Last Day of November.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I don't want to be a complainer or a whiner BUT I must.
I guess when I realised the a whole year has past by and I have done nothing but gain weight, it really hit me hard.

I know I should not be looking at the past but darn where the heck did the year go?

No excuses here --- just a fact, my Dearest BIL passed away last January and for some reason I never got back to my life. Why is it that some people do that?

I feel like such a lazy slug but I never stop.

Do you remember when I started the painting last year? The living room I was so proud of?
I was going to paint my whole living area, never did it!
Am I suffering from some form of depression? Maybe!

All I know is the nights are getting shorter and the days are even shorter.
What's with that?

I remember a blog that I wrote, I was getting back to doing all the things I love to do. Did I do it?
Ahhhhhh went ice skating twice, that's it.

Ok, I am done whining

Just wanted to lay it out there, that I have wasted a year, so much for shining in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Mary, You always brighten my day! It is difficult to lose a loved one. Now, you are always taking care of Winnie in addition to all the other things you do. So, it must be difficult to take care of yourself and lose your weight. So, don't be hard on yourself. Soon, a new year will begin and you can start over. Good luck to you! Take care! :) Bren emoticon emoticon
    3950 days ago

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    Hey, you are talking to the lady who fights through stress, especially this year. I know how important putting you first is, no matter how much we tell ourselves we are number one, just let someone else need us and we are there.

    I really hope you can do for you ! Remember I am here and always in your corner !

    You can do it, I can do it, we can do it !

    DR is just around the corner my dear !
    3951 days ago

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    3951 days ago
  • NESSY759
    some good advice here Mary sounds like i feel. i have gotten into some sort of depression or rut that i cant seem to get out of we have to do it though mary we cant keep saying tomorrow becuase one day we might not have tomorrow to do it . I know you can do it and like everyone else probably already told you your worth it. we are here for you.
    3952 days ago
    You were too busy looking after everybody else ... I would hadly call that 'nothing.' However, time is of the essence .. you must now look after you first. You still have a few weeks left ... that way you can get a head start on 2010.

    The good thing is that you have learned what to do .. you just need to apply it and be consistent .. because consistency is key.

    I like that you participate on the board every day .. no matter what ... that's a good sign.

    So as you rightly said .. no more excuses because you know you can do this. We all can.

    Good luck my friend .. you can count on me .. I'll always be there.

    3952 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/1/2009 3:24:37 PM
    Mary -your sis here..lol..
    I know you are depressed but remember how you felt when you got up early and exercised then you had energy to spare the whole day through.. time for swimming time for skating..I also feel this job is too much for you physically..yes I know you come and go as you please but like me you will not ask for help then you lift something way to heavy and you never stop to take a break at work -AND I mean stop sit down stretch and have some water to drink-gosh it's right beside you silly girl...

    Okay you might need something to pep you up so you need to get your a** to the doc and get your physical like you were told to do.. and get blood work done then maybe they will know if you need like some iron or some potassium or something you might be lacking...simple. Stop wasting money on stuff and put it into you --like the dentisit the eye doctor and your meds that you need!

    If need be I will come down ther in the morning and make you get up and work out with me...think this is the problem --we used to do it... it was fun doing it together...

    well this turned out to be longer then your blog..
    but in all fairness you have not wasted a year --you have now learned things and you have helped people here just by being you

    emoticon emoticon emoticon JO
    3952 days ago
    all i have done is gain this year too......

    but i am off to do my yoga..not only do i enjoy it...but it helps me mentally SO much!

    you know Mary, we can both do this...we just have to learn to love ourselves
    and put our excuses aside....

    you may very well be experiencing depression.....you have the symptoms for it.... you might want to find out about an antidepressant that is right for you..that doesn't cause weight gain!

    i just want you to feel better
    3952 days ago
    Start small Mary. One thing at a time. Pick one thing that you want to start doing again and then work from there. I don't believe you wasted a year. Look at all the friends you've made and the laughs you've had. May be it wasn't the most productive year for you, but it wasn't wasted at all!!!!

    And you've helped so many on here and you should be proud of that!!!

    Like I said at the beginning, start small. Read the articles I've sent you and try to do a little bit everyday. You'll get back into the rythym of things soon. For now enjoy this holiday season with your friends and family. You deserve to!!!


    3952 days ago
    well Mary i am right there with ya. wasted a whole year. i am feeling really uncomfortable right now and thus my absence.

    we will get back to doing what we need to do. the whole thing is just overwhelming......especially at the holidays

    big hugs to you
    3952 days ago
    We always have good intentions in this life, but things get out of balance. We have one month left in this year. Don't look back but look ahead to the blessing of a new year. Good luck! emoticon
    3952 days ago
  • B-N-ME
    Hey Mary!
    Whenever I read the team digests....who is always at the top of the fitness minutes list?
    When I look on the thread, who is brightening other's day with a laugh and encouraging word.
    So, you didnt lose this year, you were active and you were an inspiration to those around you.
    Wasted a year? Doubt it, I'm sure you have done far more good than I know....I guess it is in the measure you use.
    3952 days ago
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