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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have to say that I am still in the phase of this whole weight loss process where I am doing research and trying to find out the best and healthiest ways to lose weight and maintain that loss. I have always been about the same size whether I was working out or not. I have never been obese or felt unhealthy due to my weight (while at times I have definitely felt unhealthy due to inactivity), but I have always been chubby and uncomfortable in my skin. I remember once when I was younger I snuck out of the house and my mother called the police (I was a BAD teenager). How she described me to the police officer was as HUSKY. My older sister quickly corrected her and told her I was thick, not husky. But just hearing it stuck with me.

My older sister is tall and thin. She has weight fluctuations it seems with relationships, but she is still within a reasonable weight range. My 17 year old sister has always been pudgy, but has a very curvy body to make up for it. Since she has moved in with me and I have been cooking healthier meals and filling the house with healthier snacks, plus she has been walking to and from school a lot, she has lost quiet a bit of weight. Now she is getting to the point of curvy and no longer pudgy. Plus, she is just absolutely gorgeous! The women in my family are blessed with beautiful features and minds, and I just want to feel like I fit in with my two closest sisters. Then there is my cousin Sam, who is also my best friend. She has guys following her around like she is a goddess. When I am with her, I feel like I am unnoticed. Mind you, when I am with my man, he doesn't even notice attractive women, and he thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world. But I still want to be noticed. To stand out in a good way.

I know this is a slow process that I will come to understand shortly and get into the groove of. I am not one who likes to accept failure, while I do have a tendency to get discouraged. I have started looking up healthy recipes and trying to go to the gym on a regular basis. Other than that I have upped my water intake and am trying to lower my booze intake. It is a long road ahead, but I am ready to start walking/jogging/biking/climbin

Thanks for reading along. :)
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    It's just you that you need to compare yourself too, you are doing great, don't worry about everyone else! It's a different journey for everyone. It takes alot of effort, but you can do this!
    4061 days ago
    You can not compare yourself to anyone because YOU are VERY Unique and Special and no one can be like you. Don't worry about fitting in, or standing out... just concentrate on YOU and feeling good inside and the rest will happen naturally!
    4063 days ago
    *YOU* are gorgeous, and don't you ever forget it - don't make me come over there!

    Hang in there... you're right, there is a learning curve. But once you've formed those habits, and you start seeing a little bit of progress, and then you build on that progress? You will really feel like you've got the hang of it and it will seem almost effortless. You can totally do this!


    4063 days ago
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