My 10 year HS Reunion Recap

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

This weekend was my 10 year reunion. An event I had dreaded and feared, but also played a key motivating factor in getting my butt in gear to make some serious changes in my life. September 2008 I realized I was only a year away from my reunion. I was 90 pounds heavier than when I graduated. I would run into people from time to time and sadly, most of them didn't even recognize me or knew who I was. I literally had nightmares about my reunion. You know that dream where you show up to school naked and everyone points and laughs, well that was my nightmare except it was me walking into my reunion 90 pounds over weight, and everyone stops, stares, points, whispers, jaws on the floor and say "WOW OMG she really let herself go". I didn't want that to happen. I COULDN'T let that happen!! I wanted to be the girl at the reunion everyone said "WOW, she looks great BETTER than HS". Here's where I puff up my chest, stand on my pedestal, wave my hands in the air and say "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED". Though the reunion was only a catalyst for my lifestyle change and not the sole reason, it really gave me that extra push I needed to get me going. Of coarse the journey doesn't stop here. This was just one milestone along the way, one I will remember for a long time. To be able to show up to my reunion feeling great about myself, accomplished, and confident was amazing. It was a great feeling to have people come up to me and say "you look great" or "can you train me" that was just awesome. I didn't lose all 90 pounds I gained but I'm actually smaller now than I was in HS and I'm fit and healthy!! It was just great to see old faces and friends, let lose, and not feel one ounce of embarrassment or shame. Reunions are very funny though I must say. I still have the same best friends I had in HS. I graduated in a class of over 500 people which only about 60 of which showed up. There were a lot of people I had hoped to see but didn't, and a lot of people I had no clue who they were. I wasn't exactly popular in HS. It was very entertaining because at first everyone mingles and talks to everyone, but slowly all the cliques start to form and I found myself most of the night with the same group of people from our crew from back in the day. I guess not much changes - none the less it was really fun!!

how most would have remembered me I guess. This was all May 1999 I was about 120-130lbs and a size 6ish??? (I changed my hair color alot even back then too)

coincidentally this dress is going to be my halloween costume this year ;) assuming it fits

This was me how I looked 1 year prior to my Reunion when I had my wake up call. August 2008 210 pounds size 18

Here's me 80 pounds lost the night of my Reunion 132 pounds size 2

Here are photos from the reunion it was a casual impromptu bar meeting, things got a little crazy thanks to crown and diet coke.

This was our group in HS my best friends then, my best friends still today.

lots of old gal pals

more long lost friends

these guys were like my big brothers

Good Friend Jeremy there in the back - always chasing a big group of girls things don't change LOL

I just like this pic

Getting a little wild steeling props off the restaurant decorations the manager wasn't too happy

My very best friend in HS, still my best friend today, and her HS sweet heart oh reunions

Yep, crown and diet will do that to ya

The patient husbands hanging out with all our old friends they were troopers

All in all a fantastic night. Thankfully my wonderful nephew was able to babysit so we could stay out late. Today I paid for those crown and diets, I spent most of the day on the couch unable to motivate myself to move. I probably drank 3 gallons of water too LOL. This weekend definately wasn't a stellar food weekend, I'll just say a few choice words like : pizza, midnight jack in the box run, chili's, and all you can eat sushi. I'm not even looking at the scale or really worrying about it for that matter... Poor choices happened but can quickly be undone with my weekly regimen back in full swing tomorrow. Good news is my P90X arrived and the Grand Canyon is only 11 days away!!!! We hiked Squaw Peak again this past Saturday for more practice, each time its getting a little easier. I was no where NEAR as sore after wards this time. I was able to motivate my best friend all the way to the top even though she wanted to give up and not finish. She was really glad she did and thankful for me there to encourage and push her along the way. I was really proud of her, and my brother too he made it to the top as well :)
the picture quality is bad b/c it was on my phone but this is her at the top of the 1.25 mile trail 2000 foot summit

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