in the very least consistent with your lies. You've been with me from the beginning, and I've always been loyal to you, but if these lies do not stop I'll just have to go find a younger better model.
Thank You for your Time,

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