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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's time for the month in review.

Frankly, I almost forgot this one -- ewps -- but I thought of it while I was waiting for something to get done at work yesterday and so, while I sat, I started composing this entry.

The song, by the way, has nada to do with this but I like the bass line and it was in my head. Now it's in yours. :-P

Anyway, the month in review.

Bicep 12" (3/4" over personal best)
Bust 37.75" (3/4" over personal best)
Band 33.25" (tie for personal best)!
Waist 34.25" (1 1/4" over personal best)
Belly 38.25" (2" over personal best)
Keister 42.25" (new personal best)!!
Hip 40.5" (new personal best)!!
Thigh 21.25" (2 1/4" over personal best)

So you can see everything is good and on target. Adding them together, you get 259.50. When I first started, if you added all 8 of these measurements together, you got 377.00. Yes, folks, I've lost 117.50 inches, total. As in almost 10 feet. That is the length of one of the dimensions (walls) of my TV room.

Size 10s, baby! Regularly. Seriously. I have some larger clothes and am really swimming in the 16s and am pretty close to swimming in the 14s, even the size 14 jeans. I am wearing mediums, both top and bottom. Oh and 36D, too. :)

I've been running every weekend. My times have not been too hot but I have been going. This weekend we are taking a break from it (plus there's a lot of socializing going on so it's semi-impossible anyway) but will be back to it next weekend and then the next one is another 5K. Then there's a December 5K, that reminds me, I need to register for it. Then no 5Ks until probably March or April, as I'll be recovering from surgery and then it'll potentially be icy. I've got ice gripper thingies for my sneakers but have yet to test them out. It may take me a while to get a good set. In the meantime, after surgery, I get the feeling I won't want to bounce quite so much.

Mid to high 180s. I keep flirting with 186 which officially gets me into overweight range, and was even there for a couple of weeks. I'll be back there. A lot of this is muscle-building, given how I'm fitting into clothes. BMI is rather rapidly becoming a nice idea in theory but useless in practice for me.

Energy Levels
Fair to middling, I have to admit. I am energetic enough to run every weekend but then it seems to wipe me out. I confess I am tired, and I know my body is starting to think of winterizing itself. This means quiet, rest and storing fat. I can see it is already happening which is not good. Couple that with the fact that I get Seasonal Affective Disorder and it's even worse. What tears it is that the other day, yes, it snowed. In mid-October.

Now, snow is not impossible (hell, I've seen snow in June), but it just feels all wrong. Essentially what has happened all year is that it's been cold and wet for months. We didn't really have seasons, we just had very cold and wet; somewhat cold and very wet; warmer and still kinda wet; cold and wet and now colder and wet. I think there were, I kid you not, a total of three days this year where we really wanted the air conditioner. And that was it. Not good, not good. Now that it's also close to the end of daylight savings time I am really feeling the change and am seriously considering grabbing the full-spectrum light a full month earlier than usual.

I am doing what I can to keep my energy up. I go to bed at nine every night. I eat right. I get good workouts in but don't kill myself with them. I drink enough water. About the only thing I don't do much of is intake caffeine, but I've found it whacks me with monthly cramps, plus it does me no favors in the weight loss department. I don't need that agita so I keep away from caffeine. But right now it looks mighty attractive.

Other news
Not much, though some of that is a function of my mood. I am looking forward to seeing people, and the holidays will bring some socializing whether I am ready for it or not. It's not bad, of course, and I am always happy for it when it happens but right now, at this very moment (some of this is a function of me putting in way too much time at work yesterday, plus the dark), I am really averse to it. But I'll go and have good times. I want to see people, I do! And I NEED to, in order to banish the darkness.

In about a month I'll be done with alli. I think I figured out it would be November 23rd. Somewhere in there I ended up with an extra one so I believe on the 23rd I'll just be taking one pill instead of three. Eh, another little wacky thing in my life.

Onward to wet, chilly wackiness, as ever. Next week: Close Encounters of the Telerie/Lab Lover Kind ....

Stay tuned.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    How did I miss this blog? I was wondering what you were up to. Your reporting makes this sound more manageable than it is feeling at the moment. So those light thingies work? Maybe we should have been using them in July last summer?
    4013 days ago
    I love how you are keeping up with your progress so succinctly. I wish I had done that. I am so jealous of your meeting with Kathy and Marit. How fun!
    4014 days ago
    Yay, you are REAL! I loved meeting you and LL today!! Thanks for taking the time to see me! Bloggage from me will have to wait until I am home, but I just wanted to hug you again! Thanks for the great walk around Boston!
    4014 days ago
    Hey there! Great progress... Somehow I, er, FORGOT COMPLETELY to set October goals, so there won't be any report from me this month. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, after the cold and wet Saturday!
    4016 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    Progress...we can't ask for anything more!
    4017 days ago
    So much adventure left ahead, Janet!! :D Congrats on your progress! It's always interesting to see #s and stuff from my friends.

    4018 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4749243
    How tall are you? Just trying to visualize. And BTW, WOW! Hot dog! Jumpin' Jehosephat! Hurray and Hallelujah! And so on.

    4018 days ago
    Another interesting blog. emoticon
    4018 days ago
    GREAT JOB on your many successes! -- especially those inches -- WOW! Hope to be able to join you in that feat some day.

    Best Always,
    Carla Jo
    4018 days ago
    i love your description of our weather this year. You are right on the mark there. Thanks for the laugh! And you are doing great! Congrats on all those inches lost!

    Have fun with LL and Telerie!
    4018 days ago
  • JOHAL52
    Great review!
    4018 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5594611
    Keep it up your doing great!!
    4018 days ago
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