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I Could Swim Loch Lomond and be Home in Half an Hour

Monday, November 16, 2009

The above link is of Ella Fitzgerald, who is of course wonderful, but my recording is of Emilie-Claire Barlow but I can't find her recording on Youtube. However, here is a tiny clip of ECB singing the song:

Anyway, I prefer a really uptempo version (you can also get an uptempo version of Nat King Cole singing this song).

Okay, enough complaining about the song!

It IS true.

I am unemployed. I've resume work to do and references to contact etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda and I am running around like a manic nut and all I can say is that I am, I kid you not, having a fabulous time.

Today's fabbishness comes from a lot of things, and from a lot things not happening, so here goes.

I'm in good shape. The company provided a decent separation package, including employment counseling. We will, of course, be practical and watch our dimes but no one will starve, no one will need to buy cheap food to get by, the mortgage will be paid, etc. I can say that, for a fact, those things will happen for quite a while before any serious dipping into savings needs to be done, and then savings can be dipped into for quite a while before it will run out. We are not wealthy people but we have always had contingency plans and now the plan is being implemented.

More good news is that I am in demand, just like I was last time (just under a year and a half ago, there's blogging on that search, too). Last time, it took me four months to find work. I suspect that this search will be comparable when it comes to length and intensity level. Even though I am interested in going in a new direction, I have options. I have already gotten three recruiter calls and a serious inquiry from a major employer.

As for intensity level, it is very, very high. I am throwing myself into this search, and into fitness activities as I believe the two go hand in hand. While time spent getting fitter does eat into time I could be spending looking for work, much of that time probably would have been spent taking breaks or the like as I'm already putting in 6 - 10 hours per day on searching and working on searching (e. g. resumes, getting organized and the like). Fitness is of paramount importance now, far more than even before. It is important to rack up the cardio minutes. I feel better, I have even more energy, and I burn off nervousness so that I can go out and do what needs to be done. Plus the gym (and, today, I walked around the Seaport area with my mentor) gives me socializing time. Preventing depression and inaction, e. g. hopping past inertia, is vital.

I am also in touch with my fellow laid off workers (there are over 20 of us). People are in various stages of pain. And some are projecting it onto others.

Oh, you must be so desperate.

No, I'm not, I say.

Oh, you must be so depressed.

Nope, I'm psyched, I say.

Oh, you must be so worried.

Nope, not really, although I know I might become worried later.

Now, keep in mind, my husband has a good job and has benefits, we don't have children, Christmas isn't our holiday, the car is paid for and we have no credit card debt. And, I've got mad skills.

We'll be fine. Heck, we'll be better than fine.

We'll be kick-bun AWESOME.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Where are you so I can smack you?

    4083 days ago
    Lookie, you got a cheering squad!
    GO Janet GO
    Go Janet GO.

    Congrats on the PMA! (positive mental attitude!)
    4083 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4749243
    Lots of folks in the same boat these days and not all of them put their time to anything approaching the good use you are! Congrats and enjoy to the fullest!

    Cream rises, so I expect you'll get something more to your liking soon enough!
    4083 days ago
    You go, girl! I want to hear more about those mad skills. How do I get me some?
    4083 days ago
    Well this is interesting You seem to be having a better time unemployed than you did employed. I am so glad to hear all that you have said here. You really sound great. Best of all you sound like you are having fun. I really really hope you are able to find something that challenges and stimulates you. Everything else in your life sounds like it is just what you want it to be.

    Somehow I got unsubscribed to your blogs. Missed the last one entirely. Oh well. Now I get double Jespah.
    4083 days ago
    Wow, your attitude and energy are awesome! I know your next position will be something fulfilling that takes advantage of your mad skillz.
    4084 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    You are right, you will be fine. You guys planned and now that rainy day is upon y'all but it's not that rainy right.

    I agree that exercise does help with the stress. I NEED to exercise more before I lose my mind. But rack of up those minutes my friend and go for those walks before the HAWK comes out and we have to limit out outside time.
    4084 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Sounds like all of your previous planning has left you in a good position. That's awesome! Good luck with the new direction. I hope that you find something you love.
    4084 days ago
    Yo dude. You are having fun and I can feel it. I bet yer working out way more than you used to when you had to work!
    4084 days ago
    Good for you for planning for a rainy day. I'm excited about what the future holds for you!
    4084 days ago
    You've got a terrific attitude. Not that I am surprised emoticon .
    I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time "off" and that you find something that you truly enjoy doing.

    4084 days ago
  • JLITT62
    I stopped working 4 years ago, for various reasons. Thankfully, my husband has a good job, we also don't have kids (just the furkids), and we've always lived within our means. I'm actually perfectly fine not working -- I have plenty that occupies my time -- but at some point in the future I'm sure I'll find something to do, at least part time.

    May you find something even more fulfilling!
    4084 days ago
    I'm glad to hear all is going well. I think you had out grown the old job in many ways. You were not content, but it was there, it was a job, it gave you a pay check.

    Many years ago, in my early 20s, I had I job I was so done with. The day came that a number of us were let go. I was so happy while others were worried about what would be next or upset that the company would do that to them. In my early 30s I offer to be the one let go from a job. I had plans so asked management if they wanted to lay me off.
    4085 days ago
    It sounds like you have it all under control. Good for you. emoticon
    4085 days ago
    It sounds like you are in a good place. I am sure you will be back working in no time, and until then, enjoy sleeping in and getting in some extra fitness minutes (not that you need any extra fitness minutes).

    4085 days ago
    Awesome! You're in the right frame of mind. Go out there and do it! emoticon
    4085 days ago
    YOU already ARE kick-bun AWESOME!
    I'm so inspired by you!! What a great attitude - don't listen to the co-workers projecting angst! Be JUST the way you are, my friend - you ROCK!
    4085 days ago
    No no no... GENE KELLY!! One of my favorite songs from 'Brigadoon' - how could I not open this blog?! LOL!

    It sounds like you're doing great and have a great attitude! Way to go!!
    4085 days ago
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