Baby Girl Born on Friday!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm excited to announce the arrival of our second daughter, Lena Kaye, on Friday Dec. 18, 2009 at 7:39pm CST. She weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. And man was her journey here different than her sisters 19 months ago!

Warning, to those who would rather not read this, I'm going to describe labor and delivery here, hopefully in a silly and fun way, but truthfully, none the less. Just wanted to give a warning in case this type of discussion is something you'd rather not hear about :)

If you've been keeping up on me, you know I've been ready for this baby for the past couple of weeks. Her sister was 2 weeks early, so come 37 weeks I was getting prepared...only she wasn't evidently. I worked up until the day I delivered, so I had a whole lot of co-workers cheering me on and acting super surprised each day (night, overnight shift) when I showed up. The last few mornings when I left work, I addressed everyone as I was leaving with "hope I don't see you tonight!" At least, I got my wish on Friday.

I left work at the usual 6am, came home and had breakfast with the family. I had been having a couple stronger braxton hicks contractions and I was hoping that a good breakfast would help coax the baby out. At the time it didn't, so I grudgingly went to bed in hopes I would get some sleep and relax enough to get labor to start. I guess it worked. I woke up about 1:30pm with contractions about 10 min apart. I stayed in bed for a couple hours longer, and the contractions remained consistently 10 min apart. I thought this was good enough to give my sister a call to come watch our 19 month old, Charlie so we could head to the hospital if needed. She showed up an hour later, we had our bags pretty much packed and contractions were now stronger and about 5 min apart. This was good enough for a trip to the hospital for me.

At this point I really had my heart set on a simple delivery. Get there, find out I'm dilated where I need to be, get an epidural and pop the baby out a few hours later with no problems. This is sort of what happened with my first, and it worked just fine for me. When we got there I was hoping to be dilated to like a 6 or 7, but no...I was still at freaking 4.5 cm. Let's just say I was disappointed. After being admitted the nurses just disappeared and my contractions got a whole lot closer and a whole lot stronger a whole lot faster than I remembered. I was really wanting that epidural I'd mentioned to them when I got there!

I was about to have my husband give the nurse a call when she came in with the epidural cart. Salvation at last!! They told me I couldn't have one until I had a couple of IV bags run through me, and they had them running full force to get them down me sooner so they were pretty much done at this point. Also at this point I was vocalizing the pain of my contractions pretty clearly. No curse words, but a whole lot of chanting "ow ow ow" "it hurts it hurts it hurts" "Oh my god here comes another big one" etc. Not to mention I found a few back arches and leg contortions I didn't know a pregnant woman could do. On the pain scale, nurses know this is usually pretty bad unless the patient has a really low pain tolerance, which I do not.

It's never a good thing when the nurse says, "you know, you're scaring me so I'm gonna check you." She checks and says "okay, you're complete." I have no idea when the call went out, but almost like a perfectly coreographed musical, as soon as she uttered those words a flood of nurses came in the room moving carts around, clattering tools and lecturing me on my breathing technique. Which, at the point of natural labor pains...all breathing and focus techniques go out the window. Dr. was in the next suburb over, which was about a 45 min drive in good traffic, and the nurses decided we absolutely did not have time to wait for the doctor. Not to mention I was pretty much screaming at them that I was going to push whether they liked it or not because this kid was right there and she was ready!!

A team of nurses showed up at my bedside, I have no idea where my husband ended up during this time, and I had one nurse I wanted to punch because she was getting in my face doing some breathing technique, so close she was breathing in my face. Yeah, that wasn't smart because I was in a lot of pain that I wasn't expecting because my plan was for that epidural! I behaved, I didn't hit her or yell at her. So, while they were getting all of their stuff done I got the mother of all contractions and I felt something that didn't feel right for the time, felt like some part of baby coming out on her own. I couldn't talk I was hurting so bad, so I just pointed and felt a hand go down there. Someone said, oh that's just the water bag, and they took some scissors out and snipped it. Then the silly comment was made that it should help with some of the pressure...yeah right.

Not even a minute later and her head was ready...I mean ready. She wasn't waiting around. So push number one and her head was out, push number two and her shoulders were out...and then the pain went away. I laid back and took a breather. The nurses all said I needed another push, but I couldn't feel anything so really that was the harder one, but simple at the same time. And there you go, a whole bunch of natural childbirth pains, 3 big pushes and I had a baby!

I love how once the baby is out the body just naturally forgets about all the pain. It is sooooo worth it. My husband now tells me I can at least mark "natural childbirth" off my list...even though that one was never there to begin with! The doctor appeared 30 to 40 minutes later to finish up everything while the baby was poked and prodded and cleaned up. Earlier in the day the nurse told me that labor for the second baby usually averages about 8 hours. Mine was 2 hours from the time I was dilated to 4.5 to the time I had her. That was quick, and since it turned out to be natural, I wouldn't have it any other way, lol.

Now, my opinion between the two...they both have pros and cons. With pain medication, the delivery is longer and harder (at least for me it was) because you can't feel as much and you've also "drugged" the baby. Not to mention, it's harder for the baby to wake up after wards and in our case she didn't eat well right away. Now of course, with the pain medication it means a lot less pain (although some still exists). With natural childbirth, the pain is there, oh man, the pain is there. However, because neither me nor the baby were drugged it went a lot quicker. This may not always be the case, but it worked for me. And, it feels like I'm recovering faster too...we'll see how the pain is tomorrow though. Oh, and baby Lena is eating like a champ. I nursed for both baby's.

So, I spent the weekend in the hospital, I had a GREAT workout on Friday night. I haven't sweat that much in a long time, lol. I got to eat healthy food, which wasn't tracked, oh well. And I learned I still have my tastes for healthy food, I just hope I don't have to give up a lot of the things I like while nursing this baby. My last one I couldn't eat onions, garlic, broccoli, cabbage, etc. These were all things that appeared in 95% of my cooking. I hope I don't have to give them up again :(

Looking forward to slowly getting back into more of my non-pregnancy activities now that the baby is here, and participating in a lot more Spark Activities other than just the mild ones, lol. It's good to be back and have an elevated energy level!
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    Congrats on your new baby girl!!!
    4239 days ago
    Congratulations!!!! It's a little SPARK Baby!! :) emoticon
    4241 days ago
  • MUSIC66
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon to your new daughter.
    4241 days ago
    awwww, congrats
    4241 days ago
  • SUNNY238
    Thanks for all the warm wishes everyone!! It's much appreciated :)

    Lois, Charlie is doing as good as expected. We're a little more forgiving for the fussiness right now, she's had a lot of changes. But she loves her sister, she hasn't tried to steal her blankies yet, actually, she's making sure Lena stays covered (Charlie loves her blankies, so that is a HUGE thing for her).

    Kestrie, how dare they make you wait to hold your baby!!! I got both of my babies immediately after they were born, before they even cleaned them up. Of course it was only for a few seconds, but still, you deserve to hold your baby first!!! But on the positive for both of us, despite evil nurses we still have wonderful families :)
    4241 days ago

    I definitely relate to wanting to punch one of my nurses when I delivered my son. Then the evil woman went and handed him to my husband right after he was born. I was the one who just endured 24 hours of labor, and she wouldn't even let me hold my first born baby!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to wait 5 or 6 minutes -- which is eternity, as you know!!

    Glad you're recovering quickly. It's nice that you have her birth story written down now while it's fresh in your mind.

    Enjoy your new daughter!
    4241 days ago
    WoohoO! Congrats!!
    4241 days ago
    Sounds like this was a great birthing experience for you and little Lena.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4242 days ago
    Wow I did a little Christmas shopping and I look on here and you have had the baby and you are back home already!!!!! That was so fast! But glad it's all over and everything went so well for both of you considering it was not what you were expecting going into the hospital! Babies can be very surprising! ;)
    Lena sounds beautiful, is she a good baby? How is Charlie adjusting to her new baby sister?

    Congratulations on a healthy baby girl!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4242 days ago
  • no profile photo CD357306
    Congrats to you on your new bundle of joy

    4242 days ago
  • DEEJ2U
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4242 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2268473
    Congrats on the new addition to your family! :)
    4242 days ago
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