My marathon story is a simple one!!! 26.2 miles and a cupcake at the end!!! Part II

Friday, October 16, 2009

When I left off yesterday some of you may have gotten the impression we were at mile 16 but that was just the beginning of the race....instead of re-writing the account, I will link Suzanne blog here as her account is much more detailed than mine would be!!!

Thanks Suzanne for such an awesome description of the beginning of the race!!! I loved running with you!!! Mary thanks for the awesome pictures!!! Cherri and Nick...it was amazing seeing you on the beach and CHERRI seeing you at the 1/2 marathon/marathon split was a joy beyond belief!!! Ananda seeing you and your girls along the beach was an awesome surprise!!! You are so going to ROCK you marathon this weekend!!! Angie you are a ROCKSTAR...congratulations on the PR!!!

As I had stated before, fueling and hydration were my main concerns before I started...another concern was porta potties along the way!!! I had a pretty detailed fueling plan....

45-60 minutes before starting time I had 1/2 a raisin bagel, a banana and 16 oz of water!!!

My plan for fueling was a gel at 30 minutes and every 40 minutes until the 2:30 mark, then switch to a mixture of HEED, whey protein, glutamine and salt from hours 3-4 with small pieces of the Pure Fit bar added in if I felt like I needed to EAT, then switching back to gel from hour 4 until the end!!! I had Denise write the fueling times in my wrist so I wouldn't have to try to remember...:30, 1:10, 1:50, 2:30 (gels) 3:10, 3:50 (drank C/P/G/S) 4:30, 5:10, 5:30 (gels)!!! I carried 2 8 oz, 2 10 oz and 1 32 oz bottle of NUUN and refilled my 32 oz bottle with water at a few of the water stations along the way!!!

Here is where my race and Suzanne's got very different...

At about mile 15, I started to notice my left hand was swelling...I mentioned it to Suzanne and she said it was normal so I let it go for another mile or so but my hands started to get numb and my right hand was not the least bit swollen...I think this messed with me a little bit...you hear all kinds of stories and advise about under/over hydration and I wasn't sure at that point if I where I was... I felt good and was running strong but why was my left hand swelling to twice the size of my right!!! To add to this, I didn't need to PEE...which after 16 miles started to concern me...we did take a bathroom stop at mile 4 but usually by this time my bladder is screaming and I'm looking for bushes!!! So just around mile 16 I stop into a porta potty (just in case as I tell my 3 yr old niece) and nothing!!! So I quickly try to adjust my sweaty capris and fuel belt which didn't go well....have you every run with a sweaty seam in the wrong place...you can only do it for so long before you have to stop and readjust!!! It took me until mile 17.5 before I was straight...

Then just before mile 18....as I'm running up the last hill on the Cal State Long Beach campus, my Ipod dies.....yes, mile 18 NO MUSIC!!!! So here I am Mile 18, swollen hand, no running partner, no music and twisted running attire...it took the wind out of my sails for a minute but I walked it off and started to run again....I knew from running this part of the course with Mary 3 weeks prior that just past the 18 mile marker was a couple of nice downhills and then back to some flat terrain...I sucked it up and ran!!! As I rounded on of the corner, I saw a chalk arrow and JC that Mary had written for me and I knew I was going to be okay!!!

From miles19.5 to just passed 20 I walked with a lady who was injured...it was her 3rd marathon but she had hurt herself early on and was just going to walk it out!!! We chatted for a little bit and then I took off running and told her I would see her at the finish!!! After mile 21, I was doing more of a walk/run then a full run....up until mile 18 I was walking every 15-20 minutes while I fueled but from 21-23 I was doing a 8/2 and then from 23-25.5 I was doing a 5/5...then I saw Mary and Janey!!!
I knew they would be there...I had no doubt in my mind but I didn't know what a welcome sight they would be!!! I was hot and tired and ready for this to be over and to see Mary with a cupcake in hand as beyond fantastic!!! They ran with me for about 1/2 mile and then I took the cupcake from Mary, handed her my water bottle that I had been carrying for 26 long mile....as I hit the chute, I saw Denise...she was waving me in and it was like I was flying....there was nothing beneath my feet...all I could feel was the power in my legs and the freedom my heart as I raised my arms in victory as I crossed the finish line!!! Official time 5:44:10!!!!

For all the pictures along the course check out my Facebook page!!!
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