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Let's Go Crash that Party Down In Normaltown Tonight

Monday, October 26, 2009

We agreed that we would not get tattoos. And while we did not discuss any objections to skinny-dipping, it was too dang cold to even be considered.

But we did have fun.

Who, you say? Or, whom, if you're better at this English stuff than I am.

Why, Telerie and Lab-Lover, you silly people. Haven't you been following every moment, every nanosecond, every pixel I've written in preparation?


Ah well that's okay. All will be revealed.

For those not in the know, Telerie is here in Boston on business from Oslo. Once in a lifetime opportunity alert!!! Lab-Lover and I live and work in the area and met before, at a 5K.

Our tale begins with me getting to Telerie's hotel in Copley Square. Now, ya gotta picture this. I'm wearing a 20-year-old brown leather jacket (yes, it fits again!), a yellow Champion sweatshirt, a pistachio green-colored turtleneck, blue jeans and New Balance sneakers. I'm carrying my purse and a canvas bag which has stuff in it (camera, water, giftie thingies, etc.). The hotel, on the other hand, is what you see in the dictionary when you look up the word "posh". Marble. Glass. Painted ceilings. Ornate gilding. Fresh amaryllis flowers in the foyer, thank you very much. And I am thinking, I have never been this posh. Even if I were to gather up every semi-elegant thing I've ever owned, including my wedding gown, and wore them all together (assuming that was even possible), I would never measure up to such standards. So I'm ready to see my Sparky pals but at the same time I feel like pretty soon someone's gonna grab me and escort me from the premises, perhaps using a hook from one of those carnival crane machines.

I called Telerie and she came down and -- I gotta tell ya -- she is one stunning woman. She's tall, she's brunette, she has a lovely smile and laugh and is very stylish. And she immediately tells me that she feels permanently underdressed in the hotel, too, and it wasn't her idea, it was her boss's. Whew.

Then Lab Lover arrived (she was dressed pretty similarly to me) and we decided to get outta Dodge. But not before some photos were taken (I will upload tonight when I get home). Lab Lover has the prettiest blue eyes.

The area is mostly flat and mostly safe and mostly interesting. There's a boatload of history and a lot of tourists and a variety of vehicles (DUKW, anyone?). But who needs any of that? Instead, we walked around, of all places, offices where I used to work. This is not as odd and pedestrian as it may sound, as my current office is across the street from Government Center (The World's Ugliest Capital Building!), and the one from a few jobs before that was a few blocks from Telerie's hotel, so it was just a kind of passing thing to point out.

Then we detoured to Faneuil Hall. Faneuil Hall is where, er, some sort of historical type stuff happened over two hundred years ago, involving a buncha dudes in powdered wigs. At least, that's what I think happened. Plus there was break dancing although that might've just happened yesterday.

And then ... ahh ... wait for it ...

It was the best line of the day.

We were walking by some guy holding a cup and hoping for spare change. There are, unfortunately, quite a few of these guys, and probably more because of the current state of the economy. One who hangs around near an ATM near my office routinely proposes marriage when I walk by.

I'm thinking it over.

But wait, I digress. This was a different guy, the one with the cup. He sees us and says (I swear this is true), "You're three of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Can I have a dollar?"

Well, the dude did not get his dollar. But he did get a lot of smiles and thank yous.

And yanno something, he's right.

Except, er, for the dollar part, I think.

I mean, what is beauty? What is it, REALLY? Sure it's looks. And it's brains and talent, too, I suppose. And we are not movie stars by any means and we all know when we're being buttered up and overly flattered.

But what is truly lovely, truly stunning, is how we have changed. We aren't just thinner. We aren't just faster. We don't just now have closets full of running tights and Polar heart rate monitors.

We have confidence. We have charisma. We have soul.

We know that sparking hasn't just helped us to become more fit. It's helped, in many ways, to make us better people, better versions of ourselves. You know, the selves who get promoted. The ones who elicit smiles. The ones who find jobs quickly, even in a bad economy. The ones who are respected. The ones who are spoken of in mysterious tones.

Did ya hear she ran a 5K? In the rain? Did ya hear she gets up every morning and works out, even on the weekends? Did ya hear she gave away bags of clothes because she truly believes she'll NEVER be fat again? Did ya hear she ...?

Turning heads is one thing. Changing minds is something else.

But lest you think we just floated by in a gorgeous haze, we also sat down together and just talked. And we laughed and joked and were serious and sweet, and you feel like: I've known you forever. Didn't we go to third grade together? Didn't we get in trouble that one time? Didn't we play Capture the Flag in camp? Didn't we ...?

Watch out for us; we're the wild girls, walking down the street.

Join us.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It's true I feel like I've known you guys since kindergarden. How funny is that. Such is the connection of Spark People I suppose... Thanks for a wonderful walk and talk through the garden, didn't see any torn sheets, but I could have danced! Didn't we?
    4008 days ago
    That's cool that you had a good day with your spark friends. You are right about gaining all sorts of stuff from sparking. It is life changing.
    4010 days ago
  • CHANGE188
    Your blogs give me goosebumps. Thank you!
    4011 days ago
    So glad you guys had fun. I met some sparkfriends in Vegas last year. It was a total blast and such a connection. There is just something about the bond we share...havig worked through this weight-loss journey together.
    4012 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    Well 1st this is all types of greatness that you got to meet up with sparkyfriends!! ALWAYS GREAT! 2nd you gals are hott!! But what makes you gals even more beautiful is that you inspire, you lead (even when your not trying to) by example, and you are always there for a friend...all of this changes the mind of those who only want to follow in your footsteps aka ME!
    4012 days ago
    Sounds like you guys had a great time. Glad you were able to meet up with some SP buddies in person. That's awesome! Can't wait to see the pics.
    4012 days ago
    "We have confidence. We have charisma. We have soul."

    Love this blog. You 3 have all that and more. And you deserve to.
    I am always so glad to hear when these online relationships turn out to be as good (or better!) when conducted in person!! It's so great that you felt just like old friends. To me, the qualitative benefits (vs. quantitative.... I think you'll know what I mean here) are key!! Counting the calories, cardio minutes, etc is "easy" for Spark to do. Fostering this kind of connection is a gift.

    4012 days ago
    Aww!! Isn't it magical meeting up with other SparkFriends?! I was a little jealous, because I've known Telerie on here from around when I started, but I was more overwhelmed with how HAPPY I am for YOU to have this experience, and those like it.

    You deserve all of this and so much more. It warms my heart to hear about how you feel about yourself, Janet!

    Keep up the great work!!
    4012 days ago
    Looking forward to the pics!
    4012 days ago
    Another great blog.Waiting to see the pics. Sounds like a great time.
    4012 days ago
    Can't wait to see the pics!
    4012 days ago
    Wow I needed this. Thanks!

    But one thing...go back there right now and give that guy his dollar. In fact give him a fiver.

    I absolutely love that image of you in every posh thing you ever owned including your wedding gown. Yeah!

    Gurl, you would be posh stark nekked.

    4012 days ago
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