How my daughter, a kindergartener made me fly off the handle tonight......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am not sure what is going on with Winter this week, but she is getting into everything and making huge messes. It is not in her character. Already this week she was making a card in my scrapbooking area and decided to use my glue. Instead of asking for help when she couldn't get the glue to come out, she took off the lid and accidentally spilled it everywhere. Again instead of asking for help, she covered it with other cards, cardstock, papers, and some special items. I found it the next day. Every thing was stuck to the table and a big sticky mess of half dried glue and destroyed artwork.
The next mess was well, let's just say she destroyed an entire bathroom and emptied everything in it. BTW, these messes are made in 5 minutes flat. I had 2 talks with her by this point about why she doesn't get into things that don't belong to her. I also talked to her about asking for help and telling me when she makes a mess by accident. "Would you rather tell me when you make a mess and I will clean it up or would you rather me find it days later and have me get angry and punish you?"
This is why what happened tonight really made me fly off the handle, freak out, have a cow, sh@t a brick, and send her to bed without a book or my hair to hold! I am still a little p1ssed and I am usually pretty laid back and cool, calm, and collected. I never stay mad for longer then the initial shock period.
She went upstairs to the craft area to find some things for decorating her shoebox for class. I told her to get the new glitter glues, stickers, and nothing else. I went out with the dogs so they could pee before bed. I was gone no more then 5 minutes. Earlier in the day we had been talking about what colors you mix to make gray, brown, black, and pink. That is what they are doing in class as well as learning to read and write the names and sort, pattern etc. Anyway, after taking the pups out, I called for her, no answer. I went upstairs to feed the cats, and she started down the steps saying c'mon mom let's go to bed! I continued up to feed the cats (they eat by the craft table). The mess was CRAZY! She decided to make colors with my paints. Not in cups or bowls and not in little spots on a piece of paper. She took entire bottles of paint in every color and dumped them out on the TABLE! Then she mixed them around with her hands to make brown. It didn't stop there either. The amount of paint was so much that it poured down onto the chairs. Then dripped down to the light beige carpet. I guess she tried to clean it up because the bathroom was covered in brown paint too. The white towels were brown and best of all from the craft table to the bathroom the carpet was decorated in big brown spots. What a mess! It was so bad, my description doesn't do it justice. I threw out the rest of the paint, even the ones she didn't use. I didn't want to see paint for a long time!
The crazy thing is that wasn't the worst carpet mess today. A few hours ago, my Chihuahua threw up what can only be descibed as diarrhea of the mouth! It looked and like it too! Now I know where that term comes from! ?That was NASTAAY! Hopefully my puppy isn't blocked. He seems fine now. Oh what a day. I can't wait to hit the hay.
Good night all. Have a nice clean day Thursday!
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    My mom used to tell a story of when I was 3 and my brother was 1 and I thought that I would help my mom and make him breakfast, in bed ... lol ... for three days straight she awoke to my brother being covered in raw eggs, raw bacon, bread and dry cereal ... I think on the 3rd of her waking up to and having to clean up the mess, my bottom get a little red, but it stopped my breakfast making ... lol emoticon
    When she is older, and has kids of her own, you can retell the story to pass on to her children. I have 2 teenagers and I wish the fights were just about paints and glue :)
    Enjoy it now, the trouble she gets into now may not be the same trouble she gets into when she's older ... now it just takes time and patience :)
    3928 days ago
  • DAP1313
    While part of me wishes my kids were still that age you just reminded me why I am also glad they aren't. LOL It's just a phase she's going through. She knew she did wrong and tried to cover it up and I am sure she hoped she did a good job that you wouldn't find it. The best advice I could give is to lock up your craft stuff for now and be there to supervise her when you let her use it. I know it's a pain but it's a lot better than cleaning up the big messes. Eventually she will get over it.

    Isn't having kids fun! LOL

    Hang in there as this too shall pass.
    4025 days ago
  • TWINSMOM0429
    I am so sorry. I don't understand why kids act out sometimes but maybe they don't quite know either. However, after reading your story, I flew off the handle this morning at my kiddos but it wasn't anything like what you described!

    All the best and I hope your dog is feeling better and your house is cleaned up and stained too badle from the paint debacle!

    4025 days ago
    Whoa! It´s sooo nice not to have those kinds of days anymore - my kids are on their own now. I´d give anything to go back for a visit though. How I miss having them nearby.
    4025 days ago
    Awwww! I'm sorry this happened to you. I can totally relate to this, b/c I have a hyper active (now) 7 year old boy, and this type of stuff is more normal for him. I can imagine how furious you were, I know I have blown my top with my son a few times, too. You say it isn't in her character, and kinda out of the blue. Have you spoken with any of her teachers? Maybe they have noticed some things, too. I know that Kindergarten is a BIG transiton. I hope things get better girl!
    4025 days ago
    Wow! Yeah, I would have freaked out, too! My son is two and so far the worst he's done is bust 3 eggs in my kitchen floor and 1 in my bed. I woke up to him repeating, "Uh oh" over and over again. He didn't get in trouble (mainly cause I found it funny), but he still felt bad. Now I see what I'm in for! emoticon If they were perfect all the time parents would have tons of 'em throwing the environment into more turmoil. emoticon I hope she's learned her lesson and things start getting better for ya! BTW, love your name, very cool!
    4025 days ago
    This makes Jason seem so much more bearable!:) Cheer up sweetie ok? It's the bad days that make all the others ROCK! emoticon
    4026 days ago
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