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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yes I have gone off the "chatty cathy about me" mode for some time. Mainly because of the plateau and well, just not comfortable most of the time when it is 100% focused back at me. :) Silly I know, but maybe one day my luddite genes will embrace social networking.

Plateau essentially broken in some ways. That 232 is actually 229/230 but I'm not 100% on committing to that number for a few more days.

Motivation wasn't the key problem. Access and schedule issues took their toll and I let them get the better of me. I'm still a fish out of water down here. So lots of crawling back into my head when I least expect it.

The initial month with various plateau struggles I read just about everything SP had down. I just couldn't/wouldn't apply all the ideas. Even back slid as some may call it. Funny thing there is that I think that actually helped. Which is a strategy of sorts.

I tortured my treadmill and it has cooperated now for three sessions. Got an idea on which circuit board cluster is the problem so I can order a replacement if it decides to go back to hitting 10-11 MPH without warning again. Needless to say that is just plain dangerous. You zone even a little bit and it catches you in that state ... you end up learning you can do a pushup while running. :)

Losing that tool in my arsenal was not helpful and my attempts to replace that in my routine surely didn't pan out of course. No Play it Again Sports or similar really. Craigslist has not offered any good deals. I'll be surely hitting the list around March cause I'm sure there will be some New Year's eve folks who will be getting rid of some impulse buys then. Though I do know from too much experience that certain types of used items are just as much of a gamble as used cars.

All good really. See one of the problems was I was avoiding "whining" about this state of things publicly. I know not every post has to be glowing and wonderful and motivating, but I didn't see much point in complaining about a broken tool and my lack of ability to replace it at this time.

I should mention that I never thought I would ever be into zoning out on a simple treadmill. My early days with stair climbing (both machine and real) never allowed for quite the same experience I got when hiking. I think the digital music addition is the key though. I've a full Zune 80 gig and it allows me a wide variety of things to work with.

So am I motivated to be doing something about all this? Yup. I'm not too crazy on the time loss for reaching my goal. But it is no where near the same as the past. I've not reverted 100% or gained weight. Heck I lost weight while thinking I had lost all control of it all.

All I can say is simply tracking everything kept me from going into the abyss. I cannot believe how powerful that one aspect is in all this.

Be well all, still here, still lurking, still commenting on all your stuff ... :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sad part is that 80 is not enough.. :)

    And most of it is legally obtained. A few items I couldn't be too sure on and then there are the ones from stolen CD's I no longer have. Next person I catch stealing from me dies. Plain and simple. Some of the music I lost years back can never be replaced. Original track rips from DJ's lost in time etc etc ...

    Having been in the music business to some degree makes me a good boy when it comes to that. I try as best as possible to legally own what I have.

    One thing to note is that I'm a snob and my rips are not lossless for the Zune but most are at 320kbps. Which makes for less battery life and all that but I can hear the difference so it is worth it for me.

    What is really scary is my wish list would fill another couple of 80 gigers if I ever get the money again to buy that much music. :) Someday. I just hope when I get around to it again that some of it doesn't require me to travel to Europe to find it. Silly downloadable music cannot replace the quality needed for a lot of things. *shrug* "Good enough" is the new motto. Guess my ears will fade soon enough to make that good enough for me too. Heh.

    4030 days ago
    I agree with you about the music, I've always hated a treadmill- but now that I've started to listen to my mp3 I can zone out, listen to the music, and be done with it before I know it... although I've barely filled my 4 gig half way- I'd never be able to fill an 80 gig!
    4030 days ago
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